The BJJ Thread

Herro, I am passionate about BJJ. I’m sure others are too.

What are your thoughts on the growing trend of Berimbolo in sport BJJ?

There is a MMA thread. =(

ding ding ding


every time…every fuckin time.

mixed martial arts does not mean…ufc. we talk about every style…including bjj

I read this as the BJ thread, I am disappoint.

This thread blows.

But the question on everyone’s mind is whether or not the OP blows. And if yes, does he swallow?

bjj should replace wrestling in the olympics (not mma).

Leave it to Sexperienced to talk about the Sex Olympics.

that would be unfair on everyone, I’d win all the gold medals.

Yeah, in the solo events.

I like BJJ. :slight_smile:

considering that the majority of team events include other men, I’ll agree.

Solo Synchronized Semen.

solo synchronized events are no longer in the Olympics anymore (the last event was in 1992).

So we can’t have a BJJ only thread? Most of what I read was related to the UFC. Latest being about Diaz and Cesar Gracie post game loss rules dispute etc. ( 0.9 weight difference)

The closest thing we would have to Bjj in the olympics is if Judo had a newaza only portion since wrestling is being removed. From what I’ve read about why BJJ will never be in the olympics.

So who hasn’t tried autofellatio?

I’m okay with no BJJ fans in the shoryuken forums. Are there wrestling fans? I would like to pick your brains.

did you even attempt to ask a question in the thread? thats like every new guy who goes in the rap thread sees a discussion on lil wayne and assumes we only talk mainstream stuff. there are tma practioners,bjj guys, mma guys…we talk about everything.

Figured it be better to have a BJJ only thread instead of fishing through 500 pages of Martial Arts discussion.