The Black Heart

The black heart is a mugen game with entirely original characters sprited from scratch(!!!) released just this halloween.
Apparently the guy worked on it for 7 years.

the official site will tell you all you need to know

Looks like a cross between Grim Fandango and Thrill Kill

a goths dream come true

If I had to choose the gothiest fighter, I think I’d say Daraku Tenshi though. Just something about the colors and design. And oldness mixed with obscurity - alternative people love that. The whole game is tragic, in that it didn’t get done properly.

Anyway. This game looks like a few minutes of fun. Not the best character art, but the animation is decent I think. I don’t think I’ll try it, I enjoyed the trailer and I’ll leave it at that. Always nice with all original Mugen stuff though, but why not take it one step further and make a whole own engine if you’ve already gone that far. If you already have the art and the game design done, finding a programmer shouldn’t be hard. It’s when you only have ideas and ambitions they won’t bother.

Edit: 7 years? Whoa.

I was surprised by this game, its actually a little creepy sometimes. Aesthetically, this is pretty amazing.

I love the originality, but mugen as a fighting engine is just so shitty

Kinda wish Card Sagas Wars wasn’t using mugen then maybe we’d have some netplay when it comes out

I remember seeing these characters floating around in mugen. The creator released a code that let you make your own characters comptible with their fatalities.

Mugen as an engine doesn’t have to be shitty. It allows enough customisation for you to pretty much mold it however you want.

Other than the art and animation being pretty poor, I think the concept of a horror fighter like this would appeal to gorehounds and the presentation done so far is pretty good. I like Nokoro. She seems cool.

Also omg the chracter profile descriptions are so juvenile >.< This person needs to learn how to write.

edit: oops, the creator is not a native english speaker, so I guess that can be forgiven.

Wowwww. I was definitely expecting a whole lot of garbage when I clicked the link but this thing actually looks like it had a lot of work and love put into it.

This game needs to be redrawn by Vanillaware and put on XBL/PSN!!

That sounds both backwards and extremely optimistic. Making all the art(Including animation?) before you even know if the game will work at all if you even find a programmer is a pretty big gamble.
What if you want a good programmer? Maybe someone who lives in your area so you can actually work together?

:d:(response) True, true. Gotta entice someone to join you.

I seen this game in the early process. I’m glad the creator was able to make it into a complete game.

I wanna use the faceless ghost.

That will also work of course, if someone is available.
But i think programmers are usually really tired of people coming to their forums and asking for help with nothing to show. They know most projects are going to fall apart when these people lose interest. And it’s not like they don’t have their own ideas.
This is true all around of course, people going to pixel boards to get people for projects. Basically, if you want someone else to invest time in YOUR project, you should have at least some material already done. Maybe not all, but the more the better.

Can anyone tell me the button layout for this?
I’m using a TE stick and I’ve been strugling to get it working for a while.

The guy is still going to do some fixes and possibly a bit more content for the game, so feedback would be useful at this point.

This game is fucking amazing!
It’s a mixture of Vampire Saviour and Mortal Kombat.

I love that certain characters have Launchers from either one of their Standing Hard attacks of a Jumping Hard attack.

This game is really good

The huge worm and the Animus guy are great!

I like the originality of Daraku fighters. Roche (short guy who fights in graveyard) for example I think is one of those underrated characters whos actually pretty decent.

So far the only character who might need toning down IMO is Shar Makai. It’s huge and annoying and pretty much everything it does seems very safe/fast/has lots of range. It isn’t exactly slow either. The move where it slams the ground and a little Shar-makai appears afterwards is really hard for some characters to deal with.

I love the silent hill esque stages. They’re actually really cool. Some of them are 3D too.

Naw man, Shar Makai is pretty balanced because his combos are limited.

Animus is balanced, but I think the “Ringu” girl and the “little skeleton boy” need toning down. Ringu girl especially