The Black Heart

Noroko ringu girl seems to have somewhat poor melee range though.

if anything, i think hashi’s super seeding (qcb+2p) needs toning down, as a proper setup can do 60% damage
and his killer mode… wow.

edit: made 2 combo videos


In Hashi’s killer mode, how do you do those HUGE ASS spikes? The CPU can do it, I can’t do it.

activating killer mode during an attack will lead to a ‘killer special’. in hashi’s case, those HUGE ASS spikes

I think Animus is top, and the spidergirl is worst

This game looks kinda cool, but I’m gonna give it a miss just because it seems the only 2 colours used was black and red, it’s really annoying.

I don’t think spidergirl is the worst. Her web traps are really, really annoying and can be used offensively like grabs when she’s near opponents. She has good projectiles and gets free combos when her web traps the opponent.

As for those complaining about the colours. There is a lot of red in this game, but then again, why is that such a bad thing? The only two colours used in Sin City were gray and red. lol.

I wish this game had net play.

Wow I LOVE the looks of this. Dlading!

This game is immense.

I think this game would do well on XBL/PSN.
It just needs some engine and aesthetics tweaks.

I dunno if would be better to make it 2D or 2.D.
I’m going to re-draw some of the characters and see how they would look with a little more detail.

Playin it right now and loving it. the controls can be mapped as you wish so a TE is highly reccomended haha

Wow I love it, has something from MK and VS as someone stated

Well, I have been playing the game for a few days in small amounts of time, and I have to say that is well done, the sprites aren’t too detailed, but they follow the theme of the game (that being dark, blood, death, etc) and the mechanics are pretty nice too, they work well and some characters are somewhat different from other (yeah, the characters have a similarity with MK), Hashi being a basic character or at least I found him linear while others like Animus or Noroko are somewhat more complicated, but they all have likeable attacks, the backgrounds aren’t bad too.


sorry bad quality, more to come soon

I decided to download it last night. It is actually really good, only thing annoying me is that I don’t know where to set the buttons to on my stick. I’m probably gonna try to play some more of this over the weekend, learn some combos and whatnot.

Story mode is funny though. everyone dies.

As a rule of thumb in mugen you should set a,b,c where you’d have lk,mk,hk in sf2 and x,y,z where you’d have lp,mp,hp.

Thanks, I had the opposite set. ABC on punches and XYZ on kicks, it didn’t feel right lol.

Seems like a pretty good concept. Due to shabby mechanics, I don’t see myself playing it that much if at all. The trailer was nice though. I’m not comparing it to professionally made 2D fighters by any means. It just looks like it could use a lot more work. The character Dragon Claw by the late Reuben Kee En Rui is just a small example of how far someone can go to make a high quality character. That’s the kind of work I’d like to see in mugen. I’m sure if Reuben was still around, we’d see a lot more characters of that caliber.

Fuck Dragon Claw.

Narayan Maxime > Dragon Claw.