The BlackHeart thread

I just wanted to know if anyone loves using BH as much as i do:)
How do you use him?
I love using him in air games(his basic attacks have great priority),
He’s also very good at poking^_^ Don’t forget those demons! But i don’t throw them all day, i try to combo, grab etc. BlackHeart can have the advantage over a lot of mid-tier characters, to bad he dies awfully to Mags, storms, cables(especially with CapCom’s assist), cammy’s and Psylockes.

I make people hate BlackHeart:(

Post anything you like, peace:)

how does his infinite work? i know when you hit them with roundhouse when they’re in the air they can’t move, they land and they bounce a while, then you hit them with ad/b roundhouse and they should bounce up and you repeat - but i try they don’t always bounce up sometimes they just bounce a little more on the ground :confused:

also how practical is his infinite in tournament level gameplay and what are some combos you use?

I’m not an infinite whore, but it is supposed to be done like this:
(HK XX /\ XX Air Dash, sj.LK, sj.MK, /)** It works for me!
And i never see blackheart used in tournaments, people just get very mad when i use him:sweat:
But here are some useful combos:

d/f+fp XX Armageddon.
d/f+fp /\ jp,sk,sp,fk.
sk,rk jump u/f judgement day(air)
sk,rk, Heart of darkness_Judgement Day_Armegeddon(In the corner)

Blackheart’s has lots more combos, but i’m kind of in a hurry^_^
I hope this helped a little…


k thanks

someone posted this combo somewhere it’s really really cool but maybe not practical -,, TK sj.[Judgement Day, lk, mk], land, + Cyclops-AAA, XX sj., sj.[hk XX ad/b hk], land, Fierce Inferno, (OTG), XX Fierce Inferno XX Heart of Darkness, (juggle), j.[lk, mk], land, hp throw

oh yeah a more practical air combo would probably be oc.hp, sj., sj.[lp, lk, mp, ad/f, lp, lk, mp, pause, hp throw]

wow. what a great combo. i dont think the TK judgement day will connect off a though. and the after the super its:

[while falling] lk, land, + cykes AAA, XX sj…then the rest of it.

when i do his infinite i just use the cykes set up XX a/d back fk, land, sj. repeat

as for connecting his launcher do a deep jump in,, land, c/f.fp


lol phil that’s your combo :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways i would think the hk demons will keep them ‘trapped’ until you walk forward and TK Judgement Day … ? should work …

anyways + Cyclops-AAA, XX sj. works too since that’s what i did

It’s too easy to mash out.

I make it a point to never try to S.Roundhouse in combos with BH unless I know it’s going to hit. The reason for this is it’s easy to call an assist between the kick and the demons coming out if it’s blocked. If you watch the videos of Viscant v. Soo when Viscant plays BH at the Riverside tournament, this happens a few times.

Umm the more common infinite I believe goes like this:

With Cyc AA

c. lk + call cyc, c. lk /\ sj. RH backdash sj. RH / [ /\ sj. RH, backdash, sj. RH /] Repeat in brackets of course.

Cyc is just an example, other AA’s can set it up also, Chun makes it frighteningly easy, but essentially swap in an AA such as CapCom or Cable and do the same combo, except the sj. RH timing is a bit different. Just about as easy as the IM infinite.

I was wondering if this GB worked:

Inferno (hits right as opponent comes in) xx HOD/JD

I’m 99% sure I got it to work with HOD before (although I try to use Arma/JD outside of corners just incase it hits. I’ve had the whole HOD get blocked but the last hit connects once against Cable, and we all know where that leads :mad: )

It works unreliably. In any case, the chip damage is probably good anyway.

The most reliable guardbreak I’ve done with BH is:
jump fierce (time it so BH releases all three demons into the opponent as they come in), land, launch xx inferno xx arma/HOD. Hard to time though.,, land, c/f.fp + spiral proj, sj.lp, lk, lp, a/d forward, lk, lk, assist hits, land, XX (fp) inferno XX HOD.

fun thing with BH AAA. kill your opponent or snap them out, then call him in and the assist will hit them off screen.

i dont know if it breaks their guard or anything…but its just fun.

call me a scrub, but i like to abuse solo BH’s semi THC infinite and the THC in general with certain characters.

ex: sent ground, storm variety, bh AAA

rp XX HSF, s.fp XX THC, then while opponent is landing, dash in and launch or HSF or tag in…

or whatever.

What are Blackheart’s best assists (as in who helps BH on point the most) other than Cyke/Capcom/Sent/Doom (since those guys help just about everyone)?

A-Sabretooth is a good assist for BH that I used for awhile. It sweeps the screen which can protect you during superjump trips and while jumpback fiercing, and short short Sabre into launch, inferno xx HOD is too dope.

Other than that, pretty much any projectile assist helps BH out. Anti-airs are okay, but really not necessary.

Storm’s Gamma assist is decent for BH too.

It keeps scrubs in the inferno so you don’t have to xx into some super. It confuses Magnetos because they almost always super jump after a flying screen move. Call storm sj with BH drop FP demons and Mags is either getting hit with both or falling back blocking both which puts BH in a better situation against Mags than he’d be otherwise.

It’s also a good anti-cable… reason: Cables ALWAYS jump with BH you call Storm then SJ before she pops out Cable will follow BH up and either try an AHVB or something and Storm will hit him. If Cable doesn’t jump… well that’s a bad Cable you do pretty much what ever you like depending on what assist Cable has.

Storm’s assist is ass against Sentinel though, and mediocre at best against Storm.

Is Magneto-a any good? Probably not since it doesn’t last long enough to safely call Mags + Inferno xx HOD right? And on the topic of Magneto, is it good to try to get him to superjump w/jump back Fierce + rocks/drones/proj/Spiral-y? I usually try that & either sj away w/Fierce, or I’ll jump + quick airdash back, leading to either a reset of the first part or assist + Jab Inferno xx HOD (since people tend to be aggressive when they think BH is retreating, you’d be surprised how many run straight into the Jab Inferno where I play)

Blackheart/Magneto works, but you can’t play him the same. Think a little bit like Cable/Magneto, your goal is to use Magneto to keep the ground covered while dropping shit down from the air so they can’t get in. B&B for BH/Mags is low shorts plus Mags then judgement day. BH/Mags shouldn’t really have to jump fierce that much - jump jab is enough to stop most ground-level air offense, and calling Mags and sj.rh is the same as staying “Stay the fuck where you are”.

Actually, the part about jumping Fierce & such was about when going against Magneto:lol:. Still, thanks for the BH/Mag idea.

lp. psylocke anti air assist, hk, cancel into HOD, many people i’ve played against, get caught by it alot.

what are some good ways to combo armageddon in on an opponent? i find it a bit harder to use blackheart in mvc2 than in marvel super heroes or msh vs streetfighter

if ur in or near the corner sk, sk, (capcom) , inferno cancel into armegedon does 80%… also sk, sk , tron (projectile) judgement day is a good combo. Just sk, sk, tron can put a smile on my face. hehe