The BlackHeart thread

Cool! Finally one of my threads came to good use. Nice strats, everyone:)

What are some good ways to follow up a connected HOD in the corner?

*Try doing a Standing HK, then HOD again^_^
I think you can do it up to 3 times…I’m not sure, though.

Peace out;)*

Is the s.rk supposed to hit with the kick or the demons? Also, is it supposed to hit as they fall or OTG? I’ve tried to mess around with it a bit but I’m having trouble figuring out how get the rk to hit reliably:bluu:

One more thing (for now :D), is, s.rk, HOD escape-mashable?

how’s blackheart’s projectile assist? the one where he does lp thunderbolt thingy. i’m new with him, and so don’t know much. i wanted to use him kinda playfully with omega red/silver samuri/blackheart. i wanted to use his assist to sort of stop rushdown…i think i heard it does from somewhere.

*Yes, his Ground Type Assist is good.
People say that his Anti-Air assist is a lot better, but as a serious Blackheart player myself, i don’t think so.

Sure, it comes out a bit slow, it stops rushdown better than the rest of his assists. Use it, it works for me^_^
Peace out;)*

HOD only connects multiple times in the corner if it is the two button HOD. Meaning BH is alone on the team. It does work if he has like 5 supers and other team members but those others will have to have supers that make them leave before BH is done so that BH can do it again.

s.RH connects everytime and on every character if done at the right time. You do it almost immediatly after the HOD, while they’re still way up in the air. They will fall into the demons. If you try and OTG it they’ll get hit by the demons but the demons wont stick, and they can roll. Some characters you have to do it faster some slower, depeding on their fall rate.

BH’s Ground assist is decent, I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s “good.” This assist all depends on how you play and the dynamics of your team. If BH isn’t your “assist” character then you can use it. It is generally standard to have an anti-air on your team in order to compete with any top tier teams, save the exception of a Mag/Storm/Sent team. And if BH is on the team most people use him primarily for his assist, therefore making him the anti air assist. Anyway, BH’s ground can be used if you’re pretty much all rush down and it’s a decent assist punisher. The biggest problem with it, is that it takes so long and literally ANYBODY can punish him for doing it, making your point character’s job of covering him more important and crucial. Then there’s the fact that after getting hit with it the other character can roll to safety.

Last night, i found out you were right, sweetie^_^
I forgot to edit my post a little…Oh well, i should have been giving BH more attention these days, insted of CapCom.
Peace out:)

In that case, would the best followup be s.rk, oc.fp /\ air combo?

Doesn’t work, because of flying screen. You can’t get much more than jump short short, low short short after :frowning:

I thought I saw a either Alex Valle or Justin Wong do an air combo after a corner HOD in a tourney vid…goes to find it

Alright, I guess I was imagining things. Why must those flying screen rules apply to Blackheart:rolleyes: ?

BlackHeart fun

I’ve recently found blackheart super fun… I love having him with a sent drone assit (ground, bah the last one I’m stupid right now) here’s my combo…

jp lk, fk (sent assit) air dash lk, fk inferno judgment day (that’s that demon super)… ummm I’m feeling a bit retarded right now so I’m not sure if that’s all of it… sorry :slight_smile:

also I’ve nicknamed blackheart my strom chaser… no more running stroms or anyone for that matter when my black heart is behind my sent… oh so fun… people hate me thoug -_-

oh more black heart fun

guile aaa into inferno into jugdement day… pisses people off I find

also I find more fun stuff… when catching someone in the cornor with a JD super… at the height of the blast (final hit) do a standing fk… the demons actually catch… not much you can do after that though… still fun

and one last thing a question…

is it a glitch? when blackheart is the last on your team… doing the team super after a JD super to connect it… you can do it as many times as you have supers… like the sabertooth “glitch”… some one tell me if I"m stupid

If you’re talking about the repeated HOD trick, it’s not a glitch (at least no more of a glitch than AHVBx3 or Sent’s post-HSF combability, in other words it’s an oversight). Team supers don’t cause flying screen, and moves that normally would cause flying screen (like HOD) give unrollable OTGs. But IIRC it does less damage than a HOD on it’s own would do. Damn Capcom sticking it to Blackheart again:(

cool trick vs sentinel

ever since I learned how to fly around all the crap that BH does (demons and infernos), my hometown boy Samnang found a nice trick to stop me from flying for free :bluu: it’s Dark Thunder XX Heart of Darkness. When he did it for the first time on me, I thought it was flucky :lol: but then he did it many times :frowning: now I have to think twice before flying … grrrrrrrrr

btw, this trick is somewhat old, but I don’t think many people do it.

cool trick vs sentinel

You can roll out of that…every time.

hehe yeah old trick , i suggest u only use it every so often cause if u do al the time , u’ll prollie get predicted. I’m a new bh user and i found that knowing that is pretty useful. Just not against cables…

Re: cool trick vs sentinel

what ?? are you sure about that ?

Dasrik : can you confirm this ?

Re: Re: cool trick vs sentinel

I guarantee it. Even if you do the dark thunder that goes up the other character falls fast enough that they can roll before the HOD comes out.

Not always.

For instance, low short x2 + Commando, fierce DT xx HOD is unrollable. They just have to be high enough.