The Blanka Matchup - Arcade Edition



Discuss Guy’s match up against Blanka in Arcade Edition here.

Here is the currently available frame data for Blanka in AE. Note: There may be some errors.

In this first post, you’ll find general notes about the match up and links to noteworthy posts


General Notes


  • cr.MP will probably be Guy’s most used normal in this match up. It beats all of Blanka’s Rolling Attacks (Horizontal Blanka Balls) and Electricity because of its priority. It also stops Blanka’s Amazon River Run (Hop) shenanigans.
  • cr.MK also beats all of Blanka’s Rolling Attacks. Its priority has increased in Arcade Edition.


  • cr.MP is the anti-air of choice as long as Blanka remains in front of Guy.
  • cr.HP tends to hit Blanka when he jumps in from a close range.


  • All versions of Rolling Attack (Horizontal Blanka Ball) are punishable on block by Run > Slide. If Blanka is in the corner, Guy can punish all versions of Rolling Attack on block with EX Hozanto > U1 (without needing to use meter for a focus attack dash cancel).
  • All versions of Anti-Air Rolling (Upwards Blanka Ball) are punishable on block (and on hit) with EX Hozanto.

Shenanigans and Setups:

  • TK EX Kaiten Izuna Otoshi (Air Grab) grabs every Rolling Attack. All versions of TK Kaiten Izuna Otoshi will grab Blanka’s U1. [/details]


Noteworthy Posts

2010-05-02: ActualProof - Importance of cr.MP, punishment of Rolling Attack with Run > Slide. [/details]

Feel free to post if you think something needs be added, thanks.


Go for ambigous cross ups only after throwing blanka. This match-up is even easier than it was in Super if you know how to defend against blanka. Do MP>HP into run slide often and go for meaty pressure 90% of the time. I say 90% because his only option on wake up is to ultra 1 or 2. His reversals are punishable even after Guy gets hit, so if he has no ultra, he can’t do anything except for block. Vary your pressure on his wake up and he’ll soon be in the corner where he has even less options.

If your defence is on point and you know the type of blanka player you’re facing, I put this match up as 7-3 for Guy.

Use cr.lp x2 with cr.HK option select to catch their backdash to further frustrate them - likely to make them ultra on wake up on the next knockdown however.


Yeah practicing your timing with meaty cr.lpX2 with cr.HK option select is pretty much the key to this match (Blanka’s wake up timing is 2 frames slower than everyone elses, so its a bit tricky).

In the corner, switch to cr.lpX2 with df+HK option select. df+HK will beat Ex Rainbow roll attempts to keep him in the corner.


I like your OS, as it seems easier than cr.lp OS, cr.lp that was mentioned by af0.
I will try it out.
I am using cr.lp OS ex bsk,, but it will be good to use the above without meter.


I’ll try to bring back all of the old Blanka match up information from the Super match up thread after I do the same for E. Honda.

It’s nice to see people stepping up and making threads for match ups. :tup:


If you have meter, cr.LP OS ex hozanto, cr.LP works too. The timing is tight but the potential reward is pretty high (you get to juggle into Ultra 1 without any FADC).


cr.lp with down forward HK option selectdoes soundgood.In AE they reduced the invisibility on rainbow roll and I remember hitting Blanka out of it in the corner with cr.MP alone. This is 3 active frames now so it’s worth trying if this alone is good enough to hit him out of rainbow roll escape, without having to OS.


Some Punishes against Blanka;

  1. Blanka’s crHp on Block: counter with Ex Hozanto or stMp.
  2. Blanka’s crHk on Block: counter with stMp or a close Target Combo, crMp, crLk, crLp, crHk, crMk, Ex Tatsu.
  3. Blanka’s Ultra 1 and Super on Block: counter with TK Izuna Drop. If you have Super just do a Low Hozanto into Super, the timing is easy.
  4. Blanka’s Ultra 2 on Block: counter the down version, if your close enough, Forward Jump into him and combo. Against the up version just walk up to him and punish.
  5. Two Frame Traps against Blanka’s Forward Rolling Attack: a. crHp (on Block) then input crMp into Ex Hozanto. b. crLp, crLp (on Block) then stHp, stMp into Run Slide or Ex Hozanto. Note: the stHp, stMp into Run Slide or Ex Hozanto can combo without a counter hit after the two crLp.
  6. A wake up Frame Trap against Forward Rolling Attack: crMp or close stMk (counter hit), Target Combo into what ever.
  7. Ninja Sickle is good against Blanka’s Wake. Whiff Ninja Sickle against Blanka’s wake up Ultra 1, most Blankas will go for it.
  8. Neutral Jump Mp and Hp is a good Anti-Air against Blanka.
  9. Blanka’s Slide on Block: counter with Medium Tatsu, Ex Hozanto or Target Combo.


2lp os 2hp in corner beats reversals ex escape rollings like ryu’s 2hp, if he do ex vertical rolling you can punish it on hit even by u1 i think

punish his ultra by yours it touches the ground, or saving combo~ultra


Johnick, please check your PMs. Thanks. :tup:

Also, here is’s video that demonstrates how to punish Blanka’s U2 with Guy:



You guys couldn’t stress enough. This is crucial in this match up as any forward advancement made by Blanka should be met by this move.

Personally, I like to use cr.lp x2 with OS cancelled with preferably lp.bushin flip. It’s uncrouchable as well so down back isn’t an option for them. Most Blanka players hold forward during a rainbow roll escape attempt since you actually have to direct the move.


I came 2nd in a tournament last month, the first tournament I entered, but guess what character I lost to in the finals ?. Ive been watching a lot of high level players like Kiryu and Nox2 against Blanka, Kiryu goes for a lot of meaty crouching mk after a knockdown which made sense because it breaks focus and beats electricity. But when I used it, half the time I got hit with a point blank ball to the face, I tried to cross him up to break his charge but never seemed to have enough time to land safely and he just did wakeup electricity … guh


I hate that and know what you mean! I play really lame against Blanka they cant charge walking forward. Hate Blanka!






Prime examples of why I find this matchup so hard, Kiryu has to work his ass off and still loses half the time, and when he does win its by the skin of his teeth.


I always struggled with the Blanka matchup untill I discovered the awesomeness that is But Its still a headwreck because you have to completely change the way you usually would play. Safe jump setups and throw setups etc dont really float against Blanka. But in saying that, I prefer the Blanka matchup to the Bison or Balrog one 100 times over.

I personally turtle Blanka, its boring as feck and a war of attrition but it gets the job done. I can his jump in, hop, electricity and his ball on reaction. Most of what he does is punishable by run, slide on block (some on hit). If you find hes using electricity/ball on wakeup (which he shouldnt but it can catch you off guard) meaty him. Pretty much everything he does is beat by that one normal. But downback hurts Blanka a lot.

To be honest tho most of the Blankas Ive played would be pretty low on the skill tree :oops: but all I can say is completely kills you average online Blanka warrior and gives good ones a scare or two. But again I try to out-wait Blanka, and that can be fustrating for both players. Plus the fact Ive never been in a tourny setting means I could turn out to be free against Blanka regardless of my online record against them. :eek:

I also fecking HATE his Ultra 1. I want it to die a slow death and never return. The chip is annoying high.

Edit: What would be the easiest way to upload a replay from the xbox? I would like to show what I mean but Im not really sure where to start with the whole upload to youtube shite :slight_smile:


The best way to upload matches from Xbox 360 is by using a USB Capture Card and recording to your PC. Then you can upload to Youtube. Or you can just use a digital camera, but a capture card is better for quality.:db:

Blanka is another character that falls between the EX BSK. This has happened to me fighting Blanka players about 60 percent of the time.

For baiting out Blanka’s Ultras, it is good to delay crouch tech your strings upon his wake up. It also works for blocking all versions of rolling attack. The only thing that it doesn’t beat is wake up electricity.

Once you shut down Blanka’s little hop forward - hop back shimmy game, you shut down that players ground game. For the most part the player will then resort to jumping, which is exactly what you want. Punish accordingly with Guy’s vast anti-air options and you should be fine. At that point, it’s just a matter of catching on to what the player will randomly do like :db: +:hp:. Just stay sharp and you should come out on top.


This… I feel once you figure out what Gimmicks the player is using with Blanka there is very little else that he can do. If you shut down the ball, hop and anti-air properly Blanka is in a terrible posistion. Still is a horrible match due to Blanka shutting down nearly every safe jump, or jumping setup Guy has against everyone else.

Also i really dont like how Kiryu is approaching Blanka, hes a far better Guy than I am (different league) but he seems to be approaching it like he would Honda or Bison etc. I honestly think playing defensivly is the way to wreck a Blanka. If you hold downback, what exactly is he going to do?

Ill look into getting a capture card :slight_smile: I was thinking of using the web cam but the quaility is terrible.

Just spent the last ages looking for a high level Guy vs Blanka where Kiryu isnt the Guy, and I actually cannot find one o_O
Its weird. I was looking to see if I could find another Guy using cr.Mp in the matchup and I cant.

This makes me think that just dosent work against high level Blankas and Ive been talking shit and giving bad advice :oops:

Ill keep looking or wait till I can record a replay of myself (probably getting beat to shit).


Is there a reason why Kiryu uses U2 against blanka? U1 is much better against blanka Imo. Punishes U2, U1 and more oppurtunities to land


To grab special Dash ?
Maybe Blanka block string are not true block string ?


So apparently blankas EX upball will KD on hit in 2012… this means we cant punish it with Run slide o_O