The blazinflo vs dpc drama

so ive been following this nonsense for a minute and i just see a bunch of childish nonsense. basically it comes down to blazinflo, whos known for being an instigator, starting shit with dpc, talking about how big he is, bragging about his home, his watches, etc… just getting in dpcs head and unfortunately dpc fell for it. regardless, nothing has happened, no one has been hurt and EVO is supposed to be the most hyped event for the year.

dpc is under a huge scope atm and im sure he will lay low in the months to come just to show wizard he meant no harm and has no intent to fight with anyone outside of mvc2. and as for blazinflo, i mean cmon man. you come out and say you can bench this, and you got this and that. mind telling me what you got homie that youre so proud of?? just curious what watches you own, cause i own a few myself, and what the cost of your house is, cause i own a couple myself, and what type of ride you own, cause i own a pretty nice one myself. i just dont see why bragging about ends is a big deal and means to look down on someone. how much do you bench too homie? cause i can bench a good amount too.

DPC won’t do anything at evo except play marvel.

you still lookin to sell your car? (Still not buyin, just wonderin)

just get JUSTIN to talk to JOEY, no representives no nothing and get them to clear up this whole mess, also make justins crew (the ones he said would fight wigfall and sanford) there on HIS behalf.

He’s already talked to Wiz and from the looks of it DPC still doesn’t get it. Acting like Evo is the party that is losing out over this ordeal…hah.

I own 30 Rolexs, 5 houses valued at $8mil each, 900 Lambos, and I can bench 4 sets 12 reps of 3000 lbs.

I am better than u lol m i rite?

Who the fuck gets angry at this shit?

I own 31 Rolexs, 6 houses valued at $9mil each, 901 Lambos, and I can bench 5 sets 13 reps of 3001 lbs.

I win :razzy:



I didn’t really notice much blazin vs dpc drama, moreso just DPC drama.

I wish you could +m the forums

Can we actually get the parties involved to post?

<3 papa watts

this thread and threads like this is just giving them more attention. stop feeding this nonsense.

u threatened me, I’m telling Mr.Wizard

what does the C in DPC stand for

Dark Prince C___


Feed me rappers or feed me beats

The Evo people had to make a tough call and they did it. Odds are, threats over the Internet ultimately come to nothing–but in the off chance that it does, just think of everything it would fuck up.

I have to voice my support for the bannage. Partly because I don’t have any money riding on this and could give a shit if one less loudmouthed jackass is in attendance, but also because Evo staff has to prepare for as many foreseeable circumstances as possible in order to run things smoothly. If this threat was acted upon, then not only might one of our own get seriously hurt, but Evo as we know it would be eternally fucked.

An attack at a fighting game tournament is just the kind of leverage that the politicians and news media need in order to further harm this genre and the scene supporting it. Sponsorships will be lost, and game companies could very well be opened up to a slew of lawsuits regarding the content they produce. This is not the first time this kind of thing has happened, and an asshole like DPC threatening a guy is the typical way that it begins.

We’re talking about banning a guy who said things that are uncalled for, and has behaved inappropriately enough in the past that he can’t be so easily ignored. As I said, it’s a tough call and there’s a big gray area here, but I cannot understand how some people can treat this like DPC is a fucking martyr. If dropping him from the tourney is what it takes to ensure that everything runs without a hitch and Evo gets to keep its esteem and its corporate sponsors, then so be it.

Holy Shit! Navid actually developed a sense of humor finally :rofl:


yeah, i also found that post to be quite humorous

Did you get your screen name from the Alkaline Trio album?

It’s from a song off of Megadeth’s “Peace Sells, But Who’s Buying?” album.