The blazinflo vs dpc drama

what’s the term? all hype is good hype.

I still think evo would be better with DPC + crew. He’d be responsible for evo2k7 moment 1-54. The rest would be gian vs. the world.

My attendance is still unconfirmed, but if I go I’ll definitely be spending more time watching ST than marvel if DPC hype ain’t goin on.

Please elaborate on this. I see no truth in that.

paris hilton much?


I don’t understand what that’s supposed to mean. :sweat:

Meaning that Paris Hilton gets talked about constantly, and it’s mainly how she’s a vapid slut with nothing but air in her head. She still gets to have her own T.V. show, gets a record deal, and so on and so forth…

justin, you’re old skoo enough to handle this and that

the real question is what game does watson wanna play for money???

st prolly, and he’s dippin into marvel for fun…let em know…

man thread goes from one thing to trash

If DPC wants to show everyone what’s up he’ll keep it low for a little while. lol! `

actually, i dont bring up playing people for money cause i feel like its just too one sided and free money for me. but incase people wanna know, ill play a3(arcade only), ill play that alpha generations crap, and ill play 3s(console only), and finally, ST(arcade only) i just like betting on people in marvel cause they do shit and pull of some of the nastiest shit ever seen!!! and of course i didnt whore out dc training mode back in the day and cant do that shit lol :frowning:

Do we honetsly need 3 DPC threads?


Watson, maybe you can you talk it out with DPC and Wiz and see what can be done. Let us know

i’m just trying to make random money

dun mind me

continue beasting

Both them bustas yint going to do shit.

I’ve lived in the south since i was duece, who the fuck are you?

you’ve never been shit down here, not once in your time on earth foo.

If you want some costly money matches then post again, thats all you need to do.

type something

Shuhs that shit up,If I make it to evo,which I planning on doing,put your fucking money were your mouth is homie,that’s all you need to do.

fuck showing up to evo you little mouth

play justin or me for any amount of money 500+ and up, i’m willing to drive to wherever the fuck you live and take your change.

bet it or shut the fuck up

how much

done. $500

stand your ground homeboy.ill be in touch with you real soon.

i mean fuck, all the money matches and shitz can still go on. just do it around evo world haha.

good deal

i’ll wait for an update pm

edit: how much you want vs justin? he’ll play you too no doubt.

I don’t understand why Blaziniflo would get called out on this. There’s 300 people that post exactly what he posts everyday about Duc Jr. The watches? He didn’t post publicly what kind they are. Car, same as your’s, modded, but not baller like your’s. No custom fiberglass sound. No DVD. House, would never post publicly. Again, if you read my post, I never gave specific numbers or my net worth. Just giving a general scope of what I’ve accomplished. And distinguishing the difference between a bunch of spoiled rich kids throwing their parents money around and saying they’re gangsters. You should understand this better than most, since from what I understand you have a few businesses and are a selfmade successful businessman.

I didn’t brag about what I had. If it came off as that, it was just a misunderstanding and probably misconceived. I was just trying to put into perspective what these kids are doing. They are making videos with personal threats and insults and talking about money this money that. Duc Jr. replles on alphaism radio that he is a gangster, on the corner pushing every weekend, $3000 is pennies to him. I guess this topic sparked a special interest to Blaziniflo because he’s met Duc Jr. and got along with him. But then again, Josh Wigfall and Blaziniflo go back for a while and are really good friends. So once you make a threat to Wiggy, Blaziniflo is the type of friend that is very protective of his close friends.

Actually in the end, Blaziniflo feels fairly flattered that he an OG baller like Watts would made a thread about him.