The Bleach DS 2nd Thread

I got a copy of the game, unfortunately it’s not a good copy so i can’t save and it freezes alot. I tried out some of the characters and the game is dramatically different. Here are some of the changes.

-New characters at the start are Urahara, Hanatarou, and Ikkaku.
-Throw command is now X+A, and there is now a whiff animation for missed throws. Air throws have been added to the game as well
-You can now see your opponent’s reiatsu meter
-Characters that didnt have canceling jabs can no longer link jabs in the air like they use to
-EDIT: turns out you can guard cancel into specials, only it wont let you do it from the touch screen anymore

The only character i’ve played extensively has been Kenpachi and he got toned down HARD
-Super A has less of a time duration and has a recovery at the end of it similar to that of Youruichi’s B Super
-Standing light attack is now a kick and has considerably less range than that of his original light attack
-HCF attacks super armor is limited to a certain amount of hits
-QCF attack is no longer instant recoverly and is punishable
-Teleport now comes with a heavy startup
-His illusion command seems improved. the light version instead of being impracticaly short lasting, lasts longer but puts him in a crouching position. what button you choose to do the illusion he goes into a different pose
-His Super B looks alot cooler :tup:
-Duration of his range increase is much smaller. Standing light attack doesnt have the increased range since it is now a kick

Other significant changes:

Ishida’s puppet strings now always takes one bar of reiatsu, and has a recovery at the end of it. it also cant be piled on each other anymore

Soi Fon’s ninjas are canceled out if she gets hit. Her dive kick infinite still works.

That’s all for now. Maybe when i get this thing working better i can do some more.

ahhhh that sucks so much…sorry to hear that…i should be getting my copy soon its in the mail…once i get it i can give you my friend code!!!

Hey, I just got this game. My friend code’s 0645 1858 4810. I really suck at it, though, because my DS died shortly after I got the first one and only recently got a DS Lite to replace it. Also #Bleach_ds on is a good place to find people to play.

mine is 326512214048… im only really good with koma online, as everybody plays with ikkaku, genryusai, or urahara…

There’s already a thread for this: