The blood,sweat and tears needed transition from MK to SF.HELP!


I’m sure i’m not the first making this huge leap from only knowing MK(wich not even for that long cause of MKX being my first fighting game ever. Being a decent player up till this point from the day of release being 15 months already) to wanting to dive into the street fighter universe cause of the addiction for fighting games i received from getting to know MK well enough to win half of my games, other than only losing and total frustration and depression in the beginning cause of me being the noobiest of noobs starting from the rockiest bottom i ever encountered. But long story short, getting to the point is just a little favor for sharing all the knowledge you guys can offer to speed up my progress a littlebit. I would really appreciate you for doing this act of kindness and making all my dreams come true at the end.Maybe i exaggerated a little there haha. Also feel free to add me if you play SFV on PC so you even can teach me something, Steam GT= Synesthesia Z. Either way i thank you in advance for the one’s bother to read and reply. Have a great rest of your lifes hehe! :smiley:


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Where you from OP? Feel free to add me on steam and CFN (name is the same as my board handle) but keep in mind I’m in the UK so maybe laggy depending on where you’re from.


I’m from the Netherlands but i live in Belgium so connection should be smooth like a baby butt :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t seem to find you tho :confused:


Nvm lol! added.


Do you play frequently or more casual?


I play a fair bit tho slowed down. Got your steam invite.


Is SFV on PC any good?


I’d say so.


I’m also from the Netherlands and i play mainly on PC. There is a Dutch FGC Discord group where you can find like-minded people. You can find people to play SFV with(or even MKX), info about local tournaments and such and in general just chat away, etc This is the LINK

Anyway, i’ll add you on steam.


Mind if I add you as well? Would be nice to play more local-ish players.


I added you on Steam


The biggest changes is hit confirming a combos in sf is more importain than mkx. In mkx you either fish for a juggle or commit to a combo string. Instead of fishing for a juggle you fish for a poke and if your poke hits you continue with a combo. At the same time your opponet is doing the same thing and both of you are also trying to punish each others pokes.