The "bloods" gang have found a new way to kill YOU!

this has nothing to do with games, but it’s very important! i’ve never heard of anything like this before, but dont put anything past a dumb nigga tryin to prove something - but apparently, these idiots have a new initiation ritual that goes as follows…

a new comer has to prove his/her loyalty by driving through the city at night with his/her head lights off. the first person to warn them of this [courtesy flashing], has now become a target. the lackey must now hunt, and kill everyone present in that vehicle in order to be accepted into the gang.

it’s said that the gang is trying to get stupid niggas to do this shit on the weekends, nation-wide. but i think they would do it at any given night…not just the weekend. please, do not take this as a joke. i hate to have to bash my own people, but these are niggas were talkin about! dum niggas kill just cus the basket ball/football game ain’t on until 7pm, and they need to kill time -as well as innocent people.

bottom line - DO NOT FLASH YOUR LIGHTS AT ANY VEHICLE THATS WANDERING WITH NO LIGHTS ON!!! reason being is because you dont know if that person will be thankful for the heads up, or a stupid punk-bitch ass nigga tryin to kill you! people driving with no head lights will just have to run into a tree or somethin! that’ll teach em to turn them lights on! i want all of you to do 2 things. make bulletins of this on your myspaces’, and warn your family and friends of this dumb-nigga bullshit! no wonder black people remain suspect…I HATE NIGGAS!!!:mad:


Then put it in general…

This should be in GD AND this is an old urban legend. I’ve been hearing this shit since I was 16. I’m sure it is or was true somewhere, but I thought this was common knowledge.

oh ok

old urban legend or not, i’m lookin at a police report that was made about a week ago explaning this shit! which means that someone has recently fallen victim to this shit! and sorry for putting this in the fighters thread! just thought it would be helpful info regardless…

You fail the intarwebnets.

what are you doin lookin at police reports?


Im pretty sure SRK already know niggas are stuck on stupid,right after they heard their first rap CD.

I see what you did there…

If you live over here it’s nothing new.

SK where are you?

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the fuck is this shit