The Bloody-Knuckles begging for help thread

so things are starting to heat up. the venue is booked and I’m about to drop a lot of paper on PAX to generate even more interest. I’m getting word of mouth emails from people on the other side of the country interested in showing works (a friend of a friend told me about this thing with games and art, whats up?)

and well, I need some help…

first and foremost. I have 1000 handbills that I want to get out to people at PAX. if you’re going to be there and wouldn’t mind handing some out come see me. I was the tall, bald, tatted dude with the camera at NWM. I’ll be helping zig out so I should be somewhere around the console tournament area.

in the future. I need help with the “Main Event” people to work the door, people to run the pools, people who actually know how to run a tournament (brent, micky, preppy?), people to loan gear, people to tell me I’m pretty, people to help setup, people to help tear down.

so if you are interested and want to get involved post up! or pm me, or throw a brick with a note tied to it through my window.

Dates to keep in mind
12/01/2009 deadline for artwork submission
02/04/2010 first thursday artwalk gallery opening
02/28/2010 the “Main Event” (yeah the date changed)

reserved for people helping out and what they are doing.

Jared (maybe)

Reserved for equipment loans:

equipment so far;

2x PS3’s w/ 24" “evo” spec LCDs (hsp)
1x PS3 w/LCD (masando)
1x 360 w/ LCD (pat)

Game Discs
3x SFIV game discs (PS3)
1x SFIV 360 (pat)
1x Blazblue game disc (PS3)
2x tekken 6 game discs (PS3)
1x PC for BB:CS

Misc House Equipment
SD 1000 lumen projector for semis/finals/movie screenings (canoe)
going to try and upgrade this to a fullHD so I can just split the HDMI

1x 1600 Lumen HD projector
1x 27" 2ms LCD(hsp)

I will be happy to help out on the day of, and if I get off my ass about it, I may even submit something if I can make it actually seem cool. I have a rough idea of something that could work. :pleased:

HSP, I’ll help hand out fliers tomorrow at PAX. I’ll even have my GF help too!

This is so we’re even on me ignoring you at GW. LOL. Just kidding, you’re a cool dood and we saw each other in passing at NWM.

thanks guys!

in other news I got hooked up with marketing people from capcom, namco, and aksys! all of them were totally stoked and supportive. told me to contact them in a week or so when they are back in the office for the swag hook ups!!!

Willing to support the art/sfiv community. Let me know tomorrow about this event.


what software do you guys use to run brackets? is it freeware?

Bump, because it’s time to seriously start looking for help.

with about a month to go I need people who can help run the door, run brackets, AND supply hardware. Play N Trade is only able to supply one full setup, they did say that they can bring 5 360s and 5 PS3s with software but they don’t have screens for them.

the event will be 2/28, I need people that can be there at noon to help setup, and stay as late as 1am to help tear down and clean. the cover will be waived for any volunteers and if you can’t help out the day of but have hardware you can loan I will also waive your cover.
This is what we’ve been using to make brackets.

I can hand make brackets for you and run a pool for you, be it I don’t have work by then and it doesn’t prevent me from attending.

I’ll be there to set up and take down. I’ll be happy to loan an LCD monitor, XBOX and SF4.

thanks pat!!! Play N Trade is confirmed for 10 consoles so screens are really what I need the most help with. I looked into renting but DAMN it’s like $100 a day each.

so yeah if you have an LCD or anything that we can hook up to a console post up!

also I’ll be down at TW saturday with new fliers so grab a few and stick em up wherever you can.

I’ll be up there, gonna try to bring them portlandites up with me. I’ll be bringing my streaming stuff and if anyone wants to donate to streaming, It’d be helpful (stuff is mad expensive) and any little bit helps.

As far as internet goes, if theres a wired connection that would be ballin!

two weeks to go and I’m still in need of some help. please if you can help run the door, bring a setup, whatever post up. I have 6 confirmed setups so far, that should be enough, but I need a 360 with an HDMI port (not sure if pat’s does) that will be used for the finals setup.

I can bring my 360 up if I need to since all the testing I have done has been with that.

I have an HDMI splitter somewhere between my house and portland maybe on a truck IDK, so once that comes it, I’ll be doing A LOT of testing. But hopefully the internet is HOT!!

<note> I guess this means I should probably unlock Seth… </note>