The Blu-ray Thread v1.0

There is indeed a DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-ray thread already, but personally I thought there should be 3 separate threads. I was always looking around through that thread and had to find any stuff about Blu-ray. Therefore, I always ended up writing shit about Blu-rays in the PS3 thread, but I’m sure there were people there as well who just wanted to read about PS3 games / PSN updates instead of having to dig through and ignore Blu-ray news. This way, you can have one thread which you know will be dedicated solely to one format… and 2 other people should probably follow suit and start up a DVD only & HD-DVD only thread.*** Most important thing:*** The Golden Rule: NO FUCKING TROLLING. I’m sure we’ll be seeing Septimus enforce this, but I thought I’d just get it out of the way first. I also ask of you Blu-ray supporters not to troll on the HD-DVD thread.
**Where can I find information on current Blu-ray movies?

Where can I find reviews for Blu-ray movies? & are two decent sites for reviews.

Do Blu-ray disks have regions like DVDs do?
Yes, but it’s not 8 regions like DVD.
REGION A - North America, South America, Central America, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia
REGION B - Europe, Greenland, French territories, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East
REGION C - Central/Southeast Asia, India, Bangladesh, Napal, Mainland China, Russia, Pakistan

Why Blu-ray? Can’t I just get HD-DVD?

Why should I upgrade from DVDs to Blu-ray?

Is Blu-ray backward compatible with DVDs?
Yes, and most players offer upconverting to 1080i or 1080p. Until HDTVs are more commonly owned, the DVD is a format that is expected to co-exist with the Blu-ray for quite some time… so you don’t need to worry about your DVD collection becoming obsolete.

What the fuck is 1080p?
1080 refers to the amount of horizonal rows of pixels. The full resolution of a Blu-ray is 1920 by 1080 pixels… a whole SIX TIMES more pixels than you get from DVDs. The “p” in “1080p” stands for progressive. This means that every single pixel updates simultaneously on your screen.

Do I need an HDTV to play Blu-ray disks?
No, but you will need one to see the clarity & quality that Blu-ray has to offer.

Can I play Blu-ray disks on an HD-DVD player or a DVD player?
Blu-ray can’t play on HD-DVD players & vice versa… there ARE players on the market that can play both formats though. Blu-ray cannot play on a DVD player.

What’s HDMI? Do I really need it?
A single cable that transfers both video and audio in HD. It also offers security from piracy, but that’s currently not in use.

At the moment component cables / fiber obtic cables will do the job as well if your TV or theater system does not have HDMI. Should any studio decide to use ICT (though unlikely) it will mean that you will need HDMI.

Why the fuck are Blu-rays so expensive? Is there no end to this madness?!

In other words, Blu-ray & HD-DVD aren’t as widely produced as DVDs. Once they are, the costs will be the same as DVDs cause the production costs are almost the same.

Does my Blu-ray player have to be connected to the INTARNETZZ to be able to play movies?

What’s this about managed copies in the last question?

What the fuck is an epp1e? Is that supposed to be pronounced like apple?
Fuck you it’s supposed to be pronounced as “eppie”. I didn’t choose the name eppie cause it’s always taken so I just started using the one some time ago.

MORE FAQS! Courtesy of Septimus:



[COLOR=White]AMAZON.COM [Free shipping on orders over 25 dollars][/COLOR]
Amazon B2G1


BUY.COM [Free shipping on orders over 25 dollars]
If you’re using Google Checkout for the first time, you get 10 dollars off your order.


DEEPDISCOUNT.COM [Free shipping on anything]


J&R /

Good shit. I’m always up on sales. I just got my PS3 so i’ve only got 15 Blu Ray’s at the moment. I’ll list them when I get home.


** I recommend:**[LIST]
[]3:10 to Yuma (Very entertaining movie, even for someone like me who doesn’t really like westerns. Superb video / audio quality.)
]Black Book (Not as good as The Lives of Others, but this one is definitely a great film as well. I already saw it on standard definition, but seeing it on Blu-ray, the difference in quality was clear cut. One of the best Blu-rays out on the market currently for video quality & just a good movie in general).
[]Cars (Ratatouille is definitely better, but this is a worthy purchase as well. Disney/Pixar put a lot of labor & love into their BD releases.)
]Casino Royale
[]The Departed
]The Lives of Others (Excellent foreign film with a very good video transfer, average sound transfer)
[]Oldboy (The transfer is subpar, but the important parts of the movie look much better than standard definition and the sound, DTS-HD 7.1, is a step up from Dolby 5.1 …If you’ve never seen it, you should check this one out. If you HAVE seen it, you might want to have it in your collection because it’s not the best quality, but it’s definitely better than DVD)
]Paprika (Interesting anime, beautifully drawn & beautiful transfer. I know there’s a lot of anime haters on SRK… so if you’re one of them, you’re probably better off not touching it)
[]Planet Earth (A must own. The end.)
] Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy (Disney/Pixar/Buena Vista is consistently the BEST company to get Blu-rays from. Enjoy fapping to Keira Knightly in HD!)
[]The Prestige
] Ratatouille (Hands down the most beautiful HD movie on the market at the moment for both video and sound)
[] Stranger than Fiction (Sony’s best transfer up to date in my opinion. Also a very good movie.)
] Superbad (Not your typical teen movie, not your typical Sony transfer… much better than their usual releases)[/LIST]Septimus Prime recommmends:[LIST]
[]Blood Diamond - Good movie, bad transfer. It still looks gorgeous, but it doesn’t “pop” as much as some other titles.
] Casino Royale - Good movie, good transfer.
[] The Departed - Good movie, good transfer.
] Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within - Bad movie, fantastic transfer. It looks amazing.
[] Lord of War - Good movie, good transfer.
] Pixar Short Films Collection - I love Pixar’s short films, and the transfer is pixel-perfect.
[] Planet Earth (BBC version) - It’s a good collection, and it looks brilliant in 1080p.
] The Prestige - Good movie, awesome transfer.
[] Ratatouille - This is the most beautiful piece ever. I like the movie too, but the transfer is so fucking good. Every pixel is perfect.[/LIST]Here are the movies that received a perfect score for the Blu-ray overall from HighDefDigest (Based on Story/Video/Sound/Extras/HD Extras)[LIST]
]Blade Runner
[] Hairspray (2007)
]Lost: Season 3
[*] Ratatouille[/LIST]I recommend buying any Blu-ray movies at Amazon for the cheapest prices.

Superbad is blu ray? Cars is DOPE. I plan on copping Ratatouille this weekend. Maybe even Pirates of the Carribean.

Oh man, i just started watching Season 1 of Lost & its awesome. I have season 1 & 2, is it worth the upgrade? Is that Season 3 online only?

Came out Tuesday as did Pirates 3 :smiley:

I’m sure it’s worth the upgrade since Buena Vista / Disney is the company that makes it. Their Blu-rays are always amazing. The price was online only, but they sold out… you’ll find it for around 65 on online stores & probably 90+ at Best Buy or Circuit City in-store this upcoming Tuesday.

It’s messed up because I don’t have any games for my PS3 other than motostorm but I’ve already got a shitload of Bluray dvd’s lol

You know what BR flick looks fucken brilliant? A Scanner Darkly.

Black Hawk Down is still enjoyable to watch as well lol.

(btw, the Samsung BR players play… bootleg dvds too!)

edit - If you’re going to buy the Die Hard BR set… Live Free is NOT the unrated version; doesn’t even include it!

Great thread. I was thinking blu rays needed its own thread too. I just ordered The Departed, 300, Enter the Dragon, and March of the Penguins on that B1G1F amazon deal. I also picked up a copy of Superbad at Bestbuy using a $25 gift card. All in all I spent around $50 on blu ray movies yesterday!

My collection will be the movies listed above, plus Incubus: Live at Red Rock.

I want the Spiderman trilogy minus Spiderman 3 at a good sale. =(

Sales section updated… Best Buy has Lost Season 3 Blu-ray listed again as not sold out, but it is back to full price instead of 34.99
Not adding this to sales section cause it only works for some people (since it’s not supposed to be duplicated). Reported to have worked at Walmart, Best Buy & Target.

It seems to be working flawlessly at Walmart so far from what people have reported. Site-to-store & then presenting coupon.

Also, price-matching at Circuit City or Best Buy.

Awesome. I love Blu-ray.

Heads up, though. There will very likely be a sale next week to coincide with HD-DVD’s release of The Bourne Ultimatum. Anyway, let me add some more info.

What is 1080p24 or “TrueHD,” and why should I care?
There are two versions of 1080p: 1080p24 and 1080p60, where the second number represents the frame rate. 1080p24 is sometimes called “TrueHD.”

The reason 1080p24 exists is because movie film runs at 24 fps/Hz. Now, since most HDTVs run at 60 fps, what ends up happening when you view a movie in 1080p60 (usually, if the number is omitted, it’s 1080p60) is that the TV applies an algorithm called 3:2 scaling, where it will repeat one frame three times and the next twice and then repeat to scale up to 60 fps. This supposedly causes some barely noticeable artifacts upon close scrutinization. With 1080p24, you get your movie shown at 24 fps, the way it was intended.

But BEWARE: most TVs cannot handle 1080p24 and will automatically apply 3:2 scaling.

How come not every major movie gets released onto Blu-ray? I want Transformers!
Michael Bay himself wants Transformers on Blu-ray, but it’s not going to happen for a while. Both Blu-ray and HD-DVD have exclusive studio support, and HD-DVD has Paramount, which owns Transformers. I won’t list all of the Blu-ray exclusive studios because it’s easier to list the ones for HD-DVD, which include Paramount (who owns Dreamworks), Universal, and Weinstein Group (which hasn’t actually released anything yet). You will not, however, see any Spielberg movie on HD-DVD because Spielberg himself prefers Blu-ray and simply won’t allow the release of his IPs on HD-DVD. Blu-ray has everyone else.

Currently, Warner is the only studio that releases movies on both formats.

What’s the best Blu-ray player
PlayStation 3. It is not yet profile 1.1 compatible, but it can be updated through firmware. However, it does not decode DTS-MA audio.

^ Thanks Sep, added those to the FAQ section.

I found out where to get the actual coupon. It comes with the DVD version of the movie.

I just watched Meet the Robinsons last night on Blu-ray, and it looks great. The best 3D animated flick to showcase the power of BD, though was Open Season. The fur on the bear alone was remarkable.

Just picked up Pirates 3, and will watch tonight. Watched Pirates 2 last night, and it is A MAZE ING.

Going through my Netflix list (if you have a Blu-ray player, you need Netflix) to see what else I’ve watched, ones that stand out that made me love my purchase:

The Condemned (Like the movie, too. Might be alone, but so far, I found the two WWE films I’ve seen, this and the Marine, to be really enjoyable. Great Action, funny dialogue. I also like the Hulk, so you might want to stear clear of my tastes, statiscally speaking.)

28 Days/Weeks later - The film was grainy at points, but I think that was on purpose, kind of like Natural Born Killers was.

Blood Diamond - looks great, great movie.

Deja Vu - not bad, not bad

the Sentinel - another not bad, not bad

the Queen - SRK doesn’t seem like a target audience for this one, but I liked it alright. Nice scenery.

:u: Have you watched Ratatouille? I can guarantee you that it blows Open Season away (and yes, I also enjoyed Meet the Robinsons).

Hmmm… looks like this Warner going Blu-ray exclusive rumor might have some truth to it. The Matrix & Batman Begins are listed as future Blu-ray releases now.

How is that exclusive when both of those are on HD-DVD already?