The BnB jab-flash chop thread!

alright folks !!

if alex successfully comboed the opponent with forward XX qcf-lp . regardless if it hits or blocked …

what would alex add on?

the classic 1 is walk up and kara-throw .

any good deceiving mixups that will fool the opponent ?

how bout adding moves like elbow-slash and stampede , But how do we apply it ??

other stuff like UOH and DDT .

but ^^ on top of that , this seem to be applicable if it hits !
what if the opponent blocked/guarded the jab-flash chop ??
what kind of stuff alex do next , and what the opponent’s going to do ?
is the opponent going to jump in or out ? walk back and forth ? dash forward and backward ? C.forward ???

I only usually use Jumping HP–>Standing MK–>QCF+LP. Good stun. BTW is QCF+LP Super Cancelable?

Nope, but EX flash chop is.

Isn’t Jab Flash --> Boomerang Raid like a 1 frame link? Or am I thinking of some other move?

I don’t think that links… I just tried and couldn’t even get close, so I highly doubt it.

after the combo what will you mix in ?

After a jab flash chop it leaves you in perfect range for a UOH linked to a SA2. Of course it only will connect if they crouch but its awesome if it lands. Just use the jab flash chop in combos don’t let the opponent block it, that would be dumb. Other mix ins I use is walk up throw, walk up cr. short and sometimes I low parry cuz some people tend to attack after the combo. I’ll see what else to use but I usually do the EX one anyhow but the UOH is (IMO) the best one to shoot for.

i was having a mirror match with another alex player .
compared to me , he’s style is faster and good in charging .

he parry my meaty , do the BnB with qcf-jab , dash forward and back , EX-elbow .

men …

darkzero :
ah that’s good . do they jump after getting hit by qcf-jab ?

MP Flash Chop is, too.

Anyway, here’s another mix-up. If your opponent parries, your cl.MK, you can cancel into LP Power Bomb and still grab him. If he blocks it, you can try MK Spiral DDT.

Not really. I think if you antcipate their jump f.strong will hit em. I’ve been thinking that after a jab flash chop you get frame disadvantage on hit but I’m not quite sure. I have to check on that too.

shakes head …no is , cannot be cancelled …or is it ??

when the opponent parried the , alex’s lp powerbomb is too slow for that >_> .

c.short can be cancelled but not cr.forward.

Not crouching forward?close, standing forward. You can cancel this one, I’m pretty sure.

Yeah, you can.

what I just started doing after the bnb is dash to them and charge partition a mk air stampede to cross up or dash and do a ex slash elbow mix that in with dash and any grab man its scary when they start to jump away after the bnb start doing air knee smash just mix it up

that is 2nd impact FYI .

anyway …

alex’s successful attempt for BnB give you a very very short time for you to decide what to do next .

like KSK , he does walk-up kara throw after that .
mine usually do a front-strong , because i want to keep away or he would be jumping off .