The Board Game & Card Game Discussion Thread: Recommendations, Reviews, Etc


Hello SRK,

Video games just don’t seem to be doing it for me as much as they used to; I’ve always loved playing board and card games with my friends, and I seem to be falling back into the trend. However, there are a lot more and they are much more accessable, as well.

I was wondering if anyone on SRK could recommend or give any incite into some great games?

As far as boards games go, we play ‘Risk’ and ‘Settlers of Catan’; we exclusively play Magic: The Gathering, but I’m really interested in playing something else. I play the Naruto card game very casually, and I was interested in ‘Battle Spirits’ or ‘Marvel & DC VS’; I’m more interested in Battle Spirits, because I’m not terribly keen on anything licensed (Naruto is an anomoly; I gave it a shot). Battle Spirits seem the more likely, as it’s only five sets long thus far.

Cost is also a consideration; Warhammer (for example) and other table-top games seem like a great idea, but it’s very time consuming, and not easily moved from city to city.

Anyway, thanks for your help, SRK.

General Card/Boardgame Thread

Dominion is pretty awesome. It’s very customizable if you have all 4 or 5 of the expansions and is a great deck building on the fly game. Also, Ascension is kind of the same thing but doesn’t require buying multiple boxes.

Arkham Horror is kind of fun but pretty time consuming if your group suffers from ADD. I know my friends do.

Also, Yomi.


See, this is what I’m talking about; Yomi sounds awesome. The only downside is that it’s only two player, but I’m sure we could later it so you could play with more people.

Internet High-5, man.


play the game of go


I’m under the impression that ‘Go’ and ‘Shogi’ are strictly two player games; group games are better, but I appreciate the advice. I’ve always wanted to play:tup:


it is but really fun
very mind stimulating

apples to apples is a good party game


Dominion sounds cool, but I was hoping to keep the board & card games mutually exclusive; However, any board/card game hybrid that does NOT involve the purchase of boosters packs is fine, not including expactions, ala Settlers of Catan.

This looks awesome: Cadwallon: City of Thieves


everything by sirlin


I just got puzzle strike from sirlin and its apparantly similar to dominion but in chip form. I like the game a lot and its four players. Yomi is also awesome.


Monopoly,Uno, Connect 4, charades, pictionary, poker, and spades

thats it for me…


I love board games. I still play them with some of my friends. One of my good friend’s likes them a lot two, so we have some pretty decent ones between the two of us, and we’ll both buy interesting new ones we see in stores, or at flea markets and such. A few games I would recommend are:

Fireball Island - Adventure game played on a 3D plastic board representing a giant island with a volcano in the center. 2-4 players. Players race each other to claim a large red jewel and escape the island via boat, while rolling fireballs at each other from the volcano idol’s mouth and playing cards to screw each other over. Great game for a group of people to play, especially if they’re vindictive. Countering people’s moves with cards, then having someone else counter your shit is always funny. 5/5

Outta Control - A party game meant to be played with 2-4 players, but we always played it with many more, substituting in game pieces as necessary. The game revolves around trying to rid yourself of a certain starting number of chips by landing on spaces allowing you to discard them into the center pot. However, before each turn you have to follow a growing list of rules like ‘Name your favorite color’, ‘Point at someone’, ‘Hum a song’ or you’ll be penalized by picking up an extra chip. Additionally, there is a second list of rules that you cannot take break as ‘Use someone’s first name’ or ‘Roll the dice with your right hand’. As shit get’s more complicated, you’ll be calling out your friends for breaking rules, or getting faked out by them knowingly breaking one, while they were on a safespace causing you to be penalized for calling them out. : O Fun shit, especially while drinking. 5/5

I Vant to Bite Your Finger: The Dracula Game - Early 80s board game, with a really original ‘board’ for 2-4 players. The actual board is a small piece of cardboard, but the main piece to the game is a large plastic replica of Dracula with a clock with moveable hands that you use instead of rolling dice. You decide how many spaces you want to move towards the finishing spot, but before you can complete your move, you must move the hand on the clock face next to Dracula an equal amount of clicks. If you’re unlucky, his cape will pop open revealing his body and a hole in his fanged mouth where you must now put your finger. Another player then pushes down on a pair of ‘fangs’ attached to the back of Dracula’s head and if it moves downward it will ‘bite’ your finger leaving two red marks. You are then sent back to the start. This game is great just for the novelty value of the board. 4/5

Betrayal at House on the Hill - It’s an Avalon game so it’s a little pricey, but I think this one is worth it. One to five players I believe. Players choose from a cast of characters, each possessing different stats for things such as speed, physical hit points and mental ones, and their own personal fear. The players then explore the abandoned house, which is created randomly every game by drawing rooms from a pile of room tiles every time a doorway is crossed. As they explore they may activate ‘Haunts’, scary events that take place in certain rooms that require a successful die roll to escape. If a Haunt roll is failed, then depending on the Haunt card that was drawn, and the room it was activated in a storyline for the game will be chosen from a possible 40+ I believe.

From there one character is dubbed the ‘traitor’ and begins to actively work against the other players, often using monsters that are now introduced, while the remaining players must work together to find a way to escape the house or defeat the traitor. The story lines all cover the basic tenets of classic horror stuff like vampires, werewolves, mummies and other types of monsters or sometimes just psycho killers. Each game takes about an hour to play through. 4/5


Monopoly Deal




All awesome games


Get the expansion for Catan (Cities & Knights)
My housemates and friends mostly play that as well as BANG! (w/ expansion) and Monopoly Deal.
Cranium is also pretty fun when you have lots of people over. Just make sure to buy the set that fits your age group.


I just ordered Munchkin and expansion sets 2-6 online like 30 min ago.
I’m pretty excited to get them and to start trolling my friends.


Dominion is pretty much just a card game that’s boxed like a board game. There’s no board.

Personally I really like a good game of Agricola.


Was going to recommend this. It’s a really fun card game if you can get a party of 4-8 people playing.


I’ve seen this before, and I was tempted to try it, but I never did. It seems like something my girl and I would really enjoy playing, but something that might take my friends a little getting used to. I’m going to assume that the art style initially makes people apprehensive to play. I like the idea of stand alone expansions that can also be combined.

This looks awesome: Tannhauser

Thanks for the ideas, SRK. Keep 'em coming:tup"


Oh, I’ve always wanted to try the board game version of munchkins but just never had the chance yet. Think its worth mentioning.

Munchkin Quest


Omega virus is amazing get on it asap.