The Bob Team Synergy Thread



This is for what teams bob can work with.


I currently run Bob/Ryu

Bob is for offense and mixup type stuff, Ryu is better suited for playing lame in the corner and squeezing out a time over victory.


I run Rolento/Marduk, Rolento/Bob. I’m really excited to play Elena so I might make a Elena/Bob team, especially with those awesome alts. Going to level-up my Bob today so hopefully I can come back to this thread later with some tips.


Bob/Hugo because I know that no one can deal with Hugo yet. Then probably Bob/Gief.


For some reason i want to run bob/rufus… i call them “the buffet bros”


Running Bob/Vega. I have a few partners that I switch around but I’m liking the team. I don’t use significant amounts of meter with Bob, so I just build meter and bring in Vega to burn on EX wall dives.


I guess the obvious choices for Bob are people who can tag him into the granchi loop.

Off the top of my head…

Law - shaolin kicks
Ken - tatsu
Vega - rolling claw

Can anyone think of any more?


With Hugo you can do it off of EX monster lariat and it barely scales; it’s not exactly meter efficient but it does work.


Chun-Li is probably going to be a top tier bro for Bob too


Does Chun’s SBK hit crouchers?

Right now it’s looking like Law might be the best choice for tagging into the loop… shaolin kicks are hella easy to combo into and don’t cost any meter.

However! - Law’s rapid punch special allows almost every character to tag in and charge up a full super combo for free… but, it doesn’t work for Bob. lol


Kazuya - Slaughter High Kick
Rufus - EX Messiah


I need help finding a teammate for Bob. I have been using chun with him but she does not fit my style of play. I’m someone who likes heavy mixup characters, along with zangief and king. Any ideas?


Kazuya eh? Can they crouch it?

Methinks I might have found a new secondary if not… :stuck_out_tongue:


Yoshimitsu - Almost all his special moves… lol


Interesting that you can granchi loop from kazuya´s high kick. Kazuya looks like an awesome character on his own so it´s a pretty good choice if you are going to invest time on him.


So far, Bob is the best battery I’ve found in the game.
Since all the other characters I like need some or a lot of gauge (Hugo, Kuma, Lili), I really think it’s better to keep Bob first.
He’s mobile enough to take care of himself and close distance, his defence is good, he can deal some damage without relying on his EX (most have limited usefulness anyway), and he can allow a limited mobility, damage heavy character like Kuma or Marduk to jump-in from close with a lot of gauge to burn.
I think Bob is a character that falls in the category of “they need you” more than “you need them”, unless you really, really want to use the Granchi loop in a real match for some reason.


I think if you have Bob paired up with someone like Ken, you should have bob go second and have ken filled up with meter gems and bob with power gems.


Bob/Rufus was a must for me once I found out they were both in the game. I am determined to make this work.

Also Bob with all speed gems is a beast. It’s xfactor for him. Every bob player should try it out. His jumps are ridiculously fast. You can create new safe jumps with it.


Rufus/bob is my main team they are perfect together and fun to use and watch [media=youtube]4NGF7sZG-Ho[/media]


I wanna try to run a Bob/ King or a Bob/Paul team… i suck with steve so that combo is def out … but im feeling those 2 with Bob … any ideas how to tae advantage of those 2 with him?