The Bob Thread

Current Appearances:
Tekken 6, Tekken Tag 2
An American martial arts champion who eventually came across the wall of not being able to defeat bigger opponents. He left the fighting scene for a while and came back with a morbidly obese body proclaiming it is the perfect body.

Bob consists of very strong high and low mix up games.




:lp:-Is a basic jab and has a fairly good reach to start a combo.

:mp:-Has pretty decent reach.

:hp:-Pretty much like sakura’s close hp and one goes far. (second hp is a launcher.)

:lk:-Nice range but we need more info on it.

:mk:-(Looks like it has nice range.)

:hk:-Has a very good range. (Jumping Hp is like dudley’s)

***Crouching attacks: ***[SIZE=3](Will be edited with more information after NYCC or TGS.)[/SIZE]

:lp:-Pretty good speed.

:mp:-(Need more info.)

:hp:-Looks like it can be used as an anti air.

:lk:-Ok speed.

:mk:- (Also seems like it has good poke range.)

:hk:-Deals knock down.

Special moves:

**Giga jacker: **
Can dodge projectiles.
Ex seems very good at doing that and it seems to track.
Missing this moves means your opponent WILL get a free combo.

The punch version will use his stomach to reflect projectiles and it pushes their opponents away to the other side of the screen. (A very good move to tag cancel on if you are down in health.)
(It would also to be best to reflect from full screen so you can get in and or use it at point blank.)

The kick version does a tackle that can put your opponent in a juggle state and with that you can tag cancel and or follow up with Cracker’s punch version to knock them away.

Special step:
Allows you to pass through fireballs.
Ex version might work just like Abel’s roll.

Spinner ball:
can end in two ways
-Overhead when bob hits you with his stomach.
-Multiple sweeps in which you might be able to tag cancel with.
-No info on ex version yet.

Super Art (Giga Meteo):

This would be best used in a combo or punishing reckless fireballs.
[media=youtube]wNv5T-kxHv4[/media]Debut trailer (Shows his special moves.)

(Will update later. I am maintaining this thread and the nina thread.)

I didn’t know that you were interested in Bob, Geni.

Good luck with his thread. <3

Bout time someone made this thread. I was gonna do Julia but someone beat me to it.
He seems very fun to play with, one of the few imma try 1st if my character doesn’t get in.
Doesn’t look like the move where he rolls on the floor and kicks you sky high is combo-able unless there in a juggle state.

Don’t know if you need material contributed, but here’s his movelist. I also noticed he has his Pelvic thrust move, and it negates fireballs.

i played hella bob/ryu at evo. here are somethings that i can remember:

his spinning ball didn’t combo all the way on grounded opponents. its probably used for mixups and juggles more so than ground strings.
his dp is good for ending tag combos, i didn’t think to use it as an anti-air.
his super is bad as an anti-air though but it can probably be used at the end of tag combos like his dp+p.

that’s all i have. it’s been awhile since evo.

I’m interested in bob, but i’m interested in
Lili,Rolento,Poison,Bob, and chun-li.

I think i’ll start out with one of them XD.

and thanks for the movelist.

Lol you found the movelist thing that i fixed up. Thanks this makes it soo much easier.

Just another Announcement just like in the nina thread but more.

The format for normals have been put up, bob’s special moves have been put up, his super combos are updated, description is up and gameplay for him are up now. For all Bob players out there please give all your information to this thread so all bob players will learn. This thread will be updated at either TGS or NYCC. Thank you and have a nice day.

News from TGS stream:
The Belly bounce attack reflects projectiles
Has a lunge move that causes crumple
For his cross art to work he has to be at about point blank range.

I’ll be testing Bob out at Comic con

This will have a super update.

So this will be up on top

A few new videos of bob gameplay.
News on his normals.
Cracker jack can hit high OR low. High causes a knock down.

You guys thought Bob was boring here are some more videos.

I played some Bob this weekend at New York Comic Con. I really didn’t want to like Bob after the Tekken finals at Evo, but he made believer out of me. His normals are solid, and his specials made him feel like a more subdued Rufus…which is a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

If anyone gets the chance to try the game before March, give Bob a shot. He may surprise you.

I kinda don’t like bob in Tekken for that fact i can just pick him up and combo so easily without learning. In this game he looks pretty cool to me.

Current Bob videos

I am bumping this up. please continue the discussion about him for those who like bob.

i didn’t saw any bob interesting stuff yet, no one cares about him =|

Kor was using him with Akuma on the Cross Assault stream. Of course, being eliminated so early meant that very little of it was seen.

I have gotten to play quite a bit over the weekend but cannot find anything substantial with Bob. Combine that with almost zero content centered around him and the difficulty I had even finding a movelist outside of the game, needless to say it was hard to just wing it against all the lovely Ryus. When I get my copy, I’ll be in training mode and try to get some content going. I really see potential in this guy; I just hope the frame data backs him up.

Oh, and that movelist is outdated; an accurate version can be found here.

I can’t wait until someone finds a real followup to his bound move in combos.

Cr.Jab, Cr.Jab, Cr.HP xx Special Step P > Cr.Mp xx gigajacker, did like 320 damage, something like that. Just messing around with him in training mode, the move names might be messed up.

I feel like his best way to start a combo is cr.jab link cr.Fierce, it’s a pretty easy link and does some good damage.

He has some high combo potential with special step.

this fatso needs more attention. from what I can tell so far, he seems to have great normals and high/low mixups.