The Bob Thread

cr.lp, cr.hp, special step p, cr.lp, cr.hp, cracker, pound cake (optional tag to follow up ground bounce). In the corner he has more damaging stuff.

Best midscreen, meterless I can find.
(close standing) st.MP, c.LP, c.HP x special step, LP follow up, cr.HP x Poundcake, kick followup

Haven’t got the game yet. How do Bob’s strings work? Is it easy to juggle with him?

He doesn’t really have any good tekken chains, imo. (EDIT: Nvm, didn’t know you could chain into the Tekken chains; this makes Bob’s 3 strings off of far stand forward incredibly useful) Combo wise, you just have to link it out with him or resort to multiple crouch jabs. He’s really easy to juggle with, but thus far I haven’t been able to combo off of his groundbounces without tagging. He also has a ton of ways to keep himself safe, though it doesn’t look like those options leave you at any substantial frame advantage. Could be wrong though, who knows.

Bob trials - [media=youtube]egiTDnkmGfk[/media]

Some notes on Bob:

Sky Cracker (no followup) has some invincibility frames, I was able to avoid a lot of stuff with it. However it goes over people if they duck, they won’t even get hit by it.

The EX version of Giga Jacker acts the same as Blanka’s Rainbow Ball, you can even control it by holding back/forward where it can either go full screen or right in front of where you used it, it’s a bit harder to use though, also after it either hits or miss he goes back a bit.

After EX Spinner Ball you can combo a c.lp intro c.hpxx whatever you want, does pretty decent damage. You can also loop the EX for more damage.

N.jump hp seems really good, due to the low height and how long it stays active.

has anyone found use for any of bob’s strings? They all seem pretty useless compared wtih just using his normals. maybe the st.lp,, if its safe? I haven’t tested. The sweep chain seems really bad and the down follow up to spinner ball also seems useless.

Bob has a loop combo. lp+mp special step lk. repeat. richard nguyen can do 6 reps of it then the combo whiffs.

explain better

Bob can take advantage of his opponents wake up game with his spinner ball light kick follow up since he can cross his opponent up.

do you mean special step lp+mp, special step lp+mp x n?

Yeah, the crumple palm. It’s a little tight, but I can get 5 no problem. You just have to hit the first palm really deep. 5 reps = 410 damage

anyone have some tips on hitting the cr.hp after special step? I miss it all the time still

You should use it to punish fireballs at mid screen. It helps alot imo. Once it hits and you get the uppercut. Tag out immediately. There isn’t much he can do after that on his own.

The active frames of Giga Jacker reflect fireballs. (The move doesn’t go through them, might wanna update the OP to reflect this).

You kind of have to time it in advance because if the fireball is already close to Bob he will get hit out of the startup frames. Light punch version is probably best to use because of the shorter startup and because it lets you stay closer to one spot, rather than propelling yourself forward.

So did anybody else realize he has a super jump?

Don’t all chars do?

Yeah I guess they kind of do. It’s just that Bob’s is really noticable compared to his regular jump.

This is going to sound super dumb if it’s already known; but I haven’t seen it until now and this could change Bobs pressure into something really crazy. Bob can cross up with his (non-super jump) Fierce, the elbow drop. It looks nearly identical to the non-crossup version and it is extremely dirty. You have to time the fierce basically at the apex of your jump and nail the other character in the back of their neck, and as such only can get a crouch jab on hit (on a standing character), but that leads to full combo so it’s all good there.

If need be, I can try to upload video of some sort. I cannot overstate this; this might be the most ambiguous shit I have ever seen. This really reminds me of Hakan’s crossup roundhouse or Ken’s crossup fierce in SF4; maybe not always dependable to crossup, but if you hit it once it will put the fear in the opponent and make them second guess their blocks.

Sorry if this is already known, I am very excitable. :smiley:

Has anyone figured out any of the properties or uses of ANY of Bob’s ex moves?