The Bob Video Thread



This is only for Bob videos.


Impractical Bob combo at the end of this one… lots of hits though!

I think it works on pretty much everyone, and midscreen too.





I noticed a distinct lack of match vids in here.
Starts at 2:06:00
I play Bob as a heavy rushdown character, and it seems to work out rather well. I really need to work on using less jabs in my combo as it scales the damage.

We stream every Wednesday, not this week because spring break.

EDIT: Hrmm for some reason the vod cuts out at 2:00:00. Dont know what caused it but my matches are now gone :frowning:


Always good to see match videos. Thanks foo.


Thanks for the match vids foo, haven’t really seen anyone use special step to stay in as much as you did which was awesome. Also usin those ex body slams was fun xd.

here are a couple bob match vids i know
he kinda gets owned in this one >.> still some good play though.

My bob isn’t stellar yet, picked him up recently, figure I’m gonna use him and paul intermittently. Ill upload some matches when i can


Posting some matches from peaceful jays stream


If only I could stop dropping my combos after launcher



Thanks for the match vid! Combo vids are good, but it always helps to see a character in action using practical combos, pressure, and dealing with pressure. I think the key to bob is blocking then using his range and normals to get in


Maybe I shouldn’t have posted this in the combo thread in the first place… my bad. Sorry guys.

I’m still curious to know what you think though! :slight_smile:


Love that. Learned a lot of interesting tech from it. Combo into spiral rocky from miscreant combo makes me so happy.


Miscreant combo? Posting from your phone perhaps? :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the midscreen rocky too… the followup crossup is actually quite dirty… you can delay the button to hit on the front or the back, and also end up on either side regardless as Bob seems to have one of those infamous SFxT I-don’t-know-where-it’s-gonna-land crossups… If they don’t quick recover you still get enough time to jump back to crossup/not-crossup the roll too.

But I rarely go for it as the damage off the initial combo isn’t that great though compared to other follow-ups and it’s actually quite picky/tight to do (and an AWFUL move to whiff!)… Basically I’m still not confident enough to go for that stuff often. :sweat:


Lmao, yea, work all day so I didn’t get a chance to change that. That and I just now figured out how to edit tapatalk posts >.<.

But the spiral rocky combos have been a bitch for me to pull off too. They look so flashy though, plus I feel like your partner generally has the best tag in options after it as opposed to pound cake.


Here are some tool-assisted Bob combos from jadeshikonapan. Flashy stuff! :slight_smile:




Thought this thread could use more gameplay videos, so here is a pretty crazy Bob I caught recently. Dunno what is up with his gem choice though…or the random super.


I found some other good videos of matches with Bob; something is better than nothing, right? I can post more if people like, just wanna make sure I am not flooding the topic with perhaps something non-pro level.


Post away my friend! I’m always up for some Bob action. :slight_smile:

EDIT - …and I don’t think there are any “pros” using Bob anyway? Does anyone know?


Check out 4:11

Looks like Bob can connect with at least 14 granchi cannons in a row (vid is tool-assisted btw)



^^ I’m more interested in seeing how Bob can combo into dat Pandora.

@ 9:05
Some nice tag combos I hadn’t thought of myself, and very solid play.


Well, since most of my matches would be online and only be recorded by a flip video camera, I figured I wouldn’t miss a chance to throw a few matches of my Gief/Bob team that I got on stream the other night. Only 9 entrants for this SFxT tourney >___>. Still had a couple of good players and had a lot of fun with the matches. Funny enough, just started using gief on my team…for super fun results.


Matches @: 7:06:00

Got my shit together and had a decent comeback on the first game. Got owned by sabre during the second. Did pretty damn good on the third, and then had a pretty fun grand finals set regardless of losing >.<


^ good stuff Swoops! I like the use of charging giga jackers… I never think to try it, I just swift step and chase chase chase, but it really does seem to get people to come at you instead of running away. I gotta start doing that.

If you’re looking for constructive criticism…

  • I see sometimes you dropped combos after langue washer because of distance. Do you always do LK-swift step? The combo into langue washer works with all swift steps and I had this problem myself with always doing LK-swift step out of habit, so I’m trying to break that habit and use MK-swift step (or even HK) instead.
  • I notice that you tried jab cracker against those walking jabs… but then you go into poundcake when it hits? I know this can combo at the right ranges, but I also know that jacker *definitely *combos at any range. Is there are reason you’re not using jacker? (I also notice that you seem to refrain from using jackers in general to stay close, is that the idea?)
  • You drop your corner combos on purpose occasionally to go for a crossunder into jump HP or someting? I don’t think this worked once? :sad: Seems to require quick-recovery, and if they don’t you have to jump out and land into what seems like a bad position? I know resets are cool, but… maybe you could find a setup that works after your combo/later so you can get more damage first?
  • Maybe try to work regular spinner balls into your block strings? I think they’re actually +frames on block if you space them correctly, and there isn’t as much of a gap after the c.fierce as compared to doing swift step>langue washer for them to interrupt you. I know the followups to spinner ball are risky as hell, but I honestly get a lot of free pressure after a blocked spinner ball because my opponents are thinking about the followups. More jabs, neutral jumps, even throws after a blocked spinner ball. Not the greatest option I know, but maybe you could fool around with it just to mix up your game a bit? (and come back and tell us anything you find? :slight_smile: )
  • More s.HP/c.MK/s.LP (with OS) during footsies? You were definitely holding your own, but it’s just a suggestion.
  • I noticed after cutting coppa in the corner, you tried to combo with c.LP afterward. I think you should probably switch to c.LK, as it has same damage, more range, allows for the same combos, and more importantly, you can plink it!
  • Alpha counters bro! I know your team doesn’t have the greatest ACs (and you probably want to save meter for other things), but it’s something I think everyone should try to at least work into their game to relieve the pressure occasionally.

I’m not trying to preach or anything, as you seem to have a good handle on things (and I think my Bob needs a lot of work heh), I’m just trying to offer up some suggestions.

The commentary was pretty funny. “I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT’S HAPPENING WITH BOB” lol

Good job on the 2nd place finish! :tup:


Thanks a bunch man, I’d be crazy not to want a bit of feedback.

Oh, and giga jacker is godlike. You have to watch your tag cancels for follow up combos, because if you hit it on the front they don’t tag in on the opposite side. So basically they have to run in from a screen’s distance, which is bad. But it’s just a pain in the ass to deal with. It’s pretty safe in general except for full-screen supers and most whiffs. Gives Bob a pretty damaging option from full screen.