The Book Of Bops

Random. Gaming Sessions. Anything. End Up here…

First post…

All I have to say is…fishscale…

Let the bops begin…

fishscale is a savage…nuff said

I’mma blast period don’t question me don’t mess with me
Blue ice bue arm Superman recipe
Plus I’m in that brown Regal same color Nestle

I feel that Kenny and Ajay were able to see the true power behind Fishscale last night. The team is simply incredible.

Oh yeah Ajay should be referred to as Dr. Robopnik from now on. Thank you for your cooperation!

Wtf? What happened last night? I tried calling every one and nothing happened?

I missed out on a nother fucking game night?



Dope boy, Dopin’ ya
Duct tapin’, and ropin’ ya.
Cleaner than a bitch
Ivory suds, is soapin’ ya
Summer, super soakin’ ya
Yeah bitch, im provokin’ ya

It was some bullshit! Iron Man would make me a skip one set of drones., look at it for a second more and i miss the middle one and hit the last one…

Overall that was some bullshit! BOPS!

Dr. Robopnik!

Thats me! and that shit was hella funny on everything!



That was so fucked up! lol!

Bop #789

The Divine Fierce Kick of the Cable!

Bop # 456

Alliance is bitch!

A let it rain…
Clear it out…
A let it rain…
Clear it out…

Let’s gettit-Let’s gettit-Let’s gettit-Let’s gettit-Let’s gettit-Let’s gettit-Let’s gettit-Let’s gettit

I get money, I got money,
so you being broke is a joke that’s not funny,
I slide hunnys in the back of the truck,
what you ain’t know I’m somthin like a mack to these sluts,
I remember my first bit of work, I was young
I was dumb couldn’t work with the work,
Now look I’m making work with the work,
from the left to the right, that’s work for you jerks,
C’monnnn, I get your price better man,
I get your white better man,
I get your ice better man,
ain’t ya tired of gettin part time paper,
niggas working over points,
they just part time players,

Juelz Santana…I hate him…but he brings it to the table!

I bring it to the table with 3S.

You fools wanna scrap? I got my tool on my back.

That’s what’s up! lol! My 3s game is whack! …

Method Man! Pissed! Bopping Wendy Willams so cold!


I Came to Bring The Pain
Hardcore to the Brain…

This thread is alive! lol!

My friend Julez pissed on some rabbits…

My niggas are bopping rabbits…-_-

Book of Bops Page 1: Me double perfecting(multiple times) Kenny in 3S using SA3 Elena. :tup:

So what man? He doesn’t even play the game, and I seriously doubt he wants to when you say that kind of shit.

Also sa3 elena is good, so I don’t know if you were trying to make some kind of point there.

PM Shot. Welcome to ignore. :tup: