The Book of Oni - A quick guide to playing Oni



I’ve had a lot of requests for something like this, so hopefully this is helpful to people; it’s a quick overview of the important stuff that I could think of if you’re planning to pick up Oni.


Thanks for this guide, really helps :]


good guide but the loop should be lk slash fadc, tc2 lk slash.
There is no reason not to go for the if you’re going for tc2, it’s the same 2 frame link.
Also if you plink, it’s a 3 frame link, meaning anyone should be able to hit it consistently

Nicely edited as well


agreed. > tc2 should be the go to punish. Also f+lk is good for baiting counter pokes / jump ins in the mid range game but you get way more mileage from f+fp and f+mk when you talk about Oni’s best pokes. I think the only criteria that should matter when saying one poke is better than the other is if one should be used more than any other poke. f+lk should not be used more than f+fp or f+mk or even for that matter. Other than that it was a very interesting video and really well done in terms of production value.


Thanks for the crits and comments, guys.

I was thinking about putting the cr.MP > TC2 in there, but I ultimately decided that it would make the loop appear much less friendly than it really is to newcomers. I should have at least made a mention of an “advanced” loop with the cr.MP included though, you’re right.

I think we’ll still have to agree to disagree on f.LK though, Raiden :stuck_out_tongue:


No praise to : /


F.LK is amazing. great guide, maybe more people will pick up Oni. is the general consensus really that he has no advantaged matchups? I mean it makes sense, its just so disheartening :frowning:


Even the best characters like Akuma and Cammy have problematic matchups. What matters is if the bad matchups are winnable. Akuma and Dhalsim both suffer vs. Yun, yet one’s match is a lot more winnable than the other’s. Dhalsim has a lot of the horrible kind. Oni has a bunch of the less bad kind.


AWESOME guide.


Nice mate, thanks you.


I been working on the loop. I don’t like adding the jabs in cause I hate links and I’ll fuck it up. ;\


I been working on the loop. I don’t like adding the jabs in cause I hate links and I’ll fuck it up. ;\


Standing LP into B+MP is REAAAALLY loose. It’s extremely easy. Ideally you don’t want it in the loop, but you should know the link like the back of your hand for hit confirms.


mMm, I really like the way you explain the character. You annunciate and the information you present is clear. You show flawless execution for examples and to top it off, you always use kick ass music in your selections :smiley: Thanks for the tutorial!


Hello, a new member and a new user of Oni here !

I was trying for months new characters since I didn’t like my main (Ken) in 2012, was looking for maybe a top tier character… And Oni just got me :P. He really gave me the will to keep playing SSFIV, I just hope a version 2013 will be made that makes him better ^^.

Anyways, thank you for your tutorial. I’ve been watching a lot of videos these past few days and threads to learn as much as possible about Oni, and I have a question. Do you know if after a slash MP you can connect something ? Even if you FADC after it ? Like, in the case you’ve successfully passed through a hadouken, the opponent doesn’t have much life left, can’t you do a single thing to increase the damage outpu ? Because I can’t seem to juggle something afterwards.

Thanks again for the tutorial (will there be a part 2, for the more advanced stuff ?)


Thanks for the feedback, happy to have helped :slight_smile: There will hopefully be a part 2 some day, but it’ll be a while most likely.

Regarding your Slash question; unfortunately, you can’t juggle off of MK slash.


No, you do it… You do it now! I want all of your tech and then I will beast at a tournament with an unknown character!


Updated the OP with a fixed link since the forum change broke it.


I been looking for a new main and noticed I never tried oni. I went in training mode with him and he feels fun to play and this guide helps alot


Oni is hella fun to play, his damage output is crazy. You just gotta work for it unlike some other characters. :stuck_out_tongue: I personally love Oni, but he just doesn’t seem to fit my style, so I use Ken/Bison instead.