The boot



Okay so since the Cody_(SSFIV) wiki thread on SRK doesn’t classify s.RH as a poke, I figured I’d post this article from Ryan Hunter’s blog on option-select on why it should be. It’s like the one thing that no one ever uses when it can be used very effectively.

Cody ? s.HK as a poke: People already know s.HK is a great anti-air for jumps out of range of HK Ruffian Kick or b.MP. The problem is that since it is such a strong anti-air, a lot of players don’t think about using it in any other way. The truth is, it’s a very solid poke. It extends significantly farther then any other poke Cody has, while allows it to be used to surprise the opponent who has gotten comfortable with the ranges of Cody’s main pokes.

The idea is to use s.HK from just outside it’s max range. From this range (which is far), most characters will only be able to punish it by hitting the extended leg from underneath, because Cody’s back leg will be so far away. Additionally, a major draw back of s.HK is that it will whiff against crouching characters. By using it out of range, it ensures that the opponent will not be able to duck underneath it, because they would have to walk forward first to do so, which would get them hit.

Using it outside of max range like this, it is surprisingly effective. It has 5 active frames, and the opponent will frequently accidentally walk into it after the move is already fully extended. Furthermore, due to the angle of the attack, it is not as vulnerable to being jumped over, like a lot of other slow normals are. If the opponent tries to jump, they will likely get hit out of the air immediately.



It’s like the little brother to Bison’s st RH… when I use Bison I use st RH like a poke all the time.


yep far s.roundhouse is awesome

but cody doesnt wear boots… :sweat:


Old school adidas. I still have a pair. heh.


I love the boot(sneaker) but i should be using it like Hunter said, outside the range. I try to snipe with it too much…


See [media=youtube]QMk8wzlhcTY[/media] for origins of the nomenclature


the boot is to be feared the boot is legendary the boot also kicks straight up above you and is boot-a-liscious >->b


all hail the boot : D


When Alt. costume 2 comes out, I’ll be calling it the chankla(Flip-Flop in spanish) :cool:


They still make the exact same designs, so they won’t be going anywhere any time soon!

Incidentally, I played at least 20 matches tonight, and won at least 15 of them. I had shit-loads of fun with Cody again, after I got so frustrated with him last week. When he’s on, he’s on.