The bored request thread

up again!

ok im bored, and ill make an avatar for everybody… im gonna do it real quick, just some random filters, no brushing (well maybe if i make it grunge) i am not gonna put any effort into these, capish? im going to make a couple of avatars during the school time, since i know im going to be bored


  1. – 5 people rule doesnt apply anymore
  2. Only Sprites (i can do teams but it might be hard making it good quality and filling the requirements. i dont have access to every sprite. If you want somethin specific, please supply the pic.)
  3. Nuuuu animation. if i am REALLY bored, i just might add animation (if i have an animated sprite)
  4. pick a color (i hate choosing colors, if you dont choose a color, ima choose a color from the sprite)
  5. 2 week rule doesn’t not never apply ever again here it doesnt
  6. You do not have to give me props in your title/sig


If you could make me an avatar with shin akuma or ultimate rugal, that’d be pimp.

edited =\

could you make me and av of Gambit, red and black. thanks.

edited yay

Could you make me an anatar of Captain Commando.
White and Blue please.

May I perchance have a Blackheart Avatar?
Black and Greeeeeeeen.

Thanx. Here’s another pic of ultimate rugal for you to use, but the background sucks.

  • betteR?

Ninja of some sort
not ibuki or hanzo

black and blue or black and red

Thanx Helmutt.

You are a God amongst Mice

shodokan, you’re the 5th person

nintednoking, np

It fits…just…right.

Thanks dude. :clap:

Sho! ^^

lmk if you want any changes

well school’s startin’ and im going to be bored.

so everyday, ill probably do a couple of quick av requests.

i get home around 6-7, so i wont be workin on them till that around that time or later.

[ignore the 5 people rule]

bump for buttseckzness ! ^^ im bored

Hmmm… a Baiken avatar w/ a light blue sky color and if ya can, some cherry blossoms!

if you want any changes let me know

Hey thats cool! Thanks very mucho, I’m definitly gonna use it. BTW, whats that cursive font you used?

np, the font is edwardian script itc