The Box Arena Events - Ranking Battles 1.6 - August 28


**Latest News

Who is The Box Arena
The Box Arena is a movement of culturally diverse individuals that use Street Fighter IV as a common ground. They started as a casual group of friends in March of 2009 and grew into the Street Fighter scene of San Diego.*

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Mission Statement

**To provide an unsurpassed gaming experience for the Fighting game community. Hosting casuals, tournaments, and other gaming events.

We guarantee excellence in all aspects of our event hosting. From Tournament organization, Internet stream, photos, video/recordings, commentary, and post analysis of other Fighting game events.

Tuesday Sessions**

we know that everyone is very excited for SSFIV. So we have decided to once again to open The Box Arena to the public. No invitations needed :slight_smile: Although, we will be asking everyone for a mandatory fee of $5 to play casuals. I know it seems steep, but if you’ve been tuesday sessions you know this is a great deal.

[] You get to play with the best of San Diego- ShadyK, Yeb, Steinmania, BEEFCAKE, and Deci are regular players at The Box.
] Food and Drink- Culinary Master Hunebee has always cooked up a storm and filled our bellies every Tuesday(or formerly Wednesday) since we started Box Arena Session. Now it’s going to get a lot yummier since we can buy more ingredients :slight_smile:
[*]Get your matches recorded! Yup we’re going to start regularly recording matches again. Even possibly streaming as well. Get your name out there on the internets!
We understand that everyone is on a budget, and we are as well. We try our best to keep everything low cost and possibly free as much as possible. But electricity and food costs does take a strain on us and we believe that this is best solution to be able to run Box Arena Sessions on a weekly basis.

Thank you and we hope to see everyone on Tuesday,

The Box Arena Team

For Directions to The Box Arena contact- Hunebee or natibzzzako or email-

2v2 Ranking Battles**

The Box Arena is implementing a new battle system. To stray away from
the usual singles ranking battle format, we’ve introduced a doubles
ranbats system.


In our system, the matches will be played SBO style; in translation,
Team A,B versus Team 1,2 where A plays 1 and B plays 2. If A,B or 1,2
both win their matches, their team wins. If One player from each team
wins they play each other for the game.

A wins and B wins, match is over
1 wins and 2 wins, match is over

A wins and 2 wins, A plays 2 for the game
B wins and 1 wins, B plays 1 for the game

As for team generation, anything goes. This is to further create more
possible strategies and intermingling. At the end of the ranbat
season, the one person with the highest points wins the ranbat season
prize pool.

Point system

We are running the Japanese Style ranked battles point system. Each
player from each team will be recieving these points based on their

1st= 10 points each
2nd= 7 points each
3rd= 4 points each
4th= 1 points each

Only (4) teams are getting points to ensure proper seeding for the
next ranbats. Therefore, only top (4) four will be seeded in each
ranked battle.


per ranbat the payout is 70% and 30%

additional prizes per ranbat include Madcatz merch and Gamestop gift cards(Courtesy of Lex of Gamestop in South San Diego)

$7/person ($14/team)

1st Ranbat joined is $12 (<-- initial $5 to season pot is added to usual buy in of $7)

$2 --> Season Pot

$1—> House

$4—> That events prize pool

In the case of more than one person having the highest score at the end of the season, the winners can decide to split equally or play each other for the winnings (if more that 2 a round robin could be played out)

9628 Carlton Hills Boulevard
Santee, CA 92071-1414
(619) 270-1230

We welcome you to our first season of Super Street Fighter IV Ranked

Check for more details @ or our SRK Thread


[]May 15
]June 5
[]June 26
]July 17
[]August 7
]August 28
9628 Carlton Hills Blvd
Santee, CA 92071

Current Ranbat Results

Season Pot to Date: **$406

**Point Totals:

[]ShadyK, SannSann - 10
]Tatsu, Warahk - 7
[]MOVAL, Fuson909 - 4
]Pimpbot9000, Steinmania
Other Box Arena Events**

July 3rd - Frubble tournament (title pending)

Contact Info



the ranbat on may 15th, is it singles or 2v2?


Ranbats will be 2-man teams only. No singles. But teams aren’t fixed for the whole season. So you can change teams. Since points are awarded individually.


The Box Arena,

Be a part of history and show the world the pride and joy of San Diego!

Road to EVO 2010 Fighting Game Documentary:


I’ll have to make it out to one of the Tuesday sessions. Is it at Frubble every week?


Great turn out last night! So many new faces :slight_smile: Hope to see everyone next week

@AJ - Tuesdays are at our place in El Cajon. PM me or Christine when you’re goin and give u the address


Fish tacos with peanut butter & apricot pastry were bomb. Hi Slappy Slapps. Stien’s Dan is Gdlik!!!


ended up working late after class yesterday


It was my first time last night. I’ll definitely be back. Thanks everyone for being friendly and welcoming.

Nice to meet y’all.


Quick questions:
Are casuals every Tuesday?

What time do people get started at?

…At the posted location in the first post?

What system(s)?

Are people lax about sharing sticks, etc?

$5 is nothing =]




PM me for the location

3 - PS3’s 1 or 2 - 360’s

We have a lot of house sticks, and everyone is willing to share

Hope to see you next week!


Updated Details for 2v2 Ranbats!



Less than a week left! Sign-up :slight_smile: I’ll take sign-ups on the SRK thread as well


Free Agent Makoto/Rog if anyone is interested.


wow box arena is really stepping it up :smiley: makes me proud to be a part of the SD community!



Free agent Rog/Cody if interested.


From Djfrankfresh:

Free boba for everyone!

Box Arena Sessions tonight :slight_smile: PM me if you need directions

Get your practice on!


Big Thanks to Level Up for premiering our trailer on Wednesday Night Fights :slight_smile:


5/13/10 - Box Arena and Top San Diego player 4 Part special on-goin on****iPlaywinner!


Official Tournament Results

40 mins for Grand Finals >< I hate Guile and Sim!

Grand Finals Part 1
Grand Finals Part 2

Pictures and Official Bracket posted soon