The Box Arena: "Farewell to yeb" AE 2012/ UMvC3 Singels Results & Shout Outs- Santee, CA.- 1/3

First off I want to thank everybody for staying out even thought we were delayed by the black out in the area. We started off late be you all stayed and we ended up having a great turn out. That showed how much dedication you guys had for the scene or how bored we all were.

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Singles
29 Entrants
Top 8
[LEFT]1: Viscant[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2: WL Costco[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3: ttf Dios X[/LEFT]
[LEFT]4: WL Chris King[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5: ttf T.G. Cid[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5: WL Tommy[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7: call2arms[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7: toki[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: WL diato[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: WL netedge[/LEFT]
[LEFT]13: combusted[/LEFT]
[LEFT]13: R- God[/LEFT]
[LEFT]13: who is jmo[/LEFT]
[LEFT]13: andslayers[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: hanging with virgins[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: ice trap[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: tswizzle[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: wtf nick[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: WL Jeff[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: polydactyl[/LEFT]
[LEFT]25: final aura[/LEFT]
[LEFT]25: lord cev[/LEFT]
[LEFT]25: tacky[/LEFT]
[LEFT]25: loky[/LEFT]
[LEFT]25: b rai[/LEFT]
[LEFT]25: jon v[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Super Street Fighter IV AE 2012[/LEFT]
34 entrants
[LEFT]Top 8[/LEFT]
[LEFT]1: steinmania[/LEFT]
2: yeb
[LEFT]3: ttf pimpbot[/LEFT]
[LEFT]4: jonkun[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5: viscant[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5: ttf unprotectedSEX[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7: WL Chris King[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7: frank fresh[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: mr certified[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: costal mixx[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: andslayers[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: maku[/LEFT]
[LEFT]13: combusted[/LEFT]
[LEFT]13: bonesaw[/LEFT]
[LEFT]13: WL netedge[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: mega shark[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: final aura[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: big sexy[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: wtf nick[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: jon v[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: ls jokersss[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: who is jmo[/LEFT]
[LEFT]25: nice[/LEFT]
[LEFT]25: jiawei[/LEFT]
[LEFT]25: loky[/LEFT]
[LEFT]25: tswizzle[/LEFT]
[LEFT]25: sa2jeff[/LEFT]
[LEFT]25: lord cev[/LEFT]
[LEFT]25: polydactyl[/LEFT]
[LEFT]33: R- God[/LEFT]
[LEFT]33: kasumi[/LEFT]
[LEFT]33: masheveli[/LEFT]

Shout Outs:
Frubble- Thank you for letting us have a place to play Tuesday nights and other nights we want to.
Christine- For staying up and keeping the shop open for us to play and have tourneys
The Box Arena- Kui and Frank for providing and awesome stream

And to all of the San Diego Fighting Game Community this would of never worked out unless you guys all came out and supported it.
yeb you will be missed

-Cody “unprotectedSEX” Denton

WL NETEDGE. In there.

Sounds like Tubo is in the woodland