The Box Arena Invitational Results - San Diego, Ca 10/03/09

Qualifying Tournament

  1. Khio (Zangief)

  2. Hugo101 (Dictator)

  3. DJ Vest (Blanka, Rufus)

  4. OceansideDoods

  5. Pimpbot9000

  6. Steinmaina

  7. gcsupra

  8. Calm Warrior

Elite Tournament

  1. Ken I (Rufus, Akuma)

  2. Khio (Zangief)

  3. Yeb (Gen)

  4. Shady K

  5. Gootecks

  6. HappyTangKai

  7. Calm Warrior

  8. Deci

On behalf of The Box Arena we would like to thank all who made this event possible. First and foremost huge thanks goes to the staff of The Miramar Speed Circuit. We are greatful for them allowing the Street Fighter community to battle it out in their venue. We were able to accomplish two test runs to ensure everything was in proper order for the day of the event. For those who were not aware, we just made it just in time before we had to break down and kick get everyone out. To the man they call Roscoe Umali. Big kudos to OceansideDoods in coordinating and ensuring that all eight stations were setup and ready to go for the players. If you donated a monitor, speakers, & or console, we at the box are very thankful for your generosity. Without these critical items we wouldn?t have had this event. To Skratchiecan in providing Christine with her personal PA system. Hopefully all the players heard their name once there match was called.

To the multimedia dept. I?m glad we were able to test out some new methods & techniques to make sure the experience was enjoyable. There were some kinks and snags, but dealing with that many laptops, cameras, camcorders, & capture devices, something had to crash. I understand that the audio in the elite tourney could of been louder but we wanted to ensure the best quality on the stream and match recordings. Next time we will definitely be improving this area, so stay tuned. I hope everyone enjoyed the commentary. As most of you already know, we now have the official voice of the Street Fighter community. Thank You Mr. Viscant for blessing us on your play by play analysis. From what I was told, everyone enjoyed the excellent job on keeping everyone entertained. I know some of you did expect us to go HD for the event. We were limited on resources and time. But don?t worry, with a few more experiments we will be migrating to HD very soon. To Mitchell, Nat-Mecha & Roy for capturing lifes moments. I have a new respect on what it takes to just take a picture. I hope you guys like the pictures and use them as your new Facebook profile. To Kui and Frank for helping me control the stream. Yes it was a little choppy, but we tried our best in improving the quality by getting a direct LAN line instead of a wireless signal. With that many laptops I think we were taking up too much bandwidth even on our own private network. Hopefully in the future we can configure it to a higher uplink speed. If you couldn?t attend the event people were treated with multi angles along with game play. Some viewers were surprised that we managed to pull this new feature on Ustream. To Edward Sebastein Jr representing Get Your Tournament ,SD chapter. Thank you for setting up shop. The blog was fresh and I?m sure the pics will look great. To the people from UGTL, thank you guys for coming down from LA to see what the buzz is about in SD. Hopefully in the future we can make this a bigger event. Big thanks to all those who checked out the live stream at home. I hope you enjoyed it.

To ladies of the The Box Arena. Some people just don?t know what these hard working girls actually have to do to make this event even possible. They have to take money for registration, taking care of prizes and raffles, running 8 full stations, calling matches, taking care of the brackets, and having to deal with people for 12 hours. Supplying water, Red Bulls, and making cupcakes comes from the kindness of their heart. The list of what these girls do is too long. Don?t thank me thank them. And this time Frank got his Chicken Wangs. Thanks again ladies. We love you !!!

Thanks to Willys Workshop and Unsteady for donating some cool clothing and merchandise for our raffles.

And the highlight of the event. Mr. Ryan Gutirrez, Kai & Ken I. Thank you gentlemen for taking the time to come to our event. We at the Box Arena greatly appreciate the presence you had on the tournament. I don?t think we ever expected to have to have the Notorious Gootecks to not only commentate, but battle against SD?s elite players.

Now to the people that actually made the tournament, the players, especially those from out of town. DJ Vest & Hugo101. I must say you definitely made SD?s run for the money. Thank you guys for making the trip. You guys are always welcome at The Box Arena. Some of us actually wanted to go home after Yeb lost ?. But on the brighter side, you?re not sitting on the floor this time. Thanks to ShadyK and Tommy for chilling with us on our test run. Winning 100 + games is ridiculous, we hope to see you more at our events. To Calm Warrior in providing some comic relief for the entire event. For someone to talk that much trash and placing Top 8 in both tourneys is indeed an accomplishment ?. Last but not least to the grand finals winners. Khio form the “Amazon” The Box Arena Invitational MVP. For someone to almost win both tourneys would have been a Cinderella story. An impressive performance. And to do it on a pad was icing on the cake. I hope you enjoy the Hori stick you won. To Ken I for the solid gameplay. You never cease to amaze the audience. Thank you sir for putting a great show for the event. I hope you enjoy your new Asus monitor. Sorry if we missed anybody. If you have ever been to The Box Arena we know who you are. Thanks to Cody and the rest of the TTF family for the continued support. San Diego right now is about blow up to the next level. And to the extended Box Arena Family. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

The Box Arena


good shit ken i!

gg to everyone i played against

^ congrats on 3rd bluetooth blanka.

Big thanks to FrankFresh, HunEBee and the Box Arena for hosting this event and for providing a stream. I’ve talked to a lot of people on IRC today and all of them loved the San Diego stream and the matches, so all your hard work was definitely watched and enjoyed. More big thanks go to Ken I, Gootecks, Kai, Khio (all the way from the Amazon?!?!), DJ Vest, Hugo101 and everyone else who came from far away to make this tournament as much fun as it was.

Big downs go to Miramar Air Show for taking Guile away from us and screwing up traffic. Hella big downs go to Rufus because I don’t think I’ve beaten a Rufus in tournament in months. I’ve been training Seth on Xbox Live all day and I’m hella counter charactering from now on.

Hope everyone had a great time, this was a great tournament to watch and play in, other than getting deuced by ShadyK and Ken I.

–Jay Snyder

Thank you Box Arena for hosting this event, it was awesome. Thanks to the people who came down to play :). Thanks Christine for the cupcakes! Those were soooooo goood om nom nom nom nom.

Good shit Ken I! TEKKEN 6!!

The tournament was fun, I hate Zangief and my random mistakes :(. Every time I play good people in tournaments it shows me how much more I have to practice and keep on playing this game.

Oh and never drink two freaking redbulls on a half empty stomach. I was freakin O_O mode for the first set of matches in the tournament hahaha.

thanks frank and christine and the rest of box arena for making this happen :smiley:

thanks to me because if it wasn’t for my big mouth wanting a baller tourney, it wouldn’t have happened according to christine hahah (you’re welcome ken i)

also thanks to me for driving down the street to enter a tourney.

seriously though, these are pretty fun. hope we can have these more often and in standard format. i need to level my tourney nerves

we could tell by the FFF lightshows you gave the crowd.


the tournament ran fairly smoothly and i too fell victim to the amazoniangief but i don’t feel so bad because many others did too. grats to him though for really making people rethink of zangief’s tournament viability.

i wish i could eat christine’s cupcakes for every meal of the day as well. looking forward to the next event thrown together by the box arena! i know not everyone from the tournament will be posting on srk to send their thanks but im sure everyone who attended appreciates your hardwork and dedication to the community.

viscant is still the best/most intelligent commentator i’ve had the pleasure of listening to for an event.



Lots of fun was had. Good games to everyone I played. More people should of went bowling afterwards. Yeb was godlike. And I agree with Pimpbot, Viscant’s commentary was awesome.

“If I didn’t eat dirty animals I wouldn’t be dating.” -Viscant

big thanks to the box arena for holding this tournament, it was very fun… oh wait i didn’t go! :[

tournament was lots of fun i’m glad i woke up for it.

props to ken i, yeb, and the gief player.

ggs to everyone i played.

and viscant commentary is god like. seriously i actually feel like i’m learning the game when i hear him commenting. i honestly like listen to his commentary while i’m playing my matches for tips and hints lol.
good shit jay!

Official videos will be up soon. For the meantime here is a recording from the live stream.

Great tournament!

I need to train my tourney nerves as well. The thought of playing on big screen + going on live stream + my game commentated by Viscant made me completely freeze and play the worst game I’ve played in months. At least my shame is… permanently recorded on ustream.


EDIT: Oh thank god, that link’s just the elite tournament.

oh god… the pic of me eating the cupcake…
oh well… there is a pic of ksexy eating his as well…

us honda’s love our cupcakes

Thanks to the Box Arena for letting me crash at their pad, drink their beer, and for their wonderful dogs. [media=youtube]hPzNl6NKAG0"[/media]

ken i is from sd though

pretty sure he is the grand dragon and inspiration to the orange shirts they were wearing.

in ken i we trust!

If i see orange one more time I going to vomit!!!

Thanks everyone! I had so much fundizzle… Still tired tho. Im thinking about making more cupcakes for this Wednesday… $.50 each? hahaha… you know I wouldn’t… or would I??? muuuahh hahahah!

See you all at The Box <3