The Box Arena Invitational San Diego, Ca 10/03/09


October 3, 2009

Miramar Speed Circuit
8123 Miralani Dr.
San Diego, CA. 92126

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We at The Box Arena have decided it is about time to see some new players winning top 3 at SFIV Events. That being said, we will be holding 2 tournaments back to back on Saturday, October 3rd, 2009. The first of the two tournaments will be the Qualifying/ Standard event, which is open to anyone not receiving an invitation. The 2nd will be on an invite only basis. After much consideration we have selected some of SoCal?s best to join us. Listed below are some players we have chosen to invite:

Mike Ross
Killer Kai
Alex Valle
Vic the Slik
Bryant the Tyrant
Mike Watson
Mr. Certified
Ken I
Gene Wong
Mr. Hangover
DJ Frank Fresh
Marn (Just in Case)

NOTE: If you did not see your name and you feel you are entitled to compete in this event PLEASE email Also, if you know of anyone besides yourself that deserves a chance to compete you may also Email us your recommendation. The chance of receiving an invite is very likely, but not guaranteed. If your name is on this list, you are NOT allowed to Participate in the Qualifying tournament.

The Events will run as follows:

  **Qualifying Tournament**

System : PS3

Sign-ups 12pm-1:30pm
Start time : 2pm
Open to the public
No cap
$10 entry + $3 tournament fee

1st-70% + Free Entry into Invitational
2nd-20% + Bonus Prize
3rd-10% + Bonus Prize
Elite Invitational**

System: PS3

Sign-ups 12pm-5pm
Start Time: After Qualifying Tournament
Closed to The Public
$20 Entry + $3 Tournament fee
You must Present your printed invitation at time of Sign-up


1st- 50% + ASUS 23? VH236H LCD
2nd-30% + Bonus prize
3rd-20%+ Bonus Prize

** Standard Rules for ALL Box Arena Singles Tournaments**

99 Second Rounds
2 Out of 3 Rounds
2 Out of 3 Matches
Finals is 3 out of 5 Matches
Double Elimination
Winner Stays with Same Character
No Characters Banned
Bring Your own Stick/Controller
Pausing during rounds will be dealt with on an individual basis
All fees are non-Refundable once bracket is made


How bout you move this back a week so you won’t be cockblocking Cicada’s tourney, one that he has planned for a good couple of months now.




lol ^^ agreed.


how did you guys come up with this ??
i am very curious how DJ Vest made the list


just curious, but whats the point of an invite only tournament where you invite the 40 people that regularly play in every tournament


So they can pay 23 dollars to enter, of course!!



…this one being planned for a good couple of months now.



All of us at The Box Arena had no idea about this other Tournament scheduled for the same day. We have had our Venue date locked for a near 2 months now, and have informed MOST all of the invitees long ago about this date. It is unfortunate that our events have to be on the same day, but because of the 1,000 fliers we have printed with October 3rd as the date, and 40+ personalized invitations sent out it, is impossible for us to change the details on our tournament.

We used both the 2v2 in San Diego on August 24, and West Coast Warzone to spread word of this event, and contact the players on this list. We have put a lot of thought and preparation into this, and in NO WAY did we want to interfere with anyone Else’s tournament.

On top of all this, we had a teaser flier posted September 2nd with October 3rd as the date.

As far as DjVest goes, apparently he has a good reputation among the Sf4 scene and quite a few people have suggested him to me in the past few weeks.

if your name is on the list, but you did not receive an invitation please PM me right away with your Email and I will get it out to you ASAP.


no need to bump heads guys


this tournament has been planned for so long…we promoted at cvc, ugtl, and westcoast warzone. we put a lot of time, effort, and money into this tournament to make sure everyone who shows up will have a good time. never expected to have a tournament the same day as anyone else, nor did we pick the same day on purpose. we chose oct. 3rd months ago and started to work on making this tournament happen right when the date was finalized.


so youre telling me…
that if I

  • go out and walked an old lady across the street
  • shined a dirty apple for Aunt Martha
  • coordinated a hand in hand rainbow coalition army to sing Kumbaya My Lord
  • told Ray Charles which cup had Pepsi and which had Coca Cola in that 1986 blind taste test commercial

I could earn this " apparently " good reputation among the scene and have people suggest me to some list…this just boogles the mind
I would like to know who was part of this consensus that came up with the suggestion
and leave out tournament worthy players such as

  • Pigadoken
  • Ironfist
  • Moval

obviously homework hasnt been done and if you truly think that Vest has more of " scene reputation" than the aforementioned three,
girl, you just dont know

my two cents


off to Cicada’s tournament :rofl:

shits gonna be mad hype with a live stream. WOOOT


Going to Cicada’s. So much cockblock :sad:


sounds like it’ll be a good weekend for SF, no matter where people go! plenty to choose from.

i even heard there’s a THIRD tourney going on the same weekend?! (dunno where, i just heard that there may be one).

i WOULD move mine since it’s just at my place, but i have friends from Norcal and NY flying out for it :frowning:

EDIT: wow; this is gonna be at a karting place? sounds pretty sweet


May i suggest adding Ironfist, Moval, and Fuson909. -_-


impossible because theyre going to Cicada’s lol


That may be but it’s feels like a slap in the face to specifically throw out all the big names in the SoCal scene (minus the people already confirmed for Cicada’s) as “invites”. I mean it’s great that we’re even in here talking about competing tourneys but the whole thing feels like one-up-man-ship.

I know there’s probably no maliciousness there but it just feels…dirty somehow. I wish you guys luck though. I was heavily rooting for SD at WCW.


I appreciate all of the thought you put into this post. However, in no way did it change anything about DJVest getting an Invite. If for whatever reason I have offended you by not knowing everyone in the scene I greatly apologize. I did admit,( below the list of names) that it did lack some people, and that is because I (like everyone else) don’t happen to know everyone in the SF4 scene. I would love to extend the invitation to Pigadoken, Ironfist, and Moval if I could get their Email Addresses. Above all, I am surprised at how many people have an issue with the concept of separating high ranked players from players that place lower in tournaments. This isn’t new and it has been done before… most recently I recall with a Tekken tournament called L.U.Y.G. The only difference with our tournament is that we are not making the top players exempt, we are simply giving them their own AFTER everyone else. We are simply trying to get 6 winners on this date instead of just 3… who might just be the same 3 that always win. And yes… if more than 4 people came to me on separate occasions and suggested you as a good player i would have put you on my list. But, unfortunately for me, I have never even heard of you.

Yes, your suggestions are welcome, and much appreciated. I am happy for any help I can get, I know there are a whole lot of really great players in the scene, it just depends on who you know. BUT since Sherry is nice enough to let me know that they will be in Moreno Valley that day maybe the invitations wont make it. I choose to no longer check or respond to this post because I am sure it will just continue to be negative with all kinds of pointless hate and trash talk. So, if anyone would like to extend a suggestion to me, please feel free to PM me. Thanks.

Good Luck at Cicada’s I’m sure it will be lots of Fun.

Cicada, thank you for your understanding. In no way did we expect you to change your date, We hope you have a great turn out. Maybe you could PM me your email and we can keep in touch when it comes to tournaments in the future since we live so close.


@Fuson: In my opinion and in her defense, DJ Vest, as she mentioned, was suggested by “quite a few” players in the past few weeks. As they have stated, if anyone feels that they or players not mentioned should be the invitational, people can e-mail them to get people in the invitational.

This is how I see this list was created:
-Top SD Players
-Top Players from OC/LA that have attended San Diego tournaments (almost all of the players from OC/LA mentioned)
-THE Top Players/OGs in SoCal (Alex Valle, Mike Watson, Ed Ma, etc)
-Suggested Top Players in SoCal (DJ Vest, Sanchez)

Now I see where a lot of you guys are like, “Wtf. Fuson, MOVAL, and Ironfist have a fucking rep. They even attended San Diego tournaments. Why the fuck aren’t they mentioned off the bat.” I, myself, am very much familiar with the notable top players in California and the U.S. I would have mentioned these players off the bat myself but…

…I’m sure they can answer this themselves. What i DO KNOW is that just because these players weren’t mentioned in the first post **DOESNT mean the Box Arena doesn’t see them as Top SoCal Tournament Players. **
Fuson, MOVAL, Ironfist, and Pigadoken, like any other top SoCal player, can be suggested by simply e-mailing them or I guess posting in here also.

Ending points:
-Fuson909 your guile is beastly, glad to see you out of retirement (or semi).

-Box Arena isn’t cockblocking anybody’s tournament nor do they condone to any slapping of faces.

-Don’t get hurt if you or other players aren’t mentioned off the bat, nothing personal, just suggest to them in a civil manner.

-Good luck Cicada with your tournament.

-Whoever mentioned in this thread that they are attending Cicada’s tournament instead, good for you, but nobody in this thread cares.

-Box Arena is legit, and so is the rest of San Diego.

had to get this in before this thread blows up

just my two cents,
CVC San Diego,