The Box Arena: Ranking Battles 1.6 - Season Finale - Official Results Shoutouts


We would like to thank everyone who attended our ranking battles season finale. Congratulations to ShadyK for securing 1st and Mike Ross finishing a very close 2nd. We also have to credit EG Ricky Ortiz & Filipino Champ in winning 1.6 in style. Huge thanks to the great people of Frubble in allowing us to battle in their great establishment. We couldn’t forget the gracious people of Mad Catz. MarkMan & Nate in ensuring that our players were well received of awesome merchandise. Thanks to Willy’s Workshopfor hooking us up with Skate Gear and to Lex from Game Stop with great gift cards. The cool people of Interabang Entertainment for the continued support. What’s a good tournament without top tier commentary?To Viscant, Stienmaina Calm Warrior, & Deci ensuring we were well entertained on main stage. To San Diego’s premier fighting game photographer Edward Sebastian Jr. of EDX2 Photography. Making sure to capture epic moments of our players. We also cannot forget Glenn Cravens of Get Your Tournament. Crunching the statistical numbers of how technical Super Street Fighter 4 can really be . Last but not least our fighting game community. For the people that traveled to our events from Norcal, LA, IE and local San Diego areas. Without you guys this would not be possible. See Y’all In October for Triumph. Be on the lookout for the complete season of the HD Vids on Machinima Respawn & our Youtube CH.


Frank Fresh

**Top 8
1: TeamGreatDecision (EGRickyOtriz/PhilipinoChamp)
2: TeamHighHorse (ShadyK/MikeRoss)
3: TeamRedWhoreHeels (ComboFiend/Gootecks)
4: OriginOfLife (Ghengis/Steinmania)
5: YumYumHunters (Khio/Moval)
5: TeamNorthAndSouth (Hiro/EvilElvis)
7: SodiumCholoride (Jmo/Repulse)
7: CalmKiing (ChrisKing/CalmWarrior)


9: TheLastDragons (MikeyMike/GCSupra)
9: SneakyCakes (SneakyJames/CramCakes)
9: 1/2IsOurGoal (Chris/Eli)
9: PokeThatBiah (Viscant/MrCertified)
13: BlueDream (Combusted/Watts)
13: BoomLegs (Wilfredo/Joe)
13: KiraAlexander (Kira/RichieRich)
13: SamCriesHimselfToSleep (Loki/Jokersss)
17: PinoyBoys (Romel/Lee)
17: Greenshirts (NetEdge/Skoot)
17: GoodZa (JFlo/Pnoy)
17: BoxArenaTechs (DJFrankfresh/KuizzyEfBaby)
17: EpicBeardMen (PolyDacty/BoneSaw)
17: I<3exhibiton (ICrossJ/Phil_Time)
25: ChickenAndWatermelon (DreadDragon/Brangone)?