The Boxing Thread


If you don’t shut the fuck up with that politics shit…

Two assholes had a fight to see who was the biggest asshole and the media suckered you and everyone else into watching.

Either admit you were entertained or don’t, but stop trying to sound like you know something everyone else didn’t already figure out the moment McGregor started hinting towards this shit.


87% of the bets were for McGregor. Don’t give credit where it isn’t deserved. And I can talk about politics wherever I want, even in the boxing forum of your precious video game website. Eat a dick and be entertained by that shit.


@Zatalcon getting salty lol


It’s funny. People are now comparing Floyd Money Mayweather Jr. to Daigo The Beast Umehara (who won the tournament about 6+ hours ago.


i hope they didn’t bet their rent money.


That was epi last night.


McGregor did well if you hate boxing. He wasnt as big a trainwreck as CM Punk in the UFC but thats due to the nature of the sport and the opponent.

Mayweather could go an old school 15 rounds against an 80 year old in a wheelchair, so this ending in the 10th should be no surprise to anybody.


Regardless of the results. Floyd is 47-3… he is a great scam artist though and many people today don’t know anything about boxing and can’t see the irony between his matches and other boxing matches.


Floyd Jr is actually 51-0

He legit tagged Big Show with some punches


I lol’ed when Conor said Mayweather had a better chin than he thought. Naw, son… your punches were just that weak. hah!


Conor was throwing weak ass slaps after like the 4th or 5th round. Floyd used a noob killer strat to perfection.


Like celebrating a victory like that is funny as shit

Connor came in 0-0

That was an okay performance to think he had any chance is dumb

And in turn to mock him going 10 rounds is also dumb as shit

Now i mayweather decides on one mma fight vs connor that would be hilarious just from the circus around it

Especially mayweather using gay slur after gay slur


Mayweather would get suplexed first round.



Lol I’ve been revisiting a lot of these YouTube videos where Conor fans were posting ”49-1” and “Conor in 4” etc. and a lot of them are now scrubbing their posts. So many edits it’s hilarious.


So going to take golovkin over alvarez

And for golovkin to call out mayweather


Conor might have stood more of a chance had they worked more on stamina training. Dude looked ready to pass out after the 4th and could barely keep his hands up. Floyd is all about the long game, and Conor had to know that.


Going by the post-fight interview, Conor knew that. Conor underestimated the stamina required for boxing, he went on record saying it was an easier game than MMA since he only had to deal with punching. You don’t get to take a breather while being on the ground and stuff in boxing, you’re always, always, moving.

He knew he was blowing energy every time he took Floyd’s back, too. He’d have to scale back his aggression and save that energy for the later rounds.


I was wondering that as well. Either Conor has a low genetic ceiling in the stamina department or he filled his own head up with the whole BS of knocking Mayweather out quick and just did the MMA bare minimum cardio routine.

Canelo vs GGG is such a clean matchup. Canelo has great punching power and decent explosive speed. His main advantage is his boxing experience, he’s faced many notable opponents and learned a lot from them.

GGG possesses phenomenal power, has great ring control and stamina. He is a bit on the slow side movement~wise and uses his powerful punches to do the talking and set the pace for him.

I think it’s anyone’s match, but I give Canelo a slight edge because unlike most other boxers GGG has faced he will have to respect Canelo’s power and won’t be able to just swarm him as usual. That and Canelo is technically more sound so if it does go the distance I’m sure he’d win via points.


It was already known that Conor had a questionable gas tank from his last fights with Diaz.

As far as Canelo/GGG goes, I’m going with GGG. I see both of those guys coming and bringing the heavy artillery immediately. Canelo is slicker than people give him credit for, but he’s never really been the smaller or less powerful guy in a fight which he will be against GGG.