The Boxing Thread


You would think connor would want to be in the clinch and land while in the clinch

But he chose to use awkward movement and used up all his adrenaline in the first 3 rounds

The rest of the bout was an adrenaline dump

You can have all the cardio in the world, but adrenaline dumps will take away any percieved physical advantage

I am not making excuses, it is just what happens in fighting. Especially fighting one of the most elusive fighters ever in floyd who has 30 years of experience over you in multiple high pressure situations

Connor knew he was losing, but hey whatever

Connor used everything up and his adrenaline dump brought about the ko along with mayweather pretty much owning him

The worst part is boxing is harder because of the rules and the footwork and the energy

Connor did fhis for the money not because he thought he was winning


The Floyd of last night would have lost to a lot of fighters he has already beaten, and some that he has not who are currently active. Conor only exceeded expectations because of Floyd’s age which showed that he isn’t as fast as he used to be, in fact he was significantly slower now than he was 2 years ago. If Conor really thinks he did well against a 40 year old who came out of retirement and was nowhere near his prime just because he’s considered one of the greatest boxers ever I suggest that Conor should now fight someone like Amir Khan, who should be an easy fight for someone who apparently did really well against an old, inactive Mayweather. I guarantee that Connors punches would have no effect on Glass Joe Khan who would stop him within 2 rounds and most likely the first and I would seriously bet money on that.


Again flip it on khan going into mma and you have the same argument

Would khan make it out of being ragdolled by frankie edgar? Probably not. Would andre ward go to the ground or even avoid it against Rafael dos Anjos? Probably not

Kovalev would outright destroy tyron woodley

Tyson Fury would knock out Stipe Miocic in the first

It’s not apples to apples

I was kind of expecting more…


I was watching it on several live streams on youtube.


Not sure if any of you boxing fans that don’t post in the MMA thread know of Tommy ToeHold so here have some jokes


i don’t think its about flipping it over. connor disrespected him, what he has accomplished, and boxing as a whole. now its just “what the fuck did you think was gonna happen?”

don’t see how people can give connor any praise. mayweather was just doing what he needed to win. connor was just…connor.


It’s promos dude

You bury your opponent to get heat

Connor just cuts better promos


Eventhough Floyd Scamweather managed to beat some guy from another sport and how his fans are gloating over it, it still shows how he is TBE. Maybe cain velasquez, mcgregor, bones, lesnar, and Silva should go against Westbrook, Durrant, Lebron, Bryant, and Curry in a 5v5 4qs NBA finals match. When the UFC peeps lose I will gloat as to how these 5 guys are TBE!!! It would also be cool if the UFC guys manage to be the only ones shooting hoops from 1st-3rd quarter and for some odd reason the NBA team still leads in points – regardless of not even throwing a ball at a hoop yet.


bruh. he whooped him. this was just a stunt to make a quick buck. which they both succeeded. floor seats were 189,000 from what i have been told.


I’m pretty sure mayweather was telling McGregor to talk as much shit as possible so more people would watch. they both knew it was spectacle and they just wanted to make as much money as possible. everyone came out looking good. McGregor looked like he didn’t suck at boxing, Mayweather still won, both got$ and at the end they were both very respectful towards each other. win win all the way around


Even if by some miracle of a chance that Conor managed to last 12 rounds and all of it being like round the first 4 rounds, he would still use through UD. Can you believe that the Judges had Mayweather winning by points on those first 3 rounds and Mayweather didn’t even do shit?

That fucker is a complete scammer. There is no doubt he is one of the most brilliant boxers of all time but everything about this piece of shit is highly dishonest .


you make me wish connor fought canelo or ggg now. mayweather is 40. connor is 29. respect your elders.


Oh please. Even if you are 40, as long as you are healthy, you are capable of taking out a noob who is having his first day on the job. Man if this Mcgregor fought the guy that Mayweather bitch fans hate (Pac) they’d be on his ass for fighting some guy who is from a different sport.

That is like if Seth Rollins made his debut to the UFC against Silva and lost, i don’t think you’d use “Silva is 42 and Seth is (i don’t know how old he is). respect your elders”. Fuck floyd and his shit ass fraud scams.


well thats a bad example. dude coming from RAW to go into UFC is completely different from Connor coming from UFC to boxing. they both made money that we wont get. gg


Actually it’s not. Wrestling originally is one of the most powerful forms of martial arts. The best way to take on a jiu jitsu or judo fighter on the ground is knowing how to wrestle. It’s just America took away the actual combat reality to wrestling and made it to entertainment because well, us americans like this pop show shit. Boxing and UFC are both highly different. There is different forms of required stamina, stance differences, knowledge/experience on defending and adapting to the situations, etc… the retardness of some Silva fan gloating how this guy is TBE for beating a guy from a different sport is on the same context.


um. i just dont see someone like seth rollins who entertains people by scripted fighting being able to compete at the level of aggression and all the things needed in a UFC fight. just my opinion though. with connor he came from that into boxing. so i could somewhat see a chance of him winning, though its dismal. like 0.00005% and a butterfly landed on mayweathers nose.


But that is still the same as a 20+ year boxer fighting a UFC guy under boxing rules who never boxed professionally. I’m sure most WWE guys have to learn actual wrestling to get into the wwe… or atleast they used to. I mean, Brock managed to be successful to an extent and you never saw Gracie migrate to different gyms that hold people who are doing wrestling. In fact, i heard (not sure though) that the only two forms that Royce fought and lost to was a nagato sensei and a wrestler.

Floyd is nothing more than P. Diddy wearing boxing gloves. Fuck that guy.



Zatalcon must have rewatched the fight because his vagina is full of sand once again lol