The Boxing Thread


I think Floyd either took his manhood or fucked his mother. His levels of hate seem crazy.


I just loathe scammers.


I felt like Mayweather handled himself with class. No need to give him crap honestly. He did nothing but say good things about Conor afterwards. He knows how to exploit the rules, hes a turtle. Nothing wrong with that, if boxing wasnt supposed to be that way then the rules wouldnt reflect that. I like Conor too, but anyone who thought he had a chance outside of his own sport is living in a fantasy world. Its like hoping the 49ers can win the world series. Makes no damn sense. Its spectacle.


Been on vacation, now that the circus has left town. Let’s talk some real boxing. GGG vs Canelo. Who you got?

My girlfriend even likes him and she doesn’t even really like boxing that much but she likes watching his fights. We took an Uber back home from the airport the other day. The driver was Russian, he said “that GGG is almost from his country and he’s loves him.”


Canelo got more experience and I think that will be the deciding factor.

Can’t count out GGG’s Ippo like power though.


I have a few Kazak friends and apparently he’s the most famous dude in the country.


More than borat and too hot for volleyball




Borat was actually filmed in Romania :coffee:


GGG will beat Canelo. Canelo’s cement feet won’t be able to stay out of GGG’s wheelhouse, and GGG also has the better jab.


Didn’t Connor call out Floyd? I mean they both made good money. Connor knew he couldn’t win. And flours has no interest in doing mma. He makes way too much. Connor should just be happy he made more with this fight than he’s ever made in UFC.

Anyone else hype for GGG vs Canelo? I know I am.


The best part of ggg fights are the body barrage he unleashes in the 4th and 8th

Golovkin just shutting dude’s vital organs down off the rip


He breaks faces, ribs. Pretty much anything he touches. Blocking won’t help in this fight. Use your feet and don’t take unnecessary punches. But GGG is amazing at cutting off the ring as well.


Golovkin’s pressure and corner control comes from his suppressive footwork but mainly from his raw power. I noticed even when blocked, once he gets a clean hit with one of his punches they instinctively start fading back when he ambles side to side.

Earlier I mentioned Conor possibly having a low genetic ceiling stamina~wise and I think that’s definitely the case. Why? 2 words- Ricardo Mayorga.

Here’s a boxer who smokes at least a pack a day, treats the bar like his second home, sloppily trains and was still somehow capable of throwing haymakers for 12 rounds straight. The dude’s a straight up mutant.

Even if McGregor didn’t do enough cardio or roadwork by boxing standards it still wouldn’t account for him getting gassed in 4 rounds.


The thing that makes me pretty sure GGG is gonna win is that the one thing Canelo has going for him, is that he’s a power puncher, and we’ve all seen GGG take some pretty hard punches and keep going. GGG is like a smarter, faster, more powerful version of what Canelo is right now, and if anything, Frazier/Foreman is a good reminder what happens when two fighters with similar styles go toe to toe. The one who’s better at it wins.

I’ll be surprised if GGG knocks him out but if it goes to decision, I don’t see Canelo coming out on top.


*I think Canelo is a smarter and savvier boxer. Triple G has downright unfair power, great footwork and underrated defense (when he commits to fighting defensively).This is a true 50/50 fight that I give triple G the slight advantage due to them fighting at 160 which is not a catchweight plus the terms of the contract when it comes to re-hydration. *


Adrenaline dump

I kind of explained it. Happens in boxing and mma. But in boxing guys with experience account for it with technical precision and perseverance. They tie up. They clinch. They back up. They lean on the guy to avoid further damage.

Adrenaline dumps are bad during a fight and usually happen to guys who think they are winning so they unload.

Connor did not fight accordingly to the dump and it is hard for guys to comeback from it

Especially against floyd who never looks tired and will eat a haymaker and just fight through it.

People underrate Floyd’s chin and his pressure.

But hey blame his cardio. Cardio don’t fix heart or fight iq.

I really want to see Connor fight ferguson or nurmagamedov


Connor gassed out because it’s simply his first time going against someone who has boxed for more than 20 years. Connor has not gotten used to the stance in boxing; the knowledge of trying to take your time right before blowing yourself up ( time limit in UFC is shorter), moving around a wide squared circle, etc… It was pretty much like a hockey player facing a pro soccer player at soccer, or getting a tekken player and making him face Chris G in UMVC3.

Hey, can you guys imagine if Tokido just randomly made his UMVC3 debut against Chris G? And Chris G gets all his props from his fans for “Bullet helling” the shit out of Tokido? Imagine if Chris G answers his interviews with “well, he’s a tough competitor, i just took my time, I stayed focus, worked really hard… wired some cash to the judges JIC!” We’d all go “Tokido? a guy who doesn’t actually play UMVC3… really nigga?”


I get what you’re saying but I also took @thurst’s observations into account regarding his fight against Nate Diaz where he also tired out fairly quickly. So it could be that his MO is fighting full strength early either because it’s his preference or realizes he has stamina issues.

This isn’t discounting your adrenaline dump view, but trying to make sense of it, since it’s clear he doesn’t only tire out quickly in boxing.


It’s also a heart issue

He thought he put Diaz away, but didn’t. Diaz clocked him and caught him

In the rematch Connor adjusted and won in 25 minutes

If mcgregor can’t establish himself and gets thrown off course he cannot come back.

First fight he got rocked and went to the ground with a superior grappler

It was more be got rocked and went for a takedown on a guy who bates for takedowns

The rematch was connor using his point karate moving in and out and using leg kicks