The Boxing Thread


To be honest Connor was mainly successful the first couple of rounds because he kept long guard up if he didn’t hold is arm up for so long he may of saved energy but also would have to deal with mayweathers boxing range mastery


Connor was successful those rounds because Floyd didn’t throw any punches.


Rigondeaux is known to train like that as well. Smoke, drink, and still be present for bootcamp in the morning.

Anyways, 12 rounds is soemthing boxers physically and mentally condition themselves for years. No way this guy was gonna do it his first fight. Lomachenko had almost 400 am fights, and still looked unsure of the pacing of a 12 round match against Salido(Nutshots or no). Even if Mcgregor has the tank to go 12 rounds at his own pace over that length you also have to keep reloading the gameplan over 12 rounds or you show all of your cards early and get beat to death like Mcgregor. The mental part taxes the hell out of you, even moreso when the guy across from you is making you pay for every mistake and pounding on your body at the same time.


why was floy vs macgruber even 12 rounds too? what belts were on the line? shouldve been a 10 round fight


So connor did best when Floyd was too busy laughing at the shit he was doing but faltered when Floyd decided to actually box?



Hopefully this doesn’t get taken down:

This epilogue was very revealing.

  • Referee Robert Byrd made it clear before the fight that if a fighter can’t put up their hands and fight back he’ll protect them. So him stopping the fight when Conor was getting steamrolled in the 10th round wasn’t out of nowhere or some nutjob conspiracy like others have been touting. Byrd is officially vindicated.

  • Mayweather also explained no rabbit punches which McGregor willfully ignored round 1. Conor just wanted the match over and done with because he knew he was on a timer, hence the over-aggression.

  • Conor has some inexperienced and deluded yes men as training buddies, filling his head up with nonsense as he was getting throttled in later rounds. Really bad idea using your buddies as cornermen when they have little experience.

  • For the umpteenth time, the Mayweather camp made it clear very early that the game plan was to tire McGregor out and even cited round 4 as the moment he would gas. Although we all know this, it’s amazing that casuals and Conor fanboys still think Conor didn’t freely win those rounds because Mayweather allowed it.

  • Conor apologizing to Dana White after the fight in the same tone as a disappointed son to his father was lulz.


He still looked gassed in rounds 3-5. He got to take a lot 4 off cuz Diaz couldn’t see him due to the blood, but he was on his bike.


I wished that fight wasn’t stopped and just had mayweather dropping him… however I also understand why. If they were using 10 ounce gloves then yes, people deserve to start complaining about it being bullshit… but they were using 8 ounce gloves, which makes a huge difference. Most importantly, he is not a boxer and has 0 knowledge on how to fight as a boxer.

Nevertheless, Mayweather is still a complete scammer and his “undefeated streak” is complete bullshit. If we followed actual boxing rules, then Mayweather actually lost 3 times in his career.


I just watched the fight; here’s my analysis:
[] Conor lost steam after the 4th round
] Conor was actually beating Mayweather to the punch in the early rounds
[] Mayweather had to be aggressive, which is crazy because there’s no way in hell he would’ve walked down Pacquaio like that.
] Floyd looked like Floyd, age didn’t make much of a difference regarding his performance.
[] Honestly, I thought the fight was stopped prematurely. I know Conor was taking some huge blows but it didn’t look like he was going to be knocked out or suffer some irreparable damage.
] I didn’t like the referee; he seemed extremely biased.


I think Mayweather was actually playing Conor in the early rounds. Point wise, Conor was beating him but in reality he was just playing into Mayweathers game.
Regardless of how much I loathe scammers like Mayweather, I do give him props at being good at hypnotizing the opponent into thinking he is working his game when he is just slowing dancing to Mayweathers beat. Not a big deal though since Conor has never boxed before. The whole mentality and style of endurance is just completely different in boxing. They were also fighting with 8 ounce gloves which is why it is understandable for the ref to stop it at that moment. There is no doubt Mayweather won against a non boxer, but his record is complete bullshit. He lost 3 times in his career period and 1 of those fights is arguable 4th. Fuck him and his fans


the epilogue was great, conner breathing all hard with 3 ice paccs on him while floys laughing and fistbumping his dad told the entire story.


i questioned whether or not McGregor was ever really in it recently in a convo. it just seemed like Mayweather wanted to gas him. McGregor never had a punchers chance, he never had any chance. the fight was lost before it ever really began.


Thinking an 0-0 mma fighter with suspect gas can go 40 with the greatest quickest defensive boxer ever

Even with 2 years off and out of shape mcgregor was a wash

I mean maybe somebody like dj could have the gas and speed to go the distance. But his striking has always been secondary to his grappling


Agree, I forgot to mentioned that Conor had an awful game plan. If you think for one second that your going to outbox Floyd Mayweather, then your in for a reality check. The best game plans I seen utilized against Mayweather were Chavez, Maidana, and Castillo.


Conor’s best chance would’ve been to come in there like Maidana and force Floyd to brawl with him…but he knew that would’ve led to him KO’d faster than he ended up.


I gotta give Maidana his dues, that was the first fight in ages where I saw Floyd visibly shook in the early rounds. The dude was coming at him like a wild man and Floyd got his evasive game plan shut down for an entire round because he couldn’t get a read on all those weirdly angled haymakers. He did the smart thing turtling up because just one stray hit could’ve sent him to the mat easily.

It wasn’t until I rewatched the match a year later I also realized that when Maidana had Mayweather at the ropes he widened his legs to cut off his escape routes and smother him, which is what tripped up Floyd. Those punches looked pretty powerful too, dude was hungry. I think due to the disappointing later rounds where Floyd adjusted, people don’t give Maidana his dues for doing something different, even if it didn’t look refined and pretty by boxing standards.


What’s the odds on this fight?


Pretty sure GGG is a slight fave


Maidana beat floyd on their first fight


Show me the receipts.