The Boxing Thread


*You need to knock it off. The man is retired now with a professional record of 50-0 etched in stone. Let the historians define how he’ll be remembered instead of trying to make every conversation go back to what Mayweathers record should be. Let it go, it’s over. Talk about exciting young fighters who could be the next generational talent. A Terrence Crawford, Errol Spence, Keith Thurman, Lomenchenko, Inoue, Roman Gonzalez, Mikey Garcia or even a young up and comer like Oscar Valdez. *


I had the first Maidana fight 7-5 May or a draw.

GGG: 7/10
Canelo: 48/29

I like GGG, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to pull the trigger and bet it =/


Canelo packed on some muscle and has a new strength & condition coach are things to remember if betting. When a guy is changing stuff up like that drastically it’s usually not a good sign to me. He could fatigue faster and it looked like his hand speed is slower. It’s business like usual in 3G’s camp.


3G Jordan collection sold out in 3 hours.




Pacquiao vs Roman Gonzalez rematch now





Floyd also beat The Big Show. So Floyd is best in boxing, mma, and pro wrestling…


Choclatito noooooo


Sor Rungvisai is the King of Thailand. Must feel good. He can live like a God off of the $120,000 or w/e he made


Question: So I’m planning on ordering the GGG fight. Does anyone have any experience using the streaming service How is it? Is the quality good? Does it drop a lot from the event?


He didnt look the same the other night. Inoue looked very beastlike and that first fight with cuadras for estrada was sick. Hopefully this weekend is just as good


At the end of the day, the person who jabs best in that fight will win. Golovkin is a better all around boxer but Canelo is younger, more youthful, and has fought better competition. And to be honest I feel like he’s more hungry. That in mind I think GGG’s jab is pretty much second to none and that alone will control the pace of the fight and ultimately lead to the victory. But its anybody’s game. Can’t wait. Getting to see my two favourite fighters in my favourite weight class.


Floyd Mayweather mansplains what a real man is like:


Gennady on regular clothes looks like a boring history teacher or a manager of a coffee shop. Luckily I know he can beat me up.

Dunno who gonna win between him and Canelo. Hope its gonna be good.


Canelo packed on a lot of mass for this fight. I give the slight edge to GGG for this.

24/7 episode 2 GGG v Canelo to get you hype for tonight.


HBO has the undercard for GGG/Canelo streaming on YouTube.


1080p 60fps



can someone give me links just in case that youtube goes out.


Canelo gunna go in like his people on a richs man neglected front lawn.


here we go! real boxing!