The Boxing Thread


Canelo seems to be winning so far. GGG is missing shots and is slow…


GGG seems to have woken up. Only took 4 rounds :lol:


yep. Canelo is def winning. Triple G isn’t fighting too bad but he’s just not getting anything done right. However, Canelo is playing around in these later rounds so GGG probably has the later rounds.


I have triple g winning the current rounds because he is being the aggressor. Canelo is countering but he is mostly running, that stuff only gets you points if you are mayweather.


Canelo whooping GGG in R8 with body shots,and GGG isn’t defending from those shots. The judges is going to score that round in favor of canelo. GGG is going to gas out.


I don’t know man, i have GGG winning all rounds after 5. Canelo is going too much on the defensive, running mostly but connecting really good counters. The Floyd Scamweather way just doesn’t work when it’s someone different.


Hopefully GGG doesn’t gas out and fall into canelo’s trap. That could be the plan. Canelo always seem to use the mid rounds to rest up before going in for his other fights to me.

Edit: GGG is looking really strong and good in the later rounds and in the last round. I think GGG will win. Hopefully no robbery or any other BS scoring.


Judges want that rematch money.


Lol. Fucking rigged



Pretty much sums up the worst of boxing right there


A draw? Really? Someone ate a lot of Jabs tonight and somehow doesn’t have another L on his record.


Oh shit, one of the judges scored it 118-110 for canelo. Haha…


I disagree with the results, i do feel that the first score being given to Canelo was wrong but it really was that close because regardless of GGG being the aggressor and doing actual boxing, Canelo’s retaliation was just spot on and did more damage. He countered more than 7 times in specific rounds so it’s understandable why some may think it’s a draw. But it just seems like they want to bag money for a rematch.

I believe some Floyd fans (naming a few in this thread) are going to appear confused as to what just happened. You can see that in the scorecards on the tv, the points where being awarded to GGG because of being an aggressor but the judges ended up seeing a draw… funny thing is, Canelo did not run as much - and had a much stronger impact on his counters (both on impact and in number) than Mayweather during his fight against Maidana, Pac, and even cotto. Hell, even the “notting” of the head that Canelo was considered a bad move because of possibly giving the judges the impression that GGG was the aggressor… but hey, Mayweather still wins… no need to damage the opponent with counters, no need to throw more than 5 shots… only he wins that way. And yet, his fans have the audacity to think of themselves as “knowing the science of boxing” fuck out of here.


GGG got robbed. Canelo was dusting him early, but started playing too safe and let him back in.


Bullshit decision




I guess he thought, “hey Mayweather did that countless times and won”…


This dude bringing up Mayweather in fights he has nothing to do with


This woman is whats wrong with boxing.


I just got that deleted off discord and Slurmz just commited suicide over it. Fuck Byrd and GGG got robbed. There is just nothing else to say about this fight. A great fight but Canelo slept for 8 rounds and this is what happens.