The Boxing Thread


It’s not her fault… Look at those glasses, the poor broad just can’t see.




Yes, because the irony has to be pointed out. Can you believe that the same people who hit the disagree on me when I was telling you all as to why Mayweather’s “50-0” streak is all a bullshit scam are the same people who somehow see the problem with Canelo getting a draw? A DRAW.

Comeon man, if ya’ll back some guy whose style of fighting was actually running away and just retaliating with counters 3-5 times a round that had the same impact as a 5 year old tapping your shoulder, then why are you having a problem with Canelo getting a draw and not losing?


Teddy Atlas going hard right now on espn.


GGG was a class act through and through while Canelo was in denial.


Here’s a clip.

Edit: This ain’t the clip. Can’t find a good quality one. Thanks for nothing Twitter.


jesus christ this crying is retarded…the fight wasnt rigged, its not corrupt, one judge scored it way too heavily in canelos favor sure

but the other 2 got it right

canelo won 1, 2, 3, 10, 11 and 12 AND GGG won the rest.

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Bad look for boxing. Even my cousin who is an MMA fan and doesn’t follow boxing that much or read the backstory of boxers/promoters can smell a set up from a mile away.


I’m just reading the fall out and I’m reminded of why I gave up on boxing a long time ago. Sounds like a great fight that was marred by the usual judging BS.


Official Scorecard


I have it 9-3 canelo.


3G won that fight. His jab controlled the guy. Dumb bitch Byrd got paid good by Oscar


Saw the fight at a friend’s house.

…I’d give it to Triple G, but only cause of Canelo looking like he was trying to sandbag Mayweather-style and…getting beat up for it in the middle rounds.
And it’d be by a slim margin, too. If Canelo won by that much, I wouldn’t even bat an eye.

That one chick judge is so paid for, lol.


For those who followed the other middleweight championship fight for the WBO belt…Billy Joe Saunders beat Willie Monroe Jr. by unanimous decision to retain his belt.


I knew this would happen. even though their skill level is very close it also has heavy political risks for one to eliminate the other. This being a draw is actually keeping boxing more relevant. not that it would become irrelevant, it’s just a matter of needing as much gossip circulating as possible. it’s all economics


ppl said ggg had to ko canelo to win, but it feels like canelo had to ko ggg to win in the popular opinions perspective. it was a good ass fight that couldve gone either way, the fact that it was decided to be in the middle means they chose the most fair result

the lopsided scorecard is clouding ppls vision


Was about to watch the replay but local news spoiled it. WTF?! Do they want a trilogy for this one?


Canelo was winning the early rounds then GGG one the middle rounds and a couple of late ones. Honestly, Canelo wasn’t doing much in the middle or late. He would go hard the first 10-20 seconds then cool down and get punished the middle of the round. Then go hard again the last 20 seconds-that’s not winning a round, but you are fooling some stupid judges. Anyone with a mediocre boxing IQ could see his strategy a mile away.


yea shes notoriously terrible. still, a judge in favor of canelo, a judge in favor of golovkin, and a judge calling it a draw is the fairest result