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russian dispair


i was very impressed with how weel both fighters took each others power. the rematch gon be xciting


Golovkin won

Canelo got a 118-110

Fuck at least if you are going to give him the match make it close. That is the problem with boxing judges they always make the score so skewed that if looks fishy


How is that scorecard a draw? Do they only choose the pink side and not the other colors???


they dont tally up the points given by judges lol, they go a judge for each and a draw.


She was uglying up my phone screen, so I had to do what I had to do. :coffee:




I’m no mathematician, but by those stats, GGG landed more total punches…

Typically the person that gets hit less wins vs the person that got hit more, but again, I ain’t no scientician.


GGG threw about 40% more total punches, and landed about 22% more total punches.

All while being almost as accurate as Canelo.


Like I said before-throwing a flurry here and there isn’t winning a round.


Neither does blocking with your face and punching air half the night. At the end of the day its what you gotta do to impress the judges. And due to the fact Canelos punches were way cleaner than GGGs proves that.

You get penalized for missing as well IN the eyes of the judges. Sure G landed more. But the fact it took him so many attempts to do so looks bad on you.

Let’s say my opponent landed 112 punches on me but throw 2384738483 attempts.

Compared to me landing 111 punches but it only took me 113 attempts to do so. Who are the judges going to be more impressed by? The guy whos accurate and knows what hes doing? Or the guys whos desperate?

And im sure it was said but you dont magically win points / rounds for walking someone down as well. The fact that mayweather got walked down damn near 75% his entire career and still got the W already proves that.


Gotta say off the bat that the fight definitely lived up to the hype for me. It wasn’t the snooze-fest some predicted it might be and I felt like both fighters were appropriately challenged by each other.

WITH THAT SAID. Adelaide Byrd must have watched the first 3 rounds, then gone to the bathroom, gotten a drink or two at the bar, talked to some folks in the lobby, then come back and watched the last 2 or 3 rounds of the fight. That’s the only way you could explain the numbers she came up with. She needs to be under review given her apparent history of questionable decisions and this fight is proof. I can even understand the guy who called it a draw to a degree. But still, this fight being a draw and the obvious setup for a rematch kind of sucks. I get that they want to make money, but it cheapens the work they did if it was purposely supposed to be seen as not definitive, and it makes me wonder if what we saw was what they were actually capable of rather than them being careful not to go too ham. Conspiracy theory shit, yeah, but still worth considering. And if that’s the case, then basically what we saw was a commercial for the next fight, good as it was.

Still, his age notwithstanding, GGG has an advantage in the rematch imo because now he’s had a taste of what Canelo can do and successfully made Canelo play his game, whereas Canelo probably won’t be much better than he is right now 6 months to a year down the line.


Are you being serious? GGG is an aggressive fighter. He throws more punches than a lot of guys, whereas Canelo is more of a counter-powerpuncher so he naturally doesn’t. So everything you just said is a moot point considering their respective styles.


Once again, in the eyes of the judges. who usually looks more impressive? The accurate puncher that knows what he’s doing? Or the desperate one that throws randomly and hopes for the best? And I referenced mayweather to solidify said point so my point is valid but at the end of the day it does NOT matter what you, I, or any of the fans (especially the bias GGG ones) think…Its the judges, who ive been referring too and channeling from the start.

I can say with confidence that I personally felt canelo won, you can say GGG won, but it doesn’t matter. The fights a draw and theres nothing no one can do about it.


Oh ok. So if 2 judges score a draw and one a win for GGG then GGG wins…


No, it’ll be ruled a majority draw. Since, well…majority of the judges had it a draw…Pretty self-explanatory.


I see what you’re saying. Without knowing what exactly the judges are seeing, all they have to go on are the CompuBox numbers and how many punches they actually see a fighter throw. It’s not always easy to see whether the punches land or not depending on the angle. But from what I’ve seen, they usually tend to err more on the side of the aggressor, which GGG was for most of the fight.

Mayweather is a strange case though. He usually does the dodging/counterpunch thing, but he can go aggressive when he needs to (see the Mosely fight) and generally outboxes a lot of of his opponents. His style is more dependent on them hanging themselves. The opponents always look great in the first couple rounds, but as the fight goes on, Mayweather makes them look worse and worse, and part of that is his accuracy, but that’s not the whole story.


I had it 7-5 GGG, but I can definitely see the draw. If you think Canelo won 7-5, I can respect that but anything more than that is nonsense.

I was surprised to see Canelo legit running for half the fight.



Your suggestion doesn’t even match up with the tale of the fight via the eye test nor the final punch stats. Triple G as the aggressor landed more overall jabs and landed them at a significantly higher percentage. That means Triple G was controlling the pace and spacing of the fight as he landed nearly double the amount of jabs than that of Canelo. Canelo landed a significantly higher percentage of his power shots mostly off very good body work, counters off the ropes and when he came out in later rounds to bang it out. Triple G landed 4 less power punches total in comparison, and if you really want to look at numbers Canelo averaged 9.5 landed power punchers per round vs triple G averaging 9.1 power punches per round.

Also Triple G landed much more shots upstairs compared to Canelo, If you have the rest of the image that’s cut off at the bottom of your image about the body punches you’ll see what I mean. I know you’re cherry picking data points to try back up your claim, but come on man. Triple G was not missing that many shots (final connect percentage being 33% to 31%). If you think the fight was close, cool. If you think canelo won, cool. But acting like Triple G’s offense was clearly ineffecient and all around subpar compared to Canelo is ludicrous.

Can’t wait for the rematch. I think Triple G goes to the body more beginning from round 1 to try and break Canelo down and maybe try smothering more of Canelos work on the inside. Canelo probably works on his conditioning more, concentrates more on triple G’s body and works in a pivot counter left hook when circling away from the ropes*


What the hell are you smoking right now? I don’t even know were to begin with this post. I can’t believe you actually typed that out and thought you made a good argument.