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Yes, G was the aggressor…so was Maidana vs Mayweather for both fights, so was Canelo when he fought, so on and so forth. Doesn’t matter if you’re the aggressor if you’re not capitalizing on it its a waste. GGG landed more jabs…But thats about it. Canelo won every other category. Canelo was the aggressor vs Lara and 95% of GGG fans had Lara winning that fight so that should tell you something right there…that or confirm a contradiction in regards to this fight…hell both.

I can make that same argument regarding body shots. GGG was head hunting all night so its really no surprise he’d win that catagory but GGGs body work was non existent compared to canelos.

Yes…at the cost of 70+ more missed attempts than Canelo as well.

Yes but at the end of the day. Canelo still won that category so its his for the taking regardless. Vin Diesel said it best. Doesn’t matter if you win by a mile or by the skin of your teeth. Winning is winning.

And Canelo landed more shots downstairs compared to GGG

It’ll show that Canelo won to the body. That’s it.


How am I cherry picking data points to back my claim when that’s not even the point of my claim to begin with? I’ve since said in the EYES of the judges…Not the fans.

And this is why…we have an overall percentage counter to begin with. Like I said before and Ill say it again.

Let’s say my opponent landed 112 punches on me but throw 2384738483 more attempts than I did.

Compared to me landing 111 punches but it only took me 113 attempts to do so. Who are the judges going to be more impressed by? The guy whos accurate and knows what hes doing? Or the guy who’s throwing randomly and hoping for the best? If you don’t feel like GGG missed that many fights and are that strongly about it then by all means break the fight down frame by frame yourself. Based on my point of view GGG missed a lot of his shots and the compubox thrown counter confirmed what I’ve seen

Never said it was inefficient nor subpar…Just wasn’t good enough to cause canelo any problems and enough for canelo to strongly capitalize on the first half of the fight.

By that point GGG will be an old man or would have finally gotten his 1st L probably by the hands of one of the charlos or BJS…Then Canelo will face him again and ultimately beat him…And thus the excuses of “GGG got too old” will inevitably fly. Guaranteed.


Byrd is one of the screwiest judges in fighting

How are judges even selected? The las vegas judging has always been screwy


lol mayweather fans


Canelo fights GGG and this guy is stlll crying about Floyd lol


He’s really a fan of Floyd. He must be to bring that nigga up out of the blue


Adelaide Byrd’s scorecard reeks of bribery or at the very least extortion. I don’t think she could be that retarded and make it to that position.

In any case, after looking over the match twice here’s what I picked up:

  • A lot of viewers saw Canelo going to the ropes as a sign of being pressured, but they’re only seeing half of the picture. Canelo’s camp clearly trained for the ropes and Canelo was looking mighty comfortable there. He wasn’t panicking nor bluffing bravery, and in certain rounds was clearly baiting GGG to throw a right hook to counter, which GGG was wise enough to not fall for. In fact, one of the Saul’s best punches of the night, the short uppercut to GGG’s chin was accomplished there.

  • Canelo’s in-and-out gameplan made sense, because although he’s a hard puncher by normal standards Golovkin is clearly in another league, and any protracted infighting spectators were fantasizing would’ve made him quickly lose the war of attrition. The only flaw was that by Rounds 8-9 he clearly was burning himself out, because although GGG was hurt, his diamond chin prevented him from getting woozy or winded. This is what allowed GGG to launch his assault and make the match look more even overall.

  • After looking at Canelo’s fights post-Mayweather it’s clear he was inspired by his defensive techniques, and although he lacks the nimbleness and perfect timing, it’s now looking like natural part of his repertoire. It’s nice to see that he took his lemons and made some lemonade:

-GGG being the aggressor for much of the fight definitely worked to his advantage visually, and if this match went down exactly the same way with lesser known fighter he probably would’ve won definitively.

Say what you will about the aftermath, I thought the it was a good fight from technical standpoint and no one looked outclassed IMHO. Although I do think the scoring robbed GGG and didn’t reflect reality, I don’t think the draw conclusion itself was unfair. I just hope if there is a GGG vs Canelo 2 it won’t be years ahead due to politics.

I certainly found it a helluva lot more entertaining than Conor vs Mayweather, that’s for sure.


Mayweather & Lara landed more shots though according to compubox. In particular Mayweather had his usual ridiculous connect ratio while making Maidana miss a ridiculous amount. Lara outright landed more shots on Canelo. To that point maybe Mayweather vs Castillo would be a better example, because that’s the only fight Mayweather fought on the backfoot, got outlanded(According to compubox), in a fight where he wasn’t always clearly the ring general, and still won. Miadana threw 858 punches at Mayweather and only hit him 221 times. He hit Maidana 230 times out of 426 punches thrown (178 of those were power shots). These aren’t the same fights. The only thing that made the first Maidana appear closer than it was, was Maidana doubling Mayweather’s punch output, but it was mostly ineffective aggression(Although I digress if it worked out with him getting split decision loss).

If you fight in spurts like Canelo does for 30 seconds to a minute clearly taking breaks outside of the natural flow of the fight, while in the interim a guy is jabbing his face off during those breaks, it absolutely keeps GGG active in the fight and becomes more than a throwaway jab that landed. Everything else being equal the fact that 3G only landed a few less power shots, was the effective aggressor, ring general, and you could hedge clean punches in there with all of the jabs he landed it should have been a easy decision for 3G. This is extremely favorable style & work to getting a judges decision. I have no idea how they managed to pull a draw out of their asses.




lol look oscar want that floyd conor money. tryin to set up that trilogy.


Watching live i had it GGG 7-5 due the middle rounds
2nd viewing Canelo 7-5. Sure GGG was moving forward all night, but Canelo made him miss most of his big shots and was countering effectively.

not upset with a draw, definitely want to see them do it again.


Canelo was evasive, sure. But it’s not like he was effectively landing anything himself and I wasn’t surprised when the CompuBox came out to show that he was less accurate and got outlanded.

A lot of the rounds, Canelo came out with some flurries and then got stalked into the corner over the last 2 minute or so.

I watched it on Korean TV, but I’mma watch it again with Kellerman and Lampley on the broadcast.


Once GGG established his range and peppered canelo with jabs he ran away with the fight


It’s not out of the blue. The irony has to be brought up. You guys have glorified this mother fucker because you thought that being a fan of his = “understanding the science of boxing”. What just happened is that you have seen Mayweather’s style in an actual boxing match being performed by someone who isn’t him, and look what happens. Saying that I am bringing him up out of the blue is just being in denial.

Just to repeat what White Shadow said: "After looking at Canelo’s fights post-Mayweather it’s clear he was inspired by his defensive techniques, and although he lacks the nimbleness and perfect timing, it’s now looking like natural part of his repertoire…"
I said something like this when the fight was still going on. I’ve been saying it here since the beginning: Mayweather style of fighting is only allowed for Floyd Mayweather. I’ve used examples such as Vlad and DLHvsTrinidad; you guys hit the disagrees regardless.

It’s rather hypocritical for a Mayweather fan to think GGG won (which i agree he did, but it’s still something understandable because Canelo dealt damage in his defensive style). Canelo was fighting *almost the same way as Mayweather. Keyword “almost”… the reason why it is almost is because Canelo didn’t run as much as Mayweather; additionally Canelo’s counters did actual damaging, which Mayweather didn’t do. Mayweather never countered Maidana, Pac, and Cotto with any damage, they didn’t even get a scratch from Mayweather’s counters. Yet he wins these matches and Canelo gets a draw? Just admit it, you guys fell for that scam artist. Us actual old boxing fans who followed the sport and before youtube existed knew that Mayweather is full of shit.


Instead of Glass Joe from Punch Out we have GGG, a secret boss character, AKA Steel Joe…


i can watch that right hook to triple g’s face all day. so fuckin unphased.


Jake LaMotta…boxer made famous by the movie Raging Bull…is dead.


interview with Tyson and LaMotta


Andre ward retired


Ward is officially retired. Great career!


I love how he ko’d kovalev to shut up the doubters. Andre Ward is a bad ass who fought EVERYBODY

He never dodged a fight, and he has his mental faculties

Dude is the most low key, out of trouble, humble fighter there is

There are idiots out there saying “he could and should do more” to earn his p4p slot

Fuck off, he doesn’t need to be hopkins, holyfield, roy jones jr, or toney