The Boxing Thread


Beating Kovalev’s ass is enough. Stevenson & Bellew would be great pelts on the wall, but he did what he should have done in boxing. Sucks that the promoter issues took a couple of years out of his career.


I never understood the hate that Andre Ward got, dude was well spoken, respectful and spoke a lot of sense. It’s mind boggling.


You just answered your own question. Intelligent black people irk white folk.


Andre the real TBE


I just really wish Ward had a better management team in his career though; it just seems like he was shorted on the big pay days and bigger fighters with stupid contract negotiations.


Well part of that is because he took of almost 3 years in his prime. He still managed to beat everybody of note in his division, though. Mad props.


Id just like to point out my prediction was spot on lol

Part of the problem is the reason he took his break. It was due to contract BS. On a side note, Andre was a natural light heavy fighting at super middle weight and he won that crazy tournament and beat frosch. He was in talks with Anthony Joshua before he retired. That would have been insane but also insane to think he even entertains the idea of making that weight.

That said Andre is one of the greats man. I really hate the way the second fight ended. Ruined boxing for me for a while and I watched that fight over. Andre had him hurt but a lot of his shots were low. I feel like that fight could have ended way better.


I think Stiverne was there just to collect the check.

Wilder knocked him out before the first round could finish


Stiverne was in terrible condition too compared to their first meeting.



It’s on now!!!


Woulda happened already if Ortiz wasnt a dumb ass smh


It’s like getting knocked down 3 times in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out in round 1 for a TKO…

Someone’s gotta do some Punch Out knockdown sound effects…


Stiverne was slumped on the floor looking Marty Mcfly doing a guitar solo.


Who will beat Deontay?


Will it be Luis Ortiz?



I have a feeling that canelo is going to win the rematch very easily and hand GGG his first loss and retire him. GGG has gotten stale, and I believe it would be better if he retires after this fight because if he continues, there are a bunch of young guys who could destroy him and make him look bad. Jermall charlo is a VERY dangerous fight for GGG, Saunders and Andrade could outwork him easily. I don’t think GGG would fight these guys. Canelo will make the adjustments necessary to beat GGG. I don’t think GGG has many years left in him. This might be his last big payday. Just my thoughts.


Deontay Wilder’s next match:

Luis Ortiz on Mar 3, 2018
United States Barclays Center, New York City, New York, U.S.
Defending WBC heavyweight title



At 60 years old Ortiz just wont be able to hack it with the younger man


Wilder the best!!!