The Boxing Thread


so, no one is talking about GGG/Canelo 2 and the upcoming rematch between Pacquiao and Floyd Scamweather?


Missed the Canelo/GGG fight…congrats to Canelo.

Pacquiao vs. Mayweather again?


They “accidentally” crossed paths in public.

Mayweather says he is coming out of retirement to fight him.

What are the “chances” huh? Just at the same time of the Canelo/GGG pt 2 - promoted by Goldenboy and we get this which nearly takes away all attention from the fight? lol

First, they “accidentally” crossed paths during an NBA game… during the fight, Floyd’s style during would normally make any boxer lose the match (sure his fans were happy and still repped it because they don’t anything about boxing other than Floyd) but it was permitted and at the same time we get that shoulder “injury” line. Anybody who has watched wrestling since the 80’s can smell how storylined this shit is.


Mayweather doing FGC style trolling…


Vasyl Lomachenko with ultra instinct!!!



“The Reigning, Defending, Undisputed, Heavyweight champion”, Deontay Wilder!!!

Tyson Fury is the B-lister



Fury channelling OG Taker at the last round…


lmfao he got up wayyyyy too fast from that punch. like he forgot to fake he was takin a dive.


Tyson Fury getting up in the 12th round


lol one of my friends said the same thing


@maxx so now it’s fake boxing??? If anything the ref was biased. The match before the title bout the ref called the match, but the guy was on his feet before Fury was on his feet. If anything, Wilder got robbed of the win…

The reason for the draw i because this is not Olympic boxing or boxing where just points count. If Tyson Fury didn’t get knocked down twice in the fight then he would be champion now…

So the draw is fair…


why did you @ me? Boxing been rigged…you new to this shit? Now i didnt say shit about the decision. I was specifically talking about fury and the way he got up from the punch. Thats it. I didnt mention any other aspect. If you wanna talk about that, cool.



That Floyd/Jap dude fight was fake as fuck. You have to be the dumbest person alive to believe that fight. The Jap dude was a shit actor and should have taken acting lessons before the fight, or atleast approach a wwe person to teach him how to fall. The Jap kid’s falling and crying were so fake.
seriously, fuck Scamweather.


“I did this for the Hood” :rofl:


They’re really hyping Part 2 up. Floyd was at the fight looking like a SNK boss. I still think Floyd beats him again from what I saw yesterday.


Saw the fight. It was boring.

What I don’t get is that Broner didn’t run or remain passive as much as Mayweather did, he didn’t even clinch much… yet they acknowledged this as an indecisive loss? LMAO at this bullshit of a sport.

What a bunch scam artists… Yeah, mayweather beats him, the same way too… he’ll probably just throw 5-9 punches through the fight and still win.


We clearly didn’t watch the same fights. No Broner wasn’t on the back foot as much as Floyd, but his offense was way worse. He was afraid to do anything, but counter. He made Pac miss, but was never in position to make him pay for it proper. Floyd will make him miss and counter back at the same time, not one or the other.


at least there was an offense on broners part. LMAO at the counter back part, that barely happened in their fight. The only counter he did was clinch.

Those two are scam artists of the highest order, floyd being the mastermind of the scamming.