The Boxing Thread




One of the few men who, despite being built like Fei Long, could throw a punch like Balrog.
Too bad the Italian Stallion never got a chance to box him.


The fight went pretty much as I expected. As much as I find Broner’s antics to be tired, I will give him credit on his performance on the earlier rounds. He made some real counterpunch attempts but Manny wasn’t biting. Some of those blindingly fast hooks he was throwing at Pacman would’ve ended him, especially in the moments where Manny ducked low to get in and Adrien swung overhead. A rabbit punch~esque hit from that position could’ve ended a career in an instant.

That said, Pacquaio performed exceptionally well for a 40 yo, and even in the twelfth round he was still moving. His footspeed has dropped noticeably but his reactions and combinations were on point.


Tyson Fury Deontay Wilder was 1/2-1/2 so that they both stay undefeated…