The Bradygames Strategy Guide

I know that BradyGames put out a CvS2 EO guide for the GCN version. I don’t really think I “need” it since most gameplay info I can get either from here or GameFAQs, but I thought that it would be cool to have anyway for the artwork and such.

So my question is, what exactly is in this guide? What does it look like? Do you think that it is worth the time and money I’d be spending to get it?

brady games

All I can say is that Brady Guides suck for role playing games. I can’t really comment on it for fighting games, but I would guess they suck as well.

Don’t buy it if your looking for real strategy.

I think GameFAQs would be your better choice. dont get it.

Well, the guide lists all the colors for the characters and which buttons to press to get them and there’s some artwork at the end and that’s about it. It might be worth it if you really want the artwork but if you want strategies you’d better off look for strats here at SRK.

0_o guides for fighting games? whats next… guides for tetris?

Remember the fighter’s edge section of Gamepro (was it?). At the time that was the bomb to me. I actually ripped that part out of a friend’s Gamepro magazine that he brought to school. I don’t know why, cus it was for sf2t and I didn’t even have the game. sigh good times

I actually heard that the guide book for SF3:3S was pretty good w/ framedata and stuff like that. Apparently the JPN CVS2 guidebook is really good too. Buktooth’s N-Iori guide takes frame data from it:

I have that 3S one, got it with my copy of AE. Very nice info for people starting out.

Um, i wouldn’t take that attitude towards it. Check out the guide that wizard wrote for Third Stike/AE. It has everything the aspiring 3s player needs.

well thats from wizard not bradygames.

This actually has to be THE WORST fighting game guide from brady (and that’s actually saying a lot, since 99% of their guides suck big floppy donkey dick). All that’s in there is a move list (which, I might add is already in the damn game) and a paragraph and a half of “strategy” that will get blown through if you play someone who actually knows how to play the game. In other words: DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF SHIT GUIDE!!!

Didnt they say yamas best combo was j.rh c.rh?

Bradygames, lol.


Pics or it didn’t happen. Someone should sue them for libel.