The "Brawl" is about to begin: May 9th Toronto Team Tournament

We are doing this again. This time we will utilize every space in the venue.
This will be a Team Tournament hence the BRAWL in the title.

Where - 375 Bleecker St. @ Sherbourne and Bloor (Just south of Sherbourne Station)
When - Saturday, May 9th, 2009. Signups: 1:00 PM. Tourney Starts: 2:00PM.
We’ll start early this time since everybody seems to be in the area by that signup time.

  • From Sherbourne and Bloor, Go South on Sherbourne, Left/East on Howard St. Right/South on Bleeker St. to 375 Bleeker St. (HAMILTON)

  • From DVP get off at Bloor go west/right, then, left on parliament, right on wellesley, right onto Bleecker. Its near end of the street (limited parking)

  • From Gardiner get off at Jarvis/Sherbourne, go North to Wellesley and go right/east, to Bleecker, go left

  • There is a parking garage right across from the building which is $10 for the whole day

  • The Rec Room is on the 1st Floor of the Apartment, Left Hallway, 2nd door on right (Recreation Room)

Please try to Bring 5 Dollar Bills if you can, It will be hard to get change for everyone

Format- Double Elimination Best of 5 Rounds, Best of 3 Matches

  • Semis/Finals Best of 5 Matches
  • Entry $5 Split 70/20/10
  • Start Time 2:00PM!!

SF4 Team Tournament
-Start Time 2-2:30p

  • Entry $5 per person in the team (Split 70/20/10)

**NOTE: This will be PS3 Tournament. **
Sorry 360 players but last time I brought 360, nobody wanted to use it so nevermind about that.

Information:This will be our 12th Tourney/Gathering. This will be the Third SF4 Console tourney, hosted by Russel. We hope to be able to promote both games as well as allowing players to be exposed to both games on a competitive level. We should be able to have at least TWO TVS devoted to EACH GAME. It would be advised that you bring your own Stick (PS2/PS3/360). We will likely have adapters on hand. Please contact me or Russel for more info.

PADS/Sticks for those who are bringing their own

  • LABEL Your Controller!!
  • CHARGE YOUR Controller!!
  • Remember to ASSIGN/UNASSIGN between Matches
  • Remember to Set your Buttons
  • Do not leave the Room with a Pad unless its your own (but we may need to share)!!


  • Tables Chairs will be available. There is also a bathroom right next to the Rec Room so ask me for the key.
  • Since it is an apartment Building we can make noise but we need to avoid excess noise as to not disturb Tenants
  • To get in the Front door either call me beforehand (416-871-3665) or Russel (###-####), or it may already be open. But try to call before so we know you’re coming. Knock on the Rec Room door before entering
  • During casuals as the numbers increase, lets have BOTH players give up the controller so everyone has a chance to warm up and get in there zone

Team Tourny Rules:
SBO/IronMan Rule
Double Elimination
No same character for 1 team
You as a player will use that same character for the entire tournament
No region Seeding because of Team format
Pot Split 70/20/10

Brackets will be created by TIO software.
We do need equipment so that we don’t rely on SCIV community.

Have Equipment:
Jay Wang will bring TV and PS3
Russell will bring Small TV
Dino has 4 TV’s for us to use and his PS3

Need Equipment:
Power Bars

Tournament will run smoother if we have machines to back them up.

“Pending Team List”

Team Poor Decision
Nagata (Chun LI), YellowS4 (Ryu), Noodleman (Sagat)

Team Box
Gerjay (Sim), CQ(Rog), DaFOOTmasta(Sagat)

Team Love Crusaders:
Melonman, Jay-Skpz, Rekanize

Team Umm… Yeah…
NeoRussell(Vega)/STD(Cammy)/And Somebody else from there

TEAM PUDDING!!! aka Team Greenz Dinoz
(Vega)/ Jeff (Ken?)/ Chyna (Balrog)

Team STC
Arcade Legend, JS Master and FlightWing

Team Discovery Channel or Frame data
Mr. Trite/Wang/Stoned Guy

Team Feed Annabelle:

That is 8 teams so far.
24 players.

I’m pretty sure we will get more teams in the coming weeks. Buffalo and people who don’t post.
If you do have a Team, please mention it so that we have a better idea of attendance.
Keeping it a secret until tourny day would just cause me headache.

Seeing that we will not use my 360, we will be shy of equipment. We will need PS3’s and TV’s if possible.



Just to clarify, the following people can’t team together:

  • Jay Wang
  • Mr. Trite
  • Gerjay
  • YellowS4
  • Noodleman
  • Blitzman
  • NeoRussell

While I’m sure the rest of the participants appreciate the effort to level the playing field, we’re all in this to win the tournament and that means maximizing the strength of a team. Forcing the best players to split up their talent is essentially punishing them for being good.

I’ll be attending the team tournament, I can’t stay for the singles tournament.

EDIT: The beginning of the first post says team tourney first and then singles tournament but the time on the singles tournament is 2:00pm. Which tournament is first? I’m sure a lot of people would prefer to play the Team Tournament first. If you could clarify that’d be great.

Oh shit, a draft!

Are SBO rules in effect? I’d prefer not to see 3 Rog/Rufus/Sagat teams.

SBO and 3 v 3

Although it would be fun to run both teams and singles, timing is going to be tight to run both on the same day.

Say we get enough for 16 teams… 16x3 = 48 unique players

For a 3v3, assuming an average time of 5 minutes per match, each bracket match can take anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes to complete (3 to 5 matches).

A full 16 man double elimination bracket requires 15 matches to be played (2n-1). The first 12 matches can be played in parellel (spread across all stations) while the 3 final matches (winners, losers and grand finals) must be played in series (on one station, one after another).

So for a conservative apporach:

The first 12 matches:

12matches * 25 mins = 300 mins = 5 hours

If we have 3 stations running: 5 hours / 3 stations = 1.67 hours per station

And the last 3 matches:

3 matches * 25 mins = 75 mins = 1.25 hours

So assuming no other hiccups occur along the way, at the very worst we can wrap up a 16 team 3v3 in about 3 to 3.5 hours.

THEN if you assume the same 48 people stay for the singles tourney afterwards … that will be another 7-8 hours easy. You can use the last Bleecker tourney as an indicator, with 56 entry’s SF4 took about 7(?) hours to complete on 3 stations.

In conclusion: Maybe just choose to run one or the other! Time Will Be a Factor to run both!

Other Suggestions For This Time:

Brackets - PLEASE seed by RANKING AND REGION (Sauga, Hamilton, Markham, Scar, Downtown, for example). If you need help on how to do this, I am willing to lend a hand.
Use the other Room! - There is extra space available, we should use it! Obviously the tournament with the small numbers should go in there.


  • I will bring my PS3 and game (all characters!) with Dell Monitor + speakers for tourney use. I also have a 2in1 ps2/ps3 adapter.
  • Russel, I forgot to grab my black power bar from you in Scar. Just bring it down for the next tourney.
  • Dinoz, you have my clipboard. Bring that down too!
  • I’ll come a bit early and help you guys setup.
  • I’ll bring extra paper to make signs for the controller sync’ing rule… as well as having extra paper brackets on the walls so that others can see (instead of crowding the bracket computer… i am guilty of this as well).
  • djkun should not be allowed anywhere near the brackets.

And remember, Bleecker Does It Better!

Jay: You maybe right about the time constraint. I guess it would make sense to just have a Team Tournament then. Then after that, we can have casuals until 8p. That sounds a bit better.

Oh man, team tourney!

If we do Round Robin (based by points), it will take a very long time.
Each team needing to play all of the teams will finish the next day.

I think the best possibility since there maybe up to 10+ teams, to just do double elimination.
Round Robin is just a no no for time i think. Of course i’m an open for discussion on this.

Same rules as a Singles Tournament.
-Teams of 3 will face another team of 3.
-If your team loses twice then your out but get to play more casuals. LOL
-Is that fine?


I won’t be coming to this.

I’d have to book the day off work and I need the $$$.

Sorry guys.

wow who told you about team ghetty ?


I have found my calling.

Can I have Gootecks + DS on my team for Team Balrog Army?

Or are we going to make the rule of no same characters per team??

what the fuck is this shit.

It’s a pending rule really but if everybody is ok to have 3 ranked players in 1 team then that’s fine with me. Needs discussion.

Jay: I’m sure it’s also fine to have 3 of the same characters in a team but again this needs discussion.


Yea that top players should not be allowed to team together is BS, you play to win, its not their fault theyre good and others arent … If you dont like it then dont join go play online and keep it at that , I understand the no same charcters rule, yea thats cool but banning certain players cuz theyre good = fail … silly rule IMO

Solution: Fiend hard and get better


i’m actually pretty indifferent about the team member rules.

I do agree to limit characters to one char per team though…it’s pretty boring to face against the same char over and over in a team tourny. You might as well have ran singles instead.

There are more than 3 viable/playable/top tier characters that i’m sure a team with 3 different characters shouldn’t be a task.

dead weight.
get picked last.
bench warmer.