The Break 3s results


Date: 11.05.02

Location: The Break - Dunellen, NJ

Turnout: 7 entrees

1st - Flash - NY - Ryu
2nd - Noel - NJ - Yang/Ken
3rd - Kobe - NJ - ChunLi

-late entry: John, was put in loser’s bracket.


I hate when u get put in the losers and u didn’t even lose. Thats tight to still take first though.

Peace Out


lol 7 entrys, wat a fucking joke. ahahahahahahha kobe getting third?! hahahahahahaha thats pretty funny. wat was first prize 10…15 dollars? lol third strikes dead on the EC, dont bother trying to bring it back =)
later bitches


ken= Fat Pimply Faced, goth wannabe with no life. Just stfu already man. Fucking gay.


Fuck only 7 people? Thats sad, such a great game too. Glad I dont live there.


goth wannabe? u obviously dont kno me to well. And as if I really care what you have to say?! Im actually just messing with Steve cuz I told him no1 would show up. And if you hvae something to say to me, why not say it to my face? fucking idiots…god


Go Ken!


Mostly just Willowbrook people? That kind of sucks, but oh well.


The 5th was a tuesday tho