The Break 8/7 "Underdogs Tourney" Results





  1. phi
  2. tommy
  3. mike chung
  4. orville
  5. dan from menlo
  6. phil

lucky phi didn’t let me enter or this atrocity (spelling) woulda never happened :smiley:

cleaning up some girls vomit out of your car at midnight = too good


Ok…what in the hell happened…this better be the results for ST…there’s no way that you would’ve placed first in mvc2… If so, than damn…randomness = top tier! :lol: :rolleyes:


What happened? I wasn’t aware that it was best 3 out of 5 for 4th place… I thought it was still best 2 out of 3. I beat mike and then all of a sudden this fool takes out more quarters. I dunno how Tommy beat me, some Ironman shit…I beat Mike Chung my first match, then he beat me due to carelessness.


Jin Doom Ken Ownz joo!!!:evil: :lol: :lol: Whats up!! Phi in 1st, what did all the good ppl leave for Evo already???


Phi didn’t face me…


Then again, you’ve never gotten that far in a tournament… :lol:


Uh…Yes I have…As a matter of fact, you were the tournament director at that tournament…:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:



OMG, I missed out on free money? That’s a shame. Oh well, I got laid that night, so I’m happy.

Orville, be quiet. Don’t be a Nightmare James and claim that you’re so good cuz you might have gotten something like 4th once at a Break tourney by accident. Or are you gonna live off the fact that you fluked a casual win off of Mixup? Make up your mind, man, which way are you gonna be sucking your own dick?

Bottom line is Phi should never be winning mvc2 considering how little I know he plays and how much I know you all play. Besides, he never walks forward and plays only one team. How hard is it to break his shell? Oh wait…

Big props to P-Lo. At least I know who’s buying dinner tonight with his big winnings. :lol:

Up on fightstick vs 360 has died

man phi used 3 teams in the short time i saw him play (cable/sent and either Commando, Doom, or Guile)

but phi’s patient shows how broken the game is :smiley:


Alex, how about we play?


Yeah Yeah! Play for money!


It’s whatever.

How does one introduce themselves

I see someone’s still got a big mouth…



Yeah, you should shut him up…


Free Money??? (SURE GUY) who do you think you are?
I bet you with those people there you still wouldn’t have won.
I called the break to see how many ppl so I figured I’d see the results without me there because I know for a fact I would’ve won!:cool: Mann I know you not talking about sucking dick please to me it seemed like the only reason you’d play games is to kiss up to phi or todd’s ass. Whatever you wierd. Scrub don’t be talking about orville he may not place well but he tries he doesn’t give up like some bitches I know:lol: Play him for money fool. Highly doubt you’ll win unless some cable bullshit Or your bitching about the controls (like usual) :lame:

(Orville) do not put 1 word in a post make it interesting that’s freaking gay


Ok, this is some fucking homo shit right here. I’ll answer all of you idiots in order:

Orville - you do seriously need to shut up and just not talk any shit. In case it slipped your mind, we have played eachother a few times in tournament and I’ve never lost to you. I don’t know how good you are now nor do I really care. If it’s gonna make you feel happy, then I’ll play you again. Money optional, but I don’t care enough about you, the game, or any of this extra shit to put more than $10 of my own money up. That’s as far as I go. If anyone else feels like putting up some of their money on my behalf to make it more interesting, they can do that and keep whatever winnings their share would get if I win. That’s up to whoever. All I want out of this is to shut stupid people up and maybe enough money to get a nice dinner on the side.

James - let me thank you again for paying my Big Ed’s bill and for treating me to a movie. I think that’s all that needs to said here.

Ed - wtf is your problem? You need to get off your high horse there, buddy. If you’re so sure you would have won, then where the fuck were you on Thursday? Like I said before, free money since apparently you’re the man in Central Jersey over here. :lol:

Just so you know, I was planning on coming. I even told Phi that last Sunday at his tourney. I had something more important to do that night, so I didn’t go. I just have different priorities than some other people is all. You talk about I gave up? You’re right, I did give up…2 years ago. I haven’t taken this game seriously since I left MCC. That said, I still don’t scrub out every week against people that play the game at least 10 times more often than I do. Why is that? Granted I still lose because I still suck. That’s what happens when I don’t play as hard anymore. See, I admitted it and didn’t even blame the controls. What can you say about that? Oh wait, nothing because that’s all you’ve ever had to say about me.

Listen dummy, I’m not the one coming on here every week posting shit about how I’m the fucking man and I’ll kill everyone in mvc2 and then go scrub out at a Break weekly of all places (not necessarily you, but maybe that has happened to you before. I don’t know). I never talk shit about anyone online because I have no reason to. I catch heat because people with their fragile fucking egos can’t handle the truth when someone finally has the balls to come out and say it. I post fact and I turn into the bad guy because I just shattered somebody’s little fantasy world. Boo hoo. Too bad you people don’t see how bad you make the rest of us look when you post that garbage on here. I’m all for Jersey pride and everything, but this is really gay. You guys are going about it completely wrong. Go back again and reread my posts from last year in the Jersey Thread and tell me exactly how much things have changed since then, besides Shawn coming up in mvc2. Which is really cool IMO, because that actually does make us look good. Same with Rob as well for holding down cvs2. You guys rock.

One last thing Ed, since you like to take shots at me. Here’s one for you: don’t cry the next time those mean people from New York come down and walk all over you again and again. It looks bad since you’re not 12 anymore. Damn those bullies.


Uhm. You don’t have the balls to do anything but type. You see me, you don’t say shit. How about this thursday, i’ll be at the break around 9:30 or so… You can come say something like this to my face. You don’t have balls bitch, you’re a pussy. Fat ass Dilbert looking fuck. Ed does not get walked all over by NY, get your facts straight. I will not be paying for your dinner, I will take you up on your $10 offer, so yeah, we can do that if you want. I can always just let you win, get $10 richer, then run your pockets, you choose.


Why is that the only thing you ever say don’t cry when NY walks all over you.(they’re not even beating me unless it’s like X or Justin Or Josh) damn man your like everyone’s bitch that’s good at whatever game…Fuk that I was talking about you bitch. I don’t take shots at no one. If I see that someone sucks and deserves NO respect then I’ll post up because you don’t and you do suck simple as that. Ok Smart Ass I dont’ post on this every week

  • Orville Is an ok player He can beat me and shawn casual every once in a blue but you shouldn’t be talking shit about someone you can’t beat…

Jersey pride??? sure Guy


Isn’t that Alex Moaning for you? You have to put up money to make him play for anything seriously. God, he’s as bad as the Empire.

And Alex, it was a fair bet. You won fair and square. I’ve been spending the time lately playing other games because my work schedule, but I still show up whenever I can, even though I might not be as top-tier as the Empire.

However, it doesn’t mean you’re still not a whore-loving whiny ** bitch **.

(sorry mods, but I just had to get that one out)