The Break ...MvC2 Results March 20th...Sandord that beast


1st - Sanford Kelly - Sent/Storm/Commando - Sent/Cable/Commando

2nd - Rashaan … (ORG) - Storm/Sent/Commando

3rd - Shawn Morgan…(Starbury)
4th - Ed “the head” Espino
5th - Chris from NY who owes me 3 dollars holla back…
5th- Phil aka “Blacksyde Phil” aka Goodbye

The tourney was tight…rashaan is one lucky as mother fucker let me tell you…sanford is still sanford…beastin the shit out of everyone as usual

who said sanford fell off???

phil is EC’s soomighty…even though he didnt use mags this tourney but once…

Ed’s cable is disgusting…as is sanfords whole squad…

Todd and phi are beefin…words exchangin …drama droppin…

Lets have more next week like Magnus master hall??? or whoever that is…and those 3 guys from upstate NY …and where the fuck is desmond…damn it!


Glad I didn’t come, AGAIN…more last minute tournament change bullshit…good thing I saw the post before I tried to get a ride. Todd and Phi beefing probably because Todd posted that ST will happen no matter what and when he got there was probably told it wouldn’t happen…

Very lame, the Break has never had problems with posting what tournies will happen, but I guess that MvC2 (a.k.a. scrub’s heaven) is just too good, and since it gets better player turnout, will kill any chance of ST comp on the EC.

R.I.P., real SF players.


Aren’t you retired?


For the most part I am, I don’t travel to the weekend tournaments anywhere anymore, and I’ll never go all the way to Philly again. If I do play, it’s on a Thursday or Friday night, the two nights a week I happen to not have school or work. This Thursday I thought I might go to the Break, chill with the Jersey guys, and have some fun. Guess not. The only game I take seriously anymore is ST, simply because I have a shitload of fun playing that game at high levels…everything else is just fucking murder.

So, to answer your question (which I’ve answered in threads at least 10 times before, but I’ll repeat for your illteracy):
Yes, I’m retired. I don’t miss work, school, or anything important for SF or tournaments. But if I have a night off with nothing to do, I occasionally go to smaller weeklies just to chill, play, and have fun. It’s still my hobby, but I don’t take it as seriously or play hardcore anymore. I may go to ECC and MWC this year just because it’s a good way to get the hell out of the house after being stuck here for school for a semester, and then having to work 40 hour weeks all summer at my new internship. Blah.


In about 40 years, I bet your boss is going to be pleasantly surprised when you retire but still keep coming and doing work.




haha thats was great…:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


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In about 40 years, you’ll still be a poor little whiny scrub playing WarCraft 8 for 19 hours a day, while I’ll be rolling in money and women. Nice haircut buddy. You wear anything besides polo shirts?

Don’t try to hate on me Joe, you can’t. I try to be nice and you gotta be a dick. I don’t care if you’re joking, I don’t like random hate anymore. So I’ll hate your scrub ass right back. You’ll just make me mad and bust out with some really nasty stuff, so quit while you’re ahead. And if you don’t like it, you can SUCK it.


Shut up.


Ill try to make the hunger break tourney next week.


umm i think u mean jason hall…


gogo org!!!