The break: mvc2/st results 4/17/03

1- desmond pinkney
2- josh wigfall
3- shawn morgan
4- mike devonish
5- kevin smith (the skinny one)
5- liston (i’ll spell it right on apex)
7- ed espino
7- diego (sp?)

1- …phil …burnell
2- philong nguyen
3- todd dwyer
4- ed espino
5- shawn morgan
5- alex monin
7- jerry hong
7- dru!!


  • i feel extremely nautious
  • i also had to chase down kei’s car, which didn’t help my stomach
  • i’m trying to figure out how an 11 man mvc2 tournament ended up being a 25+ tournament…
  • i’m going to sleep now, i have to be up in 3 hrs
  • ggpo

Phil sucks.

Is there UMk3 next week?!?! Might want to fix the cabinet then cause people we forced to play regular MK3. Cyrax is so freakin cheap. Least I landed the infinite once :smiley:

Damn Phi got results up fast.

MvC2 controls still shitty…left stick still messed up, right side kicks still not working properly together…but I care not since I went for ST. Which I won. No show from Pete Talley, after all his trash talk. Kei showed up almost three hours late because “he was playing Quake.” …

Best highlight of the night was the ST comp, and the Hate-Cam interviews for Expect to see those up shortly, edited of course.

OH yea 5th in st holla back…last night was fun the finals were good although i didnt get to see most of it because i was busy playin kevin in cvs2…

josh wigfalls mag is such a beast…soo mighty esque

why do i always end up playing mike like 83083093x in tournaments…its not right…

i gotta work on my sentinel/not doing dumb ass shit/being magnasty…yea:lame: i know that was gay

i think u were the only one who complained about the sticks

put Diego Vazquez for Apex

Bull fucking shit, I was the only one who complained. Controls weren’t unbearable, but they weren’t as good as they could have been. You shouldn’t have to mash like Sanford to get a simple fly/unfly, and Desmond shouldn’t be eating random things while he’s blocking. Any of the better players would tell you controls weren’t perfect. But since you’re just a shittalking scrub, I’m sure you don’t understand that. What place did you get???


Have you ever played in “good” sticks? lol.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a post where you say the sticks were good, you are always complaining.

Maybe sticks are only “good” when you win? Probably.

You are a moron.

what place did i get? WHAT PLACE DID YOU GET!


I played with Magneto joke teams, idiot. What place did I get in ST, which I cared about?!!? Ok then, faggot.

People who try to mess with a Top-Hater get BURNT!

If you cared so much about ST, rather than MvC2, then why the commotion about the MvC2 sticks? Also, you only used magneto jokes teams maybe 1-2 games, the rest u played team scrub for EVERY SINGLE GAME. There is no indifference for MvC2, if you are using team scrub. The whole point of team scrub is to win, and not fuck around or have fun. “What place did I get in ST, which I cared about?!!? Ok then, faggot.” Therefore, you are a hypocrite.

take a shower kid, you stink.

haha, so who the fuck are you? Why do you care so much about what Phil thinks? As much as people love to pick on him online, at least he’s right on this. The controls really do suck and the only person who seems to like them is Shawn, probably because the Break is the only place he plays? Who knows. Most everyone else hates them, including Desmond, who does win here. So yeah, what place did you get again?

the right side was kinda shotty but other than that i thought they were fine…cause i mean if desmond can do all those combos then they are fine…but once again the right was worse like last week…

who is vietkahn i forget? i dont like any sticks other than the break cause i hate having to get used to them…philly sticks kill me but i hear they got a tight cab now

it’s hard to find an arcade where the sticks are constantly being maintained for optimum performance. imo the break is definitely above average for stick condition

starbury - i am hevad, tall one at the last tourney

Tall scrub go to weekly. Tall scrub quiet in person. Tall scrub get owned by everyone. Tall scrub mad.

Then tall scrub come online and talk junk to established player who knows what’s what about controls, since he’s installed and fixed them himself before at his own CT tournaments. Tall scrub gets owned up by everyone online, just to add to the ownage he suffered in person.

End of story.

Hail to the king baby!

hahahahaha! that was awesome. :lol:

the break tourney before last, i got 5th place.
i’m sorry i don’t use team scrub like u.

i played you in that tourney you got 5th and you beat me with team scrub :frowning:

ah yeah, ok i guess i have my flaws too rsigley…but i dont use scrub anymore because it’s just pathetic when u do use it and lose with it, i’m all mag/cab/sent or mag/cab/aaa since then