The Breaker's Revenge Thread

This thread is to discuss the games Breaker & Breaker’s Revenge for the Neo Geo. I’m not sure of the differences between the games, but Revenge has 1 extra character (Saizo), the boss is playable & it seems to have Super Cancels.
I hope fans of this game will contribute to this thread. I should note that I’m not an expert in this game, so don’t be surprised if you see me ask for Strats or Combos :P.
Oh and I :lovin: Tia :hitit:

Sho 101

NOTE: P means Punch meaning either :snka: or :snkc:. K means Kick meaning either :snkb: or :snkd:
(A) means that move is also possible in the air


a) :u:+:snkc: in the air
b) :d:+:snkd: in the air
c) :d:+:snkb: in the air
d) :snkb::snkc:
e) Tap :snkc: 3 times
f) Press :snka::snkc:
g) Press :snkb::snkd:

1- :qcf:+:p:
2- :qcf:+:k:
3- :qcb:+:k: rapidly
4- :r::l::r:+:p:

5- :qcf::qcf:+:p:
6- :qcb::qcb:+:k: (A)
7- :qcf::qcf:+:p: in the air

a) Sho does an uppercut in the air, I think it’s supposed to be used for juggling, but I never got around to checking it.
b) Sho does a dive-kick. It has a bit of a slow start-up by the way.
c) Sho does a ‘needle kick’. This attack is an overhead & can be comboed after
d) Sho does a jumping knee attack. He can avoid low attacks with this.
e) By tapping :snkc: 3 times Sho does a 3 punch combo. You can cancel the 2nd punch into a super or special move.

1- Just your standard main fighting game character projectile.
2- Sho jumps & does what looks like an overhead kick. This move switches sides & can avoid low attacks.
3- Sho kicks to the air. This is his anti-air I believe. You can combo into this move BTW. Note that HK has him kick higher than LK. Try not to use this if your opponent is a distance away cuz this move lacks horizontal range.
4- Does a move similar to the Zanretsuken, where he does a lot of punches infront of him with both fists. If your opponent does not get caught in the first hit (i.e. they don’t get hit at the start of the move), but get hit while Sho’s still punching (like they tried to jump in or something like that) the move will cause less hits & a little less damage. Be careful if it misses as he will be open for attack!

5- A powerful variation of #4. Sho punches infront of him, but this time he sends out blue energy blasts. This super does 11 hits.
6- This super can be done on both the ground & in the air. Sho will do a flaming kick which hits mutliple times and finishes by kicking his opponent to the air. No, the last kick doesn’t seem to be a juggle. This super does 16 hits. Note that if you do it from the ground, Sho will avoid low attacks.
7- Fires a giant fireball towards his opponent. Does 5 hits. Yeah it’s like Akuma/Gouki’s Messatsu Gou Zanku :P.

:d:+:snkb: in the air–>Standing :snkc:, Standing :snkc:–>Super/Special move
^You can do anything besides his :d:+:snkb: in the air to start this combo.
Jumping :snkc:–>:qcf::qcf:+:p: in the air

I’m not sure, BUT I think you can do Standing :snka:, Standing :snka:, Standing :snkc:, Standing :snkc:. You might have a better chance trying it at the corner

That’s it for Sho, now can someone post some extra strats & combos plz? I will credti them and add their info in this post :slight_smile: :tup:

I would post Tia stuff and other stuff but I wanna hold on to my little secrets like in this game…I have secrets abound…so that when/if a BR tourney comes up people are getting hit with all kinds of shit.
With this being said I guess I’ll make a Kizuna Encounter thread also…all these good ass SNK games that no one knows…

Capcom people will probably brush this game off as the BIGGEST SF RIPOFF EVER…

and they have every right too because it practically is…I mean shit…a girl that can throw sonic booms, has Chun lis legs and kicks, AND CAN DO A PSYCHO CRUSHER WTF??? LOL…

Capcom even tried suing them but was unsuccessful. Yeah Sho is top tier…like the best “SHO”-to ever…lol

Weeee!!! Saizo fun by me. Before I start, thanks to everyone who has given me advice and tips on this game since I’ve started playing it.

Saizo has a lot of tricks and treats to him. He has 2 different projectiles, baseball slide, supers that are all helpful, and a lot of other things. I’m just going to give some tidbits, as I am not an expert or anything, but I do hope it helps anyone. Anyway, on with stuff that is fresh last night.

-Baseball Slide(cr. BD) can be canceled into the grenade special(qcf + C). You can incoperate that into block string and big pressure stuff, because of the near instant recovery of the nade throw.

-The strong engetsuzan(dp + C) is safe from half screen distance. Do not attempt it from any distance closer, unless you get it in a combo.

-The Kunai special(qcf + A) will go through projectiles and still hit people. Since there are two kunai thrown, one kunai nuls the projectile, and the other travels to the opponent. Abuse this from far screen when someone is trying to throw a projectile for zoning purposes.

-Whenever you get a chance, snag someone with an air throw. It is very quick. Set this up whenever you can.

I’m probably forgeting some stuff, but on to super use…

–E & F super(qcfx2 + A/C)
-This is the super you use as your anti air. If someone jumps and you have meter to burn, feel free to use this.
-Moreover, this can be used as a juggle after a strong engetsuzan, grenade(i’ve gotten this to work about a 1/3 screen away, use the C version of the super though), and a strong hair flip(qcb + C, this only works when the hair flip is used as an anti air, do the super motion on the third hit of the hair).
-The punches control the speed of the Eagle, and the spiked ball of the Frog. Be sure you use the right punch for the right situation so that you can get 10 hits out of this everytime, because that is how much this super does, 10 hits.

–Rush super(qcfx2 + B/D)
-If you’ve ever played against me in Breaker’s, you know that I use this super everytime some one whiffs a super, or I block a super. Try using it.
-If you want, you can juggle with this super after any engetsuzan(do the motion during the second hit of the engetsuzan), or strong hair flip(again do the motion after the third hit of the hair.)
-You had better hit this super when you do it, if it’s blocked or dodged, you’d better say goodbye to your life.

–Fire Pillars(qcbx2 + A/C)
-This super is your best juggle option. Make sure you use it after a strong engetsuzan, a strong hair flip, and sometimes even a nade(i usually nade xx Fire pillar in the corner though).
-The punch button you press when you do this super, controls where the three pillars go. You can use these to set your opponent up at the part of the screen you want them. Just make sure you are at a safe distance if you decide to do that though.
-This super can also get punished if blocked. Watch out for that, and make sure it hits, or you’re at a safe distance when using it.

Well, that’s all for the supers that I have to chip in. How about some combos now.

Well, first things first, a string:

–cr. b x2/3, cr. bd xx nade.

This is the string I’m learning/using right now. A lot of mixups come from this one string. Let’s have some examples. Do the above and then:

a)cr. b, st. a, st. d xx strong engetsuzan/strong hair flip/rush super.

Do this only if a cr. b hits. If you use strong engetsuzan or strong hair flip, make sure you juggle with super (fire pillar is preffered).

b)nade again, back dash, kunai, etc.

This is somewhat of a pressure release. This is what I started doing when I want someone to get out of the string. Normally, the person will try and jump, and then you can punish or act according.

c)st. BD, nade, cr. BD, nade, st. BD.

Your high/low stuff basically. It’s too bad that you cannot link anything off of the st. BD.

But that’s some stuff you can do with that one string. Be wary of punishable things, and be creative with it. Now for real combos.

(j. D)cr. b, cr. b, st. C/D xx strong engetsuzan xx fire pillar super.

Now, this is really particular comboing the special and super together. Most people do this link fast, basically around the second or third hit of the engetsuzan. I, on the other hand, let the engetsuzan hit all the way through, launching them up, and then super on the way down. I recommend learning both ways, because they will set the opponent up on different parts of the screen.

(j. D)cr. bx3 xx hair flip xx fire pillar.

This works better with crossup j. D.

cr. B, st. A, st. D.

Good link to know. Remember this while in a block string.

I think that is enough for the Saizo stuff. I really hope this helps someone out there. Again, I am not the best at this game, but I do like to share knowledge. Enjoy.

Dao Long 101

@Dark Geese- Bro you start that thread & I’m your slave FO LIFE!
@CC- :tup: thanks man, I need some Saizo info, gonna save that and try it out 2day. BTW I’ve noticed that his :qcb:+:p: cancels into his Supers, what’s your say on that? BTW what do u mean by nade?

Dao Long 101:

a) :snkc::snkd:

1- Charge :l: then :r:+:p:
2- Charge :d: then :u:+:k:

3- Charge :l: then :r::l::r:+:p:
4- Charge :l: then :r::l::r:+:k:
5- Charge :db: then :df::db::uf:+:k: rapidly

a) Does a long jump then hits with his shoulder. An overhead.

1- Fires a projectile that looks like a wolf’s head.
2- Rising kick to the air. Not a bad anti-air.

3- A more powerful variation of #1. Dao Long sends a mutli-hit projectile. The closer Dao is to his opponent, the more hits & damage & vise versa. This super does a total of 8 hits
4- Dao jumps spinning his hands to the air & if he connects, he starts a multi-hitting combo. This super does 13 htis & he can avoid low hits when he does this super.
5- A more powerful variation of #2. This super looks like Cammy’s Reverse Shaft Breaker from CvSNK 2. Tap :k: rapidly for more hits & damage Thanks to CoosCoos for this info.

His Jumping :snkd: does around 4 hits & is good in combos, such as:
Jumping :snkd: (4 hits)–>Crouching :snkb:, Crouching :snkb:–>Super/Special Move

I’ve updated Sho BTW.

I noted the qcb + punch stuff in the previous post. Look for anything that has to do with “hair flip”.

“nade” is basically what I call Saizo’s qcf + C. Because it acts like a grenade, blowing up and all.

edit Dao Long’s flash kick motion super can be mashed for up to 30 hits.

^Gonna edit that, never knew you had to tap K rapidly :tup:

You all know that Saizo is in POWER INSTINCT MATRIMELEE RIGHT???

Me wonders if he plays exactly the same way…

No I didn’t, how do you get him?

I was wondering this! So I played PI4 & highlighted Saizo and he didn’t look like Breakers’ Saizo, will try him 2day, now comes some more info!

Pierre 101

a) :d:+:snka: in the air
b) :d:+:snkd:
c) Press 2:p:
d) Press 2:k:

1- :qcf:+:p:
2- :qcb:+:p: rapidly
3- :dp:+:p:
4- Rose Train: :qcb:+:k:
5- :d:+:snka::snkb::snkc: or :d:+:snkb::snkc::snkd: in the air

6- :qcf::qcf:+:p:
7- :qcb::qcb:+:p:
8- :qcb::qcb:+:k:

a) Pierre stabs with his sword to the ground. This is an overhead.
b) Just a slide.

1- Power Wave-like projectile. Only it’s an ‘electric’ Power Wave.
2- Does 3 slashes that make a ‘Z’ (Copy-cat!). If the first hit connects, the opponent is dragged towards Pierre, but cannot be comboed from into anything else. Note that you must tap :p: rapidly to make the Z & get a 3 hit combo.
3- Rises with his sword. This is his uppercut move & anti-air. Use :snka: against jumping opponents, since :snkc: has him slide forward a little bit before doing the uppercut. :snkc: is best used in combos.
4- Spins towards his opponent with roses surronding him. :snkb: has him spin a short distance forward, while HK makes him spin full-screen. Note that you can get the most damage if it is comboed into or hits a close opponent. :snkb: does 3 hits & :snkd: does 7 hits at total. Be careful when using this move! If your opponent avoids this attack, then Pierre will be open for attack since at the end of this move, he gets dizzy (and who wouldn’t after spinning like that?) Hmm perhaps he can negate projectiles using this move? Someone confirm this for me plz.
5- Pierre dives from the air and does a 3 hit combo. Anyone notice any difference between either input?

6- A powerful variation of #3. Pierre dashes foward hitting multiple times & then finishes with 2 uppercuts. This move does 12 hits. When Pierre is dashing forward at the start of the move, projectiles are negated.
7- Pierre poses while pointing his sword to the air. During this period his body is surrounded by electricity. If the opponent touches him during this ‘pose’ they’ll get hit by the electricity. When Pierre finishes posing he will perform a stab. Slow super, but a good anti-air. This move does a total of 14 hits. Ironically enough if Pierre only hits with the stab, the stab causes more damage than if this super hits 14 times! Just use it as an anti-air super since it’s a VERY slow super.
8- Just a more powerful variation of #4. Pierre dashes full-screen towards his opponent. If he connects the roses damage your opponent. A very fast super & does 8 hits. Nice guard damage as well BTW.

Fin <3

Condor 101

a) :d:+:snkc: in the air
b) :d:+:snkd: in the air
c) :df:+:snka:/:snkb: next to opponent
d) :df:+:snkc: next to opponent
e) :df:+:snkd: next to opponent

1- :qcf:+:k:
2- :r::r:+:k:
3- :snka::snkb::snkc: or :snkb::snkc::snkd:
4- 360+:p: next to opponent

5- :qcf::qcf:+:p:
6- 720+:p:

a, b) Both of these attacks are overheads that must be blocked standing.
c, d, e) These are all throws that are unblockable & must be done very close to the opponent.

1- Condor kicks forward & does a back-breaker. HK has him jump forward a little avoiding low attacks before doing the back-breaker. This move lacks range so it is best used in combos.
2- Condor slides forward. :snkd: makes him slide farther than :snkb:. This move must be blocked low.
3- Condor raises his arm and an arc of energy appears. I guess it is to destroy projectiles…This move can be comboed into & can juggle jumping opponents.
4- Grabs his opponent, spins in the air & slams them to the ground.

5- Punch–>Juggling Energy Arc–>Slam. Good to combo into.
6- A more powerful variation of #4. Condor grabs his opponent & as he’s spinning in the air he seems to be crushing thier body, then slams his opponent. This super does 25 (:wtf:, yeah I know) hits! …and of course causes a lot of damage.

Note: Condor cannot dash/run or back-step. So tapping :l::l: or :r::r: won’t work. His jumping HP is a knockdown. Also am I the only having trouble doing his 360 & 720s?

Maharel 101

a) :d:+:snkb: in the air
b) :d:+:snkc: in the air

1- :l::db::qcf:+:p:
2- :qcb:+:p:/:k:
3- :snka::snkb::snkc: or :snkb::snkc::snkd:, hold :r: to move farther forward or hold :l: to move backwards

4- :qcf::qcf:+:p:
5- :qcb::qcb:+:p:
6- 360+:k: next to opponent

a, b) Both of these attacks are overheads.

1- :snka: has him dash forward a little & breath out fire. :snkc: has him spin around breathing fire. A nice trap attack.
2- :p: has him dash forward slashing his opponent with his sword while :k: has him slash his sword downward. :k: is good against jumping opponents.
3- Maharl inflates into a ballon and jumps forward to squash your opponent. You can hold :l: when doing this move to have him inflate & jump backwards. If you hold :r:, he will jump farther forward. This move is an overhead.

4- Maharl jumps to the air & summons a genie/djinn to hit his opponent. This super does 6 hits. I wouldn’t use this super a lot due to it lacking range, but use it as a surprise attack instead. One good time is when they attempt a Jump-in attack, CPU Maharel used it against me so :nunchuck:.
5- Maharl slashes his opponent 4 times. I’m not sure if this is a juggle, but the first hit IS NOT an overhead. Still this super will do full hits against jumping opponents.
6- OK, in the anime Naruto, do you know the move where Chouji turns into a giant ball and starts rolling around? Well imagine getting super-glued to him as he rolls; same thing here. This super does 11 hits & is unblockable since it’s a throw super.

Note: When you tap :r::r: or :l::l:, instead of dashig, Maharl rolls, & he can roll through characters as well.

u overcomplicate saizo, all u need is to get his crossups down and then play old school zonning
also sadly his dp has a very large hitbox and u can get punshed even at max range

Saizo is on the character select screen, I saw him and was like “WTF??? Hey that guy is on BR!!!”

bumping this thread. dark geese, kick down the tia tactics.

best game ever.

my tier list:

S class:
Saizo (best normal moveset for both ground and air, best fireball, best jump in, best cross up, every random button links and combos, gets an insane number of random dizzies for no reason. only missing a reversal)

Sho (easy infinite, fast and cancellable overhead, crazy good reversal, big damage, dive kick and run, most well-rounded character)

A Class:
Tia (toned down sho. worse in almost every way, but still really good. only things she does better than sho are fireball fights and throws)

Condor (plays more like 3s chun/ken than anything else; huge priority, range and damage, and pretty much everything is confirmable into super. the super is an everything-in-one move, and he’s the only good character that has a throw game. would be ranked higher, but loses for free to saizo)

Dao Long (another all-around character. big damage, everything combos into super, NO CHARGE TIME. ground normals are a little crappy, so all you’re really doing is sonic booms)

B Class:
Rila (good normal moves, really fast jump, good reversal. combos and supers are blah)

C Class:
Maherl (has some really good tools like the “hop kick” and super throw, but no big damage combos, and no anti-air at all)
Alsion III (decent, but has too much trouble keeping out the top tiers)

D Class:
Pielle (the combo meter is lying to you when it says jab jab into rekkas combos. it’s blockable. decent offense with pogo and overhead butt, but no good confirmable combos. anti-air is also really spotty)

Yeah Breakers…Too Good!
I can honestly say all the rush characters are beast, Tia,Sho, Saizo. Saizo can actually keep you locked in the corner really good with his bombs. Tia’s weak but yeah she can definetly dish it out hard. I put her top 3 in the game.
Condors a scary dude with high priority.
I play Rila myself and now I’ve been messing around with Pielle even though he doesnt have much going for him :frowning:

As for Saizo in Matrimelee : yes I’m 99% sure the Breakers Revenge one was the model (looks like him, has some of his moves like the bombs), but he doesn’t have his sword and imho doesn’t really play like him (and isn’t as cheesy either ^^)

Just wondering in terms of engine, what exactly did revenge changed? Afaik the game isn’t more balanced (correct me if I’m wrong). Did they correct bugs/glitches, did they nerf ppl, did they add things? Anybody who has any info please educate me (I barely played the revenge in fact)

I got some Breakers 1 match vids coming pretty soon.

I use Maherl, Dao Long, Condor, and Alsion III