The bride part 2


i finally saw the movie! damned good movie.

anyhow here’s another quick pic i did of uma thurman’s character from Kill Bill i did awhile ago. this one’s from my head, no ref. her face REALLy doesn’t look like uma’s but eh …

i’m not really digging the outline, it made sense in my mind, but it’s kinda confusing now that i look at it.

Go Go is coming have no fear!


Okay, so not looking like my sis anymore lol…nice pic.


are you referring to the outline on the sword? I’m not too hot about that either, but it’s an easy change to make and the rest of the pic is pretty good :slight_smile:



I don’t remember her chest being so…big :o :lol:
I think your right about the face too. Also I think her hair was straight not crumpled. She was also a bit skinnier (yeah Uma is skinny as hell o_o )

I guess it could be a cool drawing of a playboy model dressed like the Bride :stuck_out_tongue:

…and as kind of a crit, I think we’d probably be able to see her right hand through her legs holding the sword. right now it just seems to disapear.

gj though :slight_smile:


please hurry and do Go Go