The Bride

i had to do a quick picture from this movie, it’s too badass not to. not bad, i think, doesn’t look much like uma thurman tho.

and yes i realize she’s facing left (technically the right), but i smudge too much if i draw people facing right (left).



That looks great.:smiley: Now do GoGo!:evil:

You have 0 clue how much that looks like my twin sister (accept she is black).

Just wondering if you used reference on that cause the body is slammin. Overall I like it and don’t have much to say.

I agree with SFMC - the body is really, really well done. Reference or not (I’m leaning towards reference because of the detail on the back of her hand), the way you’ve drawn it is nice - the line weights shift very naturally from one to another. One of your best works so far, imho.

the detail on the back of her hand is a toss-up for me… while it is accurate, drawing veins on women usually adds the implication of age. If that’s a choice you’ve made, then it’s all good… as long as you’ve considered that angle.

very nice :slight_smile:

yah i c a reference also.

GOHAN: as soon as i get some more free time, i’m going to no worries! i finally get to see it tommorrow.

YOUNG: that’s odd. another pic i drew i was told it looked like a friend’s son …

SFMC, KLAK: yes sir, referenced the main body. i moved the arms a bit and adjusted here and there.

ROOK: yeah, i thought the veins would make her look a bit tougher, but as you noted can add age. you’ve got a good eye for details.

yes yes, do go go, she so owns that movie.


Nice ink artwork!!! You have great artistic talent. Great work!!!

I knew it, its the girl from Kill Bill! Anyways, very cool artwork. One thing to note though is the butt, its great shaped and all, but the first butt cheek, would the “crack” go up that far if she had pants on? I imagine if they were tight enough it probably would, but it does look good. The detail on that her left left hand has a little too much detail for a girls hand, if you look at the way a lot of anime artists draw girls, they usually have very very little details in their hands cause they’re usually slender and such. Good positioning though.
-Nice work

great use of line. nice job!

N817: ha ha no problem. she’s so basass … and hot …

DEAFNYC: thanks a lot.

CTHULHU: thanks. i see what you mena about the butt, must’ve been my hormones in control, heh heh. as for the hand, yeah i’ve learned my lesson.

DAVE: thanks.

thanks for all the replies everyone.

Huzzah! Kill Bill is the shit!:smiley: