The "Broken characters" thread

Right, i’m bored and i want to see vids of all the broken characters, techniques & combos in fighting games. Basically all those with one button infinites, stupid priorty, one hit kills, infinite loops and set ups you can get out of. I’ll begin the madness…

World Heroes Perfect

Brocken (sounds like German for ‘broken’ to me, i reckon they knew…)



Marvel vs Street Fighter

Wolverine (lol)



Character on the left.

Rimshot =D

somehow i knew that was coming…

Ivan Ooze


to bad broken aint broken
hes garbage


Karai (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle…SNES)


Fatal Fury Special Ryo (Banned!)


Karnov (Fighters History Dynamite…WARNING - YOU’LL GET OWNED LIKE NEVER BEFORE)


mvC2 - Magneto

Excelentally brilliant, yet ultimately retarded character design for a game of it’s overall nature… Other than the fact that the human hand can’t execute most of the stuff in this vid, it does a brilliant job at explianing why he’s broken…

Chun is so damn cheap in ST

Jewish Crackhead TKD is always a wonderful source of lulz.


Video thread? In MY FGD?

It’s more likely than you think.(not anymore)

The Shun Goku Satsu near the end was epic! :rofl:


brock sampson…too lazy for vids at the moment.

Nice thread. ++ rep for you


Oh, and here is my contribution. Its Mortal Kombat Trilogy. Not Ivan Ooze broken, but this is just ridiculous.


Some stuff form the old PS1 game Cardinal Syn.


Red venom, The WMs, Wolvie and strider in mvc1. [media=youtube]3X1PZfZLRZk[/media]

Edit: damn, I memories on that video. if mvc1 strider was in mvc2, he’d fuck shit up.